CrossFit – “The Power Swing” with Jeff Martone (Journal Preview)

The power swing—let’s just backtrack for a second. If you look at the definition of CrossFit—constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity, right? The reason I’m showing you these different swings—we’ve got the Russian swing which I like teaching first because it helps people with their mechanics. Once you get your mechanics squared away there, then we can move up. The power swing is going to generate a little more force and then you’ll see when we get to the American swing, which is right after the power swing, you’re going to see how easy it is. because all your mechanics are dialed in. So, it’s kind of a teaching progression. So this is what the power swing looks like. We’re going to shorten the distance a little bit and instead of just letting gravity take the kettlebell down, we’re actually going to push it down. Similar to doing a ball slam. You can do more reps in the same amount of time. It’s a little more grip intensive and it’s just a little more intensive all the way around. It also—one of the biggest benefits—pressure tests your form as far as your back position. It really emphasizes keeping good back position, and timing of your hips. So we’re here, just like we’re doing a Russian swing, bring it down, explode back out. Kind of like that. Then you put it down and you’re like, “Ah, that wasn’t that bad,” and your heart’s like coming through your chest. What we’re going to do is break this into two parts. One is we’re going to do a partner drill. The way the partner drill is going to work—Daniel, check this out. Daniel’s my partner and when he swings it, I’m just going to put my hand at about shoulder height, so that’s kind of where he’s working, right? I’m also going to make sure he’s got good mechanics, everything’s looking good, then I’ll just give him a little downward pressure. That’s it. He’s not pulling or anything—I’m pushing. All he’s thinking is good mechanics just like we did in the swing, good hip extension—boom—then when I push it down, he’s thinking of the timing of his hips. Right at the last second—boom— I get my hips back, good back position.

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