CrossFit Striking – Gloves On

Ok, let me see the top of the gloves. Ok, let me see the palms. Good, good, good, good, good. Palms. Palm, palm, palm. Nice. Nice. Good, ok. Great. Lisa, come on in. So these are very common, but for CrossFit Striking, you’re not gonna want to have these, because–the reason why is because– ok, Lisa, you can step back out– I have another pair that I brought with me that I’ll show you guys that you might want to see. We want the palm exposed, and we want the fingers exposed, because we’re going to be doing deadlifts, pull-ups, rowing, double-unders. We’re going to do everything with our gloves on, alright? You know people whining and complaining? They’re like, “Oh, can I take my gloves off to, you know, do the pull-ups?” And no, they could just keep rolling with it. We’re going for time. We’re doing our WOD. They can do it. CrossFit’s based on, you know, constantly varied, so no, we can do it with the gloves. Like I said, you get those some cases that you have like a safety issue, like you’re afraid they’re going to fall off the pull-up bar, or you’re afraid they’re going to drop the bar. Sure enough, they can take it off and take a couple minutes to transition, but you always want them to have the gloves on.

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  1. I love crossfit, Coach is great. This striking stuff is killing me. I have yet to see a proper punch thrown by one of these guys

  2. Excellent course! I took it in 2011 and recommend it to all. I had everyone from soccer moms and new CrossFitters to LEO/ Military instructors and professional MMA fighters in my class. Everyone left with new knowledge and skills, and how to properly implement striking into CrossFit workouts.

  3. my question is why? I mean I LOVE everything about CrossFit, I just am still confused on why they are delving into striking? No need to do it. just because you sponsor ufc no need to teach it, they know what they are doing it the ufc, lol

  4. They should add some kind of striking exercise into crossfit, perfect test of human body is coordinating all your muscles together into a perfectly timed strike, be it having to hit a certain PSI of power, or a certain number of strikes. Some may say that this would favour crossfitters with a background in martial arts, but at the same time every event in crossfit favours people with certain background, be it gymnastics or powerlifting or sprinting, etc…

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