Crossfit Open 18.4 Release & Handstand Walks

– Today is the release of
the CrossFit Open 18.4. (upbeat music) What’s up crew, Jeff Thornton
here with Land of Lean. Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Also, click the notification bell below to be informed with new videos dropping, and also be sure to
like, comment, and share if you enjoy these videos. Today they’re releasing
the CrossFit Open 18.4, and I’m pumped, man. We’re almost done and we have
one more week of this left, and then it’s gonna be
back to normal training, and we’ll get to see all
of the top competitors do what they have to do with
regionals and the games coming up. But I’m just gonna head
over to Crossfit PHX and go check it out, and I’m
also gonna go get a workout in, loosen up the body a bit, relax the shoulders and
get my shoulders loose; they’ve been tight all
week since last week, because those ring muscle-ups, or the failure at those ring muscle-ups, I should say is what happened, so my shoulders have been
wrecked the entire week. So I’m gonna go over there
get that all loosened up, and stretch the body out a little bit by doing a quick workout, but everything else is really good man. I’m excited for this Open, I’m not sure what the movements are gonna be. They’re doin’ the release
here in Goodyear, Arizona, which is about 30 to 40 minutes away. It’s just outside of Phoenix, and that’s where the crossfit
competitors are gonna go. There’s two guys that they
have, and I don’t know their names off hand, I’ll have to look. They’re gonna go do the open
workout when it’s released. It should be fun, let’s go check it out over at Crossfit PHX and get a workout in. We ain’t talkin’ right now, bro. (laughs) All right, crew, so I guess
they already announced the workout and it’s Diane, which is a 21, 15, nine, workout. You do 225 dead lift and, what’s up bro? And handstand push-ups, so you do that. That’s the normal one. And then they have a second
one where you go heavy. Heavy Diane? – [Gym-Goer] Heavy deads, 15, nines. – Okay, then you do 21, 15,
nines, heavy deadlifts at 315, but in between each of
the deadlifts rounds, you have to do handstand
walks to all these markers. Oh my lord. And I haven’t practiced handstand mark. What, how far, 15, 50 meter? Down and back at 50 meters
on these handstand walks. – 25 down, 25 back. – [Jeff] Man
– Yeah. Jeff’s gonna get vertigo tomorrow. – I am, bro, I’m gonna, I told you 24 hours, dog. Imma’ athlete though, I’m an athlete. (overlapping chatter) – Catch me Jeff. (laughs)
– Don’t worry I’m an athlete. I’ll get this down tomorrow, unbroken. And this man right here, my adversary. You met him last week, or the week before. What’ve you got to say, Nate? – I am disappointed that
I’m still one point behind, but after witnessing your
attempt at handstand walks, this is my week, I will
pass you this week. – [Jeff] You’re one point back. – I will pass you this week. – [Jeff] Bro, I’m getting there. – Okay, you’ve got 24
hours, 24 hours to get that. – (mumbles) I’m gonna
do a different workout, I’m gonna be handstand walking all day. (laughs)
All day. I’m gonna play around with
these handstand walks, see if I can get some Q’s
going for these things, baby. What’s homie-g doing? Doing a 65, huh? – Yeah, for once. I haven’t been here in like three weeks. – [Jeff] No, the homie Jared there, you know what time it is? Over there looking swoll. What you been slacking for, dude? – ‘Cause you had me coming in (mumbles). – [Jeff] (laughs) And the man Jeremiah. Doing that real work over here. What you up to, J?
– What? – [Jeff] What’re you working on, man? – Trying to squat. – [Jeff] You got squat? – Yeah, 335 for 10. – [Jeff] For 10, how you feelin’? – Horrible. – [Jeff] Horrible, huh? – Like shit, yeah, like I wanna die. – [Jeff] How many sets? – Two sets of 10, 15 (mumbles). – [Jeff] That’s nasty. – Weighted lunges, and
GHRs to finish it off. – [Jeff] Good night. – If I can make it there, that is. Just think, it’s like you’re working out with a campfire in the way. – Yeah, I wouldn’t even
want to stand next to that. (weights clanking) (rowing machine whirring) Nice little warm-up, did 15 reps of overhead squat, 75 pounds, push-ups and calorie row. I need to take some time to
work on these handstand walks right now, too, to get
these things dialed in. Quiet, Toni. Over there talking that mess. When are you gonna teach me? – Right now.
– Let’s go. – Hold on, let me finish this. – [Jeff] Finish what you gotta finish. Toni the gymnastic queen over there is gonna teach me some handstand walks. I need it in, 24 hours to
get ready for this thing. 24 hours, what’s up, baby? What’s that, bro? Work on these handstands right now. I gotta kick em’ over a little more. – Kick em’ over and squeeze your butt, zip your legs together
and point your toes. – [Jeff] Oh, gosh. Ah, damn. – I love how there’s no
benefit of the doubt in Jared. (Jeff and Jeremiah
talking over each other) – [Jeff] Please. – [Toni] Step one, hollow rocks. (both laughs) – Shit.
– I’m serious. (laughs) – [Jeff] All right, damn it, okay. – [Jeremiah] My dad was
actually thinking about getting (mumbles) over there. – Really? – Okay, I’m so excited
for this handstand walks. Hold this, watch this. – [Jeremiah] If you take
like, more than three steps I’m gonna be really impressed. – [Jeff] Right there, all right, let’s go. – I’m just kidding, that was
horrible, but I will get it. – You will. – I’m surprised I honestly
stayed up that long. – [Jeff] Game time. – [Man] Later, Tory,
see you tomorrow girl. – What’s step two, Ton? – Get that out of here. – [Jeff] What’s step two? – We need a plate, go grab a plate. – A plate?
– Yeah. – What size?
– 45. – 35?
– 45. – 45?
– Just one. So you’re gonna kick up on the wall. – [Jeff] Okay. – I’ll show you. – [Jeff] Yeah. – You’re gonna shift your weight. – [Jeff] Okay. Okay, so I gotta walk. – But you don’t wanna, like, I’m not really good at it. You wanna shift. – [Jeff] Like a cat. Oh, gosh, oh, shit. Gosh. Tighten it down a
little, squeeze the butt? – So when you do your
wall climb, I want you to concentrate on walking up
like that with your scaps. – You are right, girl, you are right. So I’m starting out here? (weights clanking) – [Toni] Tight belly, you’re a plank. Your (murmurs) foot. – Which one, right here? – Good. Just like that. – Oh just like that?
– But better. – [Jeff] Oh gosh. – [Toni] You almost got height – [Jeff] Oh gosh, I’m
not over enough, huh. – [Ry] All the way. – Hold on I’m gonna give you some tips. – [Ry] Do it almost to
where you do fall over. – Oh shit. (laughing) – I’m gonna catch one of your feet, so you’re gonna have to keep it tight – Okay. Oh!
(laughing) – Yes, yes, now walk up. There you go, keep that belly tight. – [Jeff] Whoa, okay. – [Ry] I like, barely let off, dude. Forward, or back. I’m trying to slowly, like. – [Toni] There you go. Breathe. Yes. – [Jeff] Shit, damn. – [Toni] That was awesome,
that was really good. – I like it when you lighten off a bit, it’s almost like you
finally feel the wall. She makes it look easy.
(laughs) – [Ry] You can do it. – Ay. (slap of hands meeting in a high five) And balance. I got this. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Damn!
(laughing) C’mon, man, what’s up? Damnit, c’mon. You’re an athlete, let’s go. (laughing) Good job! We worked on those handstands,
with Toni, and Ry, and Jared. I’m struggling on ’em, man. I gotta get better, I have a full day. Well I have four days, but
I’m doing it tomorrow, so. Want me to hit these lights, bro? – [Jared] Yeah. – Yeah, so I have to get
better at all this by tomorrow. Even though you have
four days really because you can do the Open at any
time, all the way to Monday. So we’ll see how it all turns out for me. Toni, thank you for your help, girl. – You’re welcome, good job. – Thank you.
(slapping) – Day one.
– Day one! – Three more days.
– Three more days. (laughs) And I’m doing it tomorrow
so it doesn’t even. I’m’a try it one more time. I’m gonna give this one more shot, yeah. Ah no, come on, I just need five. (Toni mumbles) Yeah, you do, hunh. Dangit!
(laughs) Darn it! You’re throwing salt everywhere, bro. I’m just happy to have one
step in the game, Jesus! No, that’s the kick though, right? Oh, gosh, man, it always turns. There it is. You got it baby, come on. C’mon, J, you got it, baby. Hey, there it is.
(laughs) – (mumbles) too far, and
I don’t even want to. – [Toni] There you go, yes. – Ah, I gotta count and
walk, I’m done, I’m done. (laughing) We’re gonna finish that
one up for the night. (laughs) Appreciate all your help. Thank you, see you, girl. All right, crew, we’re
gonna get this down. We have a day to try this
thing out, let me focus in. That’s fun, that’s fun. That’s the most I’ve ever worked on them. So that’s gonna be a
wrap for tonight, crew, we will be ready for
tomorrow, 18.4 workout, 6pm. As always, crew, much love,
appreciate the love and support, be sure to subscribe to this channel. Make sure to like, comment and share, and also in the comments below let me know what other workout vids you wanna see. I’mma show you this man over here. Where can I follow you, Jared? – What’s that? – Where can I follow you on IG so they can see all that beastmode stuff? – First and last name
jaredluna3, that’s it. – Jaredluna3, on IG?
– That’s it, man, that’s it. – [Jeff] Got you locked up, baby. His li’l baby girl, so pretty! – Say hi?
– Hi baby! (laughs) That’ll be a wrap for tonight, crew. Much love, catch you soon, peace. (funky music) (beeping) Oh!
(laughing) Come on, man. This is enough. – [Toni] How do you do so many (mumbles). – I know, this is ridiculous.

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