CrossFit Success Stories

Have you heard of all the CrossFit success
stories? Anything that gets you up and moving will
help you burn calories and lose weight. CrossFit is more likely to achieve that than
other programs. Any program you start and actually stick with
will succeed. Is CrossFit better than the others? They have a lot of variety in their activities,
from running to kettle bells to lifting boxes. It keeps you from being bored. That’s why most workout tapes weren’t
watched more than a few times. I had family members who would watch those
tapes for entertainment value, criticizing the girls for their plastic surgery and impossible
forms. Watching it while eating popcorn, no doubt,
instead of working out themselves. CrossFit has fabulous instructors. More like drill instructors. They do push people to their limits. And sometimes beyond. They make fun of Uncle
Rhabdo, which is rhabdomyolysis. And what is that? It is when you overwork the muscles to the
point that the cells start to die. The muscles swell up and spill toxins into the blood,
damaging your kidneys, until they whither back and never come back to full strength
again. They have Uncle Rhabdo on some of the CrossFit
t-shirts. I wonder if part of their success isn’t
a fantastic workout regimen but fanatical cult status. Or they are die hard enthusiasts, that they
laugh in the face of death. I don’t care how much you want to lose weight,
a skeleton is by definition out of shape. And no one looks good hooked up to a dialysis
machine. Surely there are good CrossFit success stories. Sure, there are. And you can get the same
results from Zumba or Insanity or going for long walks every night.

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