CrossFit Podcast Shorts: Watching Mat Fraser Run

When you saw Fraser run, he has a very interesting story— Dr. Romanov: He is the best runner, as a matter of fact, among all of the elite runners. Sevan: In CrossFit. That’s funny you say that. He came in here, and he basically said in 2014—my year might be off—he went to the CrossFit Games. He competed in the run event, and I want to say he took last place. At the bottom. He then was humble enough to sign up—he had a friend, a coach, who was the coach of the high-school track team, and he said he went to the high-school track practices and just let the high-school kids beat up on him for a whole season, and he just had to eat a piece of humble pie. He’s one of the fittest men in the world and had to join a high-school track team, and his focus was tremendous, and he just kept working that weakness, and now you’re saying when you’ve seen him run these last couple years. Dr. Romanov: Yes, I did an analysis. Definitely, he has a better technique than anyone else in the elite group. Severin: And let’s face it, anyone that gets faster, their technique is improving. Remember, there’s less deviation in their running. So anybody that gets faster is almost by definition improving their technique— almost, almost, not always. Sevan: Their Pose technique. Severin: Yes, because what’s happening is as they get faster, their deviations start to leave their technique.

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  1. " Anyone that gets faster almost by definition is improving their technique." ????? He should've said there's a correlation.

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