CrossFit Team Series 2015: Event 7 Demo

For Team Series Event 7, all members individually perform a 7-rep front squat for max load in a 20-minute time window. No racks are permitted and all barbells must be lifted from the floor. At the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” the first athlete to squat loads the barbell. Before every lift, he or she must look at the camera and clearly state how much weight they are attempting to front squat. 125. With no assistance from any other team member, the first athlete performs 7 unbroken front squats. The weight is changed if necessary for the next athlete and he or she attempts 7 unbroken front squats. The same process is repeated until each member of the team has performed their squats. Athletes may lift in any order the team chooses. The barbell must be empty at the beginning of the workout. Weight can be added or decreased for each individual as the team sees fit. Clips must be used. Racks are not permitted. Team members may assist each other in loading or unloading the weights. However, no assistance of any kind may be given to an athlete lifting the barbell, performing front squats, or returning the barbell to the floor. Upon completion of their seventh front squat, when the athlete drops the barbell on the floor, the lift will count as long as full extension of the hips and knees was achieved. Athletes may attempt as many 7-rep-max front squats as they choose in the 20-minute time cap. The team’s score will be the sum of only the heaviest successfully completed lift from each athlete. If one or more team members fails to perform a successful 7-rep-max front squat, then that individual’s score is 0 and does not contribute to the team’s overall score. Every repetition of the front squat must have the athlete pass below parallel where the hip crease is clearly below the top of the knee, and finish with the athlete standing to full extension of the knee and hip. When taking the bar from the floor, the first repetition may be done in a squat clean. If the athlete fails to drop the hip crease below the top of the knee, that’s a no rep. If an athlete fails to achieve proper depth, or commits any other range-of-motion error, he or she may attempt that repetition again before dropping the bar in order to successfully perform 7 good repetitions. The weight of the barbells and all plates to be used in the workout must be clearly identified in the video prior to starting. No fractional plates are allowed and the minimum weight increase permitted will be a 5-pound increase. Clips must be used. The team’s score will be the sum of only the heaviest successfully completed lift from each athlete.

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