CrossFit Werk: Still Growing

(Talking in German) I’m Johannes Frank, I’m the coach here in CrossFit Werk in Berlin, Germany. In Germany, I think, CrossFit has not really reached its top, so it’s still growing. I know that because every week I look into faces who want to know something about CrossFit. And I ask myself if this growing ends sometime but I don’t think so. I think the opposite. Five years ago, not that many women told me they wanted to build muscle, they want to get bigger and stronger. I think that is part of the growth and will continue if they know their goals. The purpose of all the German ladies who go into CrossFit is just to get fitter. And if that means building muscle then yes, they are up to it. And if that means working on gymnastics or mobility or stretching, same thing, they do it because they get fitter from it. So it’s not a perspective of the look, it’s more the perspective of the usage. I love the community in CrossFit Werk. They do not put their stuff away once they’re finished, they put their stuff away when everyone is finished. And they cheer those people on who need a little bit more time. Yeah, the bigger guys carry the boxes for the women or sometimes the other way. It’s a really cool thing to see that people are interested in helping each other without having to. So i think that’s a big part of CrossFit as well. Growing people together.

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  1. I've been to this gym while traveling abroad and they were very welcoming! It was tough to find from the train stop but worth the trip.

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