CrossFit® Open 20.1: ULTIMATE Strategy & Tips 💪🏽 (WODprep OFFICIAL)

hey what’s up it’s ben from want prep and you know what time it is it is the CrossFit Open in fact this is the second time we’re doing this this year it’s the 2020 CrossFit open except it’s still technically 2019 who knows what’s going on but all I know is that this video is where you’re going to get the best strategy on the Internet’s so if you want to get your best score possible on CrossFit open 20.1 this is a place for you we’re going to talk about some scaled stuff we’re gonna talk about some master stuff but really everyone’s doing the same workout here so whether you’re rx scaled masters teens it doesn’t matter this is the place for you if you are a crossfit masters athletes specifically stick around to the end of this video because i have something really really cool for you here at water prep we’re trying to change the game when it comes to master specific coaching so if you’re over the age of 35 stick around to the end of the video I have some really cool stuff to share with you and before getting into the Nitty Gritty as usual we are releasing a complete strategy guide we call it the ultimate strategy guide to each CrossFit open workout and you can get that by clicking the link below we’re just going to wad prep calm and signing up for our free open strategy guides basically we create this video and then we create a whole bunch of other content to help you get your best score possible and we’ll deliver it directly to your email inbox totally free along with some special content that only people on our email list get so go sign up for that now again just go to water prep com2 grab it so really quick just to make sure you don’t do this workout improperly go to and check out the movement standards here’s the workout but remember the standards do change depending on which division you’re in some divisions you have to jump over the bar with both feet during the burpees some divisions you can step over the bar I’m not going to go into that you have to do your research go to and also remember that WOD prep is not associated in any way shape or form with CrossFit HQ so now that we have that figured out let’s get moving so let’s talk about the overall strategy for this workout shocker the first workout of the 2020 CrossFit open is going to burn they pretty much all burned but this one especially you saw rich froning’s reaction if you watch the live announcement he’s like just grip it and rip it this one’s gonna hurt and it did hurt and it’s gonna hurt for you and it’s gonna hurt for me but one thing I want a lot of people to understand the mindset going into this is not to finish finish sub ten minutes that’s what the ultra elite will be able to do you will not probably if you’re watching this video no offense neither will I you’re probably not gonna finish under ten minutes in fact I’m calling it right now a lot of people will not finish this workout because they don’t paced properly we did a little math hopefully our math is correct but you need to do roughly one round every 90 seconds to finish this workout a lot of people’s goals should be just to finish this workout underneath the cap that cap is 15 minutes so if you’re trying to finish the workout make sure that each round hangs around that 90 second or less mark obviously you need to leave a little bit of buffer so in the beginning if you’re not hitting 90 seconds you’re probably not going to finish the workout but if you come out of the gate too fast which is a very common problem and that leads me to my next point don’t burn out too fast I’m gonna say it and 85 percent of the people watching this video probably including myself will come out of the gate way way way way way too fast your goal going into this workout before we get into the nitty-gritty of of the burpees and then maybe the snatches or the clean and jerks your goal for this workout is to make round one look the same as around two three four five six seven and eight and then and only then rounds nine and ten that’s when it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and really really burn it out that’s when you should really start feeling the hurt and you should dig deep and go into that super dark place again if you’re trying to get your best score possible so let’s get started with the ground to overhead you have to do eight each round a lot of people saw the announcement they’re like oh snatch is easy all day long not so fast I am going to teach you how to do the most efficient snatches but we’re also going to dig in to clean and jerks because I think an overwhelming majority of the people hitting this workout especially in the RX division or the weight will get heavy towards the end I think a nice smooth and efficient ground to overhead will be a great option for you so just because the guys on TV did it one way a power snatches doesn’t mean that’s necessarily right for you so let’s talk about a couple of the intricacies of the snatch if you’re going to do snatches I highly suggest the snatch weight needs to be very easy for you you should not drop the barbell like ultimately that’s the goal I don’t want to see you drop the barbell so if you have to do so if you do snatches and it causes you to need to drop and reset and then pick up the bar again you’d probably would have been better off just going unbroken with the cleaning jerks so again if you can stand broken snatches of the way to go they’re quicker they’re more efficient it’s less time under tension but if you feel the need to drop the bar then going unbroken with something like the clean-and-jerk could probably be a little bit more manageable it might take a little bit longer but ultimately you won’t have any breaks which will then make you faster so when it comes to the snatch there’s a few things that we need to talk about the first one I want to talk about is your foot positioning so you might have noticed that Scott panchik had nice wide feet this is actually what I’m suggesting especially if you can move this rate weight really easily so here are a few different demonstrations first I’m going to show you what I call just a normal power snatch so my feet start in my jumping position I snatch I jump I land and then I stand the weight up so you can see my feet are kind of moving in and out with each rep it’s not too inefficient but you can see my feet are kind of doing a bit of a of a dance there they’re going out they’re going in they’re going out they’re going in along with that barbell moving up and down where this can go wrong is if you start having to really spread your feet I call this the starfish so the starfish snatch is when your feet go really really wide yeah it’s a great power snatch no that’s wrong it’s not a great power snatch in any way shape or form don’t do it because what happens is you spend so much time standing up the weight and recollecting yourself before the next rep if you start to default to this kind of power snatch I highly suggest moving on to a clean and jerk but if you can this is the way that I’m going to try to do this workout have your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and do not move them you can see here in this video I’m cycling the barbell and all I’m doing I’m kind of jumping up and down but my feet aren’t moving in they’re not moving out my feet actually don’t move the ground this is probably the best way to do the power snatches when it comes to the feet now let’s actually talk about our hands a little bit I think the perfect combination here is to have a slightly narrower narrower that’s very difficult for me to say a slightly narrower lower grip than your normal snatch so my normal snatch I usually go to the outside of the knurling marks but for this particular lift since it’s so light you might have noticed the the guys did it on video tonight but they bumped their hands in just a little bit and they were actually able to bounce the barbell off their thighs so you can see here in this video when I move my hands in the barbell is making contact lower on my body is it the most efficient way to move a lot of weight no but it actually is a really easy way to cycle light weight so what’s cool is that as you go through the workout you can actually play around with your grip you can go wide for one round you can go narrow for the next you can really play around with it and what’s cool is that each time you do the snatch with that either really narrow grip really wide grip somewhere in between each time you do it you’re gonna feel a little bit of freshness so let’s talk about dropping the bar if you happen to drop the bar remember I said I don’t want you to drop the bar but if you happen to drop the bar from overhead maybe you need to break up your snatches or maybe you drop the bar and need to head into the burpees no matter what you do when you drop the bar be sure to do what I call a good drop a good drop is a nice controlled drop to the floor I might even settle the barbell with my hands you can notice the bar doesn’t bounce around it doesn’t roll around when you compare this to what I call a bad drop that’s where I throw the barbell like a projectile it bounces it slides across the gym it might roll into a mirror and break the mirror I’ve seen all kinds of bad stuff happen just control the barbell that’s the lesson here especially because there’s so many transitions which we’ll get into in a second but because there’s so many transitions it’s very important that the barbell never gets away from you so let’s say maybe the snatch is a little heavy for you you’re like hey I can maybe do eight reps in a row fresh but I don’t think it’s right for me use your judgment see how you feel do some practice raps but if you need to do clean and jerks there’s a few really important tips that I’m going to talk about so with the clean-and-jerk there’s a good version and a bad version the good version of the clean-and-jerk or the the ground to overhead here is I’m bringing the bar to my shoulder and then I’m immediately after I catch it on my shoulders I’m using that partial dip to go directly overhead so this is a power clean and jerk one fluid smooth motion and you can see me doing a couple reps here you’ll notice that I catch the barbell on my shoulders and then when I’m in that dip I Drive up and jerk the barbell overhead it’s smooth it’s efficient and it allows me to move the bar pretty quickly and really not that much slower than a snatch where people go wrong with the clean-and-jerk is when they pause so I see this all the time especially with beginner lifters is they’ll pull the bar to their shoulders they catch it in the power clean and then they stand up and they’re like alright what’s next okay now I’m gonna go overhead and then they go overhead and what happens is when you break it into two distinct movements it slows you down so much and you have the weight of that barbell weighing on you the entire time so you’re you’re holding the barbell longer and the weight is is literally like resting on your shoulders and preventing you from recovering for a longer period of time it’s a lose-lose scenario so unless this weight is hard for you unless you’re like actually to the point of possible failure when jerky and overhead don’t take too much time don’t waste any time with the bar on your shoulders get it immediately overhead another area where you could really really go wrong here is if you forget to use your legs to drive the barbell overhead so that could look like you do the power clean you stand up and then you do a strict press because maybe this bar is really light for you and you can just muscle it over your head sure the first couple rounds you might feel great but unfortunately when we combine with the press of that Burpee you’re screwed that’s like that’s all there is to it if you if you’re strict pressing that bar overhead and then you think you’re gonna be able to do burpees really efficiently and be able to continue to strict press the entire time it’s just not gonna happen so we’re and morale the story here use your legs don’t strict press the bar overhead make sure that you do a jerk like we showed earlier so another thing regardless of whether you’re doing snatches or you’re doing ground to overhead tape your thumbs if you don’t hook rip and you never have shame on you give me 15 burpees right now because you need to every Olympic lifter in the history of the Olympics does a hook grip okay so there’s no debate use the hook grip and one thing that’s gonna make the whole crap a lot easier is by taping your thumbs we actually have a video here on YouTube just type in thumb tape wad prep maybe I think you’d probably find it there but I have a video that just shows you really easily how to tape your thumbs and use the hook grip on the bar for the bar facing burpees these are going to crush people and here’s the main issue that’s going to happen when you do your first 10 burpees you’re gonna feel like a million bucks and then your second set of ten you’re gonna feel like maybe five hundred thousand bucks and then for the third set of ten you’ll be probably down to like 250 and then it’s just gonna keep getting worse and worse and the reason is you’re probably coming out too fast so common problem biggest problem I ever see with bar facing burpees or any burpees for that matter is this and that is the turbo Burpee it’s where you you feel invincible you’re going as fast as possible you’re like I’m gonna probably be rich Froning in this workout and Scott panchik it’s just not gonna happen so moral of the story go slower on the burpees especially in the beginning then your mind wants you to you need to take maybe a couple notches down you need to tone it down just a little bit and have a very methodical approach to the burpees so when you’re doing the burpees there’s a few different versions that I suggest number one we have the step down and step up Burpee this is very common I think it’s a little slow but if you really really get tired this can be a great way to find a nice smooth rhythm so you can see here I just stepped down with one foot hit my chest step up jump over the bar it’s very very simple the next version I’m going to suggest this is my personal favorite because it just gets you to the floor faster that’s called the splat down and step up so some called the jump down that’s not nearly cool enough I’m calling it the splat down so we jump down to the ground or splat down to the ground without even controlling our arms very much splat down to the ground step up and jump over the bar it’s very simple what we’re doing is we’re minimizing the amount of time it takes us to get to the ground because honestly getting to the ground isn’t that complicated so drop straight down to the bottom and then step up and jump over the bar if you want to make this even more efficient this is personally how I will be doing all of the burpees try adding a turn as you step up so you can see I splat down I step up and as I’m stepping up I’m turning and then I jump and continue turning over the bar so that means I don’t have to jump land and then turn on the ground I’m actually turning in the process of jumping over the bar as long as you remember to jump and land with both feet you’ll be good to go and I think this is the most efficient and the smoothest Burpee out there so two other Burpee problems that a lot of us are run into we talked about turbo burpees or and we’re going just way way too fast another thing that I see and I hate it with all of it every fiber of my soul is that the prancing Burpee if you’re in the RX division specifically don’t prance over the bar you’re not won you’re not allowed to and – you just look ridiculous so this is me prancing over the bar this is where I’m trying to jump with two feet but it’s really I’m doing some sort of prance that’s what I’m doing I’m jumping like a fairy over the bar and it’s illegal you’re not allowed to do it I see people get away with it all the time but it is a no rep don’t do it one really quick thing I just I talked about prancing and how much it hated it but if you are in the skill division from what I understand some of the masters scaled divisions you are allowed to step up and over the bar and that is perfectly fine and perfectly acceptable I would be honored if I’m 60 years old and can even get up off the ground so I’m not hating any of the Masters of vision or the scale division when I talk about prancing I’m saying if you say you’re doing it rx make sure you don’t prance but if you’re in the scale division or or any of the divisions that allow you to step up and over the bar that could be a perfectly good way to do the Burpee and that’s perfectly acceptable and then the third thing the third issue that a lot of people run into this is especially true for a lot of beginner CrossFit and for whatever reason I see a lot of women doing this is the strict Burpee the strict Burpee is when I jump down to the ground I’m in that front lean and rest push-up position and I’m actually doing a strict push-up and then into a Burpee most people want their beginners with the burpees that’s what they do they do some sort of strict press and frankly you’re just fatiguing yourself so don’t waste any time getting to the ground don’t do your push-up strict instead just think about splat you splat your chest to the ground make sure you don’t knock the wind out of your chest but really you’d be surprised how quickly you can get to the ground without wasting all that energy with your arms and that is something you need to watch out for when you’re doing the burpees another thing that I want to mention about the burpees is if as long as you’re good at controlling the barbell and not letting that slide around I always like to mark my hands on the ground so what I do is I find a position where my hands are perfectly positioned for the Burpee my head’s not going to hit the bar and I literally will mark my hand placement on both sides of the bar as long as I keep putting the bar down in relatively the same exact spot if it’s in the same place every time it’s really nice to be able to look down and see the targets for your hands it makes your Burpee more efficient it makes it so that you’re not like 5 feet away from the bar every single Burpee that you do because you’re paranoid to hit your head on the bar so keep the bar stationary mark your hand placement as long as that bar doesn’t move around you will be good to go and it’s gonna make your burpees more efficient this is a simple workout but it’s really deceiving if you focus on the intricacies of each movement think about your transitions from your burpees to the barbell and the barbell back to the burpees if you eliminate all of the time in fact here’s an example video for you here’s an example of a good transition where I put the bar down I take a deep breath or two and then I’m right into the burpees and then here’s what a lot of people will do maybe probably including myself this is where I put the bar down and then I contemplate life I think about my childhood choices I think about what my wife said to me last week and whether I liked it or not and then I might even sit on the floor ok there’s so many transitions in this workout if you’re undisciplined with the it takes between moving from one rep so the ground to overhead to the next movement which is the bar facing burpees if you’re not disciplined with that transition then all of these tips go completely to waste you have to make sure your discipline with your transitions and that’s why I said earlier try to be a robot here put that bar down take a couple breaths and go right into the burpees get on the floor as quickly as possible and then get your butt off the floor as quickly as possible all right I really hope that you like this video if you follow these steps you will get your best score possible on 20.1 really quick if you haven’t yet be sure to get a water prep comm and sign up for our free strategy guides every Friday I send a complete strategy guide for each CrossFit open workout but if you’re a masters athlete we need to talk the masters division has been completely marginalized by pretty much everyone I’m not gonna call out any names but all I’m saying is that I was at the CrossFit Games this year I was actually wearing this shirt cheering on one of our athletes you can see his names on the back David Hardy is one of our athletes here at water prep he’s on our one-on-one coaching team and he made it to the games and I was there cheering everyone on and when I was there cheering on the Masters Division I noticed one thing there wasn’t any media coverage there was no one live broadcasting which I ended up doing very poorly but I did it anyway on my Facebook page and they’re just frankly was marginalization in fact great Glassman went as far as to say that the crossbow masters division doesn’t inspire anyone which I was a bit cringe-worthy but I still love Greg but the moral of the story here is that the masters division has been marginalized if you’re a masters athlete and you want coaching if you’re a masters athlete that wants a team of coaches to pay attention to you help you with your strategy going into each CrossFit open workout help analyze videos of all the hardest movements in your in your CrossFit arsenal if you want to be able to ask a professional coach anything at any time then I’m inviting you to join WOD prep plus it’s a brand new community that we’ve started here WOD prep work what we’re doing is I’m taking the best coaches we have on our team and I’m literally making a place for CrossFit masters athletes to connect with those coaches so if you want to join an incredible community it’s only for masters athletes if you join but before Friday night I don’t know depending on when you’re watching this video it might already be past but if you joined before Friday night you can actually get our founders pricing and your price for a WOD Pro Plus will never ever go up if you want details about all the amazing things including the fact that as soon as the open workout is announced all of the WOD prep coaches go live inside of WOD prep plus and literally answer everyone’s questions so you don’t need to have to wait for this video you can go into the group get on the Facebook live talk to our best five or six coaches at the on the WOD prep team and ask them anything you want it’s incredible and it’s a really low price but if you want to learn more about it look in the description below or click the link in the first comment I pinned it there for you check out WOD prep plus again if you’re a masters athlete this is the coolest thing we’ve done in in WOD prep and it’s one of the coolest things going for the entire masters community and I hope that we can serve you so that you can become one of WOD preps fittest so with that if you like this video thumbs up if you think I look weird thumbs down make sure you smash that subscribe button hit the notification bell because we have way more content coming out on YouTube for the CrossFit open you don’t even realize I’m about to go shoot another video right now that’s gonna help you recover for 20.1 so if you don’t wanna miss all that hit all the buttons make sure you’re subscribed and I will see you next week peace you

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  2. Hello, according to the workout description two feet separate landing is allowed for RX… No 'prancing' of course 🙂
    (The rep is credited when both feet have touched the

    ground on the opposite side of the barbell.

    • No need to land with both feet at the same time.

    • Must be perpendicular to and facing the barbell

    before starting the next rep.

    • If a “no rep” is received for any reason, the entire rep

    must be repeated.).
    Kind regards

  3. I’m so glad I watched this! I’ve never done any open workouts before and this has helped me feel a lot more prepared for when I do it at my gym tonight 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I only got 7 rounds RX 48 yrs old 170 BW 5ft 10. Didn't warm up was late getting to the gym this morning. Not sure I could finish on a good day, damn burpees!!

  5. is it just me or are these tips always the same regardless of the workout? don’t come out of the gate too fast but also don’t go too slow blah blah blah…

  6. I did 20.1 this morning after reading your study guide and it truly helped. I RX'ed the G2O but scaled the burpees. I definitely pushed myself hard and tried to pace myself. 👏👏👏

  7. Glassmann is a dinasour, I'm 51 and I inpire in my box, I run a 7:37 mile , will do 20.1 tonight, heck if things scare us, we gotta do them scared . period

  8. I just started the 55-59 division and I'm happy to see you all have such a passion for the Masters + folks! I RX'd last night and got in 9 rounds. Between grabbing water about 4 times and "contemplating life, lol", i should have done better! Will do again on Monday!

  9. I was going to make a joke about the video being longer than the work out, but this was awesome. I started crossfit 6 months ago and for some dumb reason signed up to do the open. I leave for the gym in 20 minutes and will put your coaching to practice.

  10. You really can't figure out why you see a lot of women doing a strict burpees? Splat on your chest… Yeah ouch! Even if they're little they're still sensitive! ( For the record, I do splat but it does hurt so I understand the hesitation )

  11. I did it alternating between snatch and C&J every round, honestly, snatch felt heavier than C&J for me, and I think that worked for me.

  12. Back to say that this video was extremely helpful. I keep these tips in mind during most of 20.1. I picked a spot in the gym where I could keep an eye on the clock. My first set was way too fast. So I slowed down. By Round 4 or 5 I was doing half snatches, half C&J in each round. Switching from one barbell position/movement to the other helped, especially towards the end (I made it into the 8th round). I tried taping my thumbs, but it didn't feel comfortable. This may be something I try after The Open. Lastly, the tip to minimize the transitions is critical in this workout. It's too easy to contemplate life during these transitions.  

    Thanks, Ben, for this level of detail. It was great advice, and I'm already looking forward to your 20.2 video!

    P.S. Yes this video is longer than the workout. But the workout is deceptively and technically complicated. There are a lot of little details involved that make a difference.

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