Crossfit Women | Everyday Hero

yes I remember the first day I went in
and there was this girl who from the outside I’ve never seen a girl with like
muscles she was like absolute jacking her head I don’t think I look like I’m
like you know I want to be fit up there like I never want to look like that
right it’s so like six months into it I’m like every month I like buying new
clothes because my back is just like getting bigger like I’m getting muscle
and like I’m short so like yes you know it’s gonna be baby I’m happy you brought
that up so do you care at all like it yeah because you said like when you came
in you know like I don’t want to look like that right you got change or was it
the sick like oh yeah so totally change because now she doesn’t look like that like yes or no like sometimes even to
this day like it’s hard for me to like find a dress for a wedding because I
have big shoulders you knowing me it’s so like like in the gym I love it but
sometimes you want to like be a girl where I’m sure that you that you want to
wear but you’re you know like your muscles are a little swollen at
especially after working out for you I embrace it now but yeah before I was
like what but there’s like this little like older mom skinny maybe like 150
pounds so I’m gonna be able to lift more from her
did it work out really absolutely crushed
Wow this is deceiving so that’s kind of like yes brought me in your know I’m
like okay she’s really strong I definitely thought I was strong with the
pair was it we’re gonna W get there we’re gonna definitely get

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