CrossFit Podcast Shorts: Sean Woodland

I had one for the women that I really wanted to use, and if you watch it, I actually started when Tia Toomey was at the finish line. Then she drops it and just blew the whole thing out. I wasn’t able to use it. And then the past couple years, the way it’s been with the women, how we haven’t known until the final announcement, there really has not been that big moment. Sevan: What is the one you were going to use for Tia? Sean: I was going to say, “She comes from the land down under, but right now she’s on top of the world. Tia Toomey’s the Fittest Woman on Earth.” Cara: That’s good. Sean: And if you go back and watch that final heat, which by the way is the most exciting thing I’ve ever called in my life, Tanya and I were probably closer than this, and we were yelling—
Cara: Were you standing? Cara: Did you stand up?
Sean: Oh yeah. I usually do stand when I do it. But we could not hear each other. If it hadn’t been for our headset, I would not have been able to hear her. That place was going berserk.
Cara: Oh man, yeah. Sean: So fun. Sevan: It was the first time at the CrossFit Games I though, “Oh, the crowd is damaging my ears.” Sean: Yes! Sevan: I said, “I need to put something in my ears.” Sean: It was that loud. Sevan: It was so loud. Sean: The sound had feeling in that place. Sean: You could– That was incredible. Sevan: Madison did not let down.

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