Crossfit Workout! Ab & Full Body Weight Training + Warm Up Routine at the GYM

Welcome to Stay Fit and Travel with Emi! Today, I’m going to show you a bit of what I do at the gym with weights and different equipment what I train for abs, some upper body and also legs I’ll also show you my warm-up routine So if I only post my 10 minute workout at home, abs legs, booty, full body hit workout But I actually loving working out at the gym as well with weight training It definitely helped me a lot in reaching my fitness goals of having a fit and toned body that’s lean and strong Okay, question time! Why do I lift weights? Isn’t Cardio and body weight enough? Will weight lifting make me gain weight? Will it make me bulky and muscular? Doesn’t cardio already do the work for weight loss? I know that a lot of girls are scared that lifting weights or just working out in general will make them bulky and muscular and make them bigger Okay, to answer your questions first, Do you know that weight lifting can actually burn more calories in the long term? During the exercise, cardio will burn more calories That’s correct But weight training will keep the burn going for longer Basically, if you incorporate weights as part of your regular workout training, you’ll increase your muscles’ calorie burning and hence fat burning capacity And girl, I’m telling you, it’s actually very difficult to get so bulky and muscular. All those female bodybuilders or crossfitters that you see, they put an insane amount of hours into training every single day They lift very heavy weights, all follow a very specifically designed workout program and their diet is also very carefully planned in order to achieve their goal to be so strong and muscular. So unless you eat like that and train like that it’s actually very difficult for the rest of us to get to that very bulky and muscular figure Another reason I do weight training: it’s not just for my looks I talked about in my previous videos before, I’ll link it up here, that I was so unfit and weak when I first started this fitness journey, I couldn’t do a sit-up or even do a push-up I didn’t know what a squat was. I didn’t even know how to put a barbell together, let alone lifting one It didn’t feel comfortable to go to the gym as a whole, and the weight training area which is intimidating as hell to me I was like “Dude, I don’t belong there” Something like a handstand or a straight pull up, these are things I never imagined I could ever do. They never even crossed my mind So right now, I’m just so thankful that I found a workout routine both at home and also at the gym that allowed me to work towards these goals and to achieve things that I never thought my body would be able to do Enough of me talking. Let’s get changed and go to the gym! I actually do my workouts in a CrossFit gym This is where most of my workout videos you see on my Instagram are taken. It’s not a conventional gym so actually you don’t see a lot of the standard machines Here is a short tour of what my CrossFit gym looks like and you will know what equipment I mainly use in my workout First, I get my gear ready. I wear knee compression sleeves to reduce injuries to the knee joints, especially when lifting weights I also wear wrist wraps to protect my wrists Everything ready? Drink some water and let’s warm up! To get my heart rate up and the blood flowing I normally do three minutes of rope skipping alternating between 30 seconds of singles and 30 seconds of doubles Or, sometimes to change things up, I would do rowing instead It’s a great cardio option that works the entire body to burn calories And then to warm up my joints and muscles I would start with some inch worms Stretch down, walk your hands forward until your chest is on the floor Then, push back up to a downward-facing dog and walk your feet towards your hands Next one is lunges. Here, I normally add a twist to each side to warm up the core muscles as well The last one is bear crawls. Get down to all fours Then crawl forward by moving your right arm and right leg together, and then the left It really helps to warm up your shoulders and hips. Then, I move on to Shoulder Band Dislocate It helps improve your shoulders’ mobility and strength Now I’m ready for my abs workout! One of my favorite is barbell leg raises that works both the upper and lower abs Basically, you lie on the floor holding a barbell above your chest Then, slowly raise legs until they’re straight up over hips Another one that I do is Barbell Ab Rollout You start at a kneeling position Then, roll the barbell straight forward. The key here is to keep the core tight and not to arch your back The final ab workout that I want to show you is the GHD sit up Note that this is an advanced exercise because it takes relatively More strength of your abs to lift your whole body up from this large range of motion Wall walks are also an exercise that I love because it really helps build your core strength and shoulder stability Being able to do pull-ups has been my goal for a while now, so I keep practicing consistently And for those of you who also want to get a pull-up, you can first train with a band Or, by doing ring rows to strengthen your legs and biceps I always finish my workout with a set of high intensity training that lasts for 12 to 20 minutes and consists of a few exercises This is what I’m doing today I’m doing a total of three rounds, each starting with 10 box jumps over If you find box jumps intimidating you can do step ups instead And then I do 10 deadlifts. You can do it with a heavier weight and drop the bar Or, a lighter weight, but touch and go Another easier variation is to do it with dumbbells After that, I do 10 weighted squats holding a dumbbell And then I complete the round with five toes to bar, which is another great exercise for the abs Here, you can also choose to do knee raises as an easier variation I would repeat this for another two rounds making a total of three And that’s pretty much what I wanted to show you in this video I hope you like this video! Give me a thumbs-up and comment down below what other videos you would like to watch from this channel I’ll see you guys next week!

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  2. Handstand and other yoga/ pilates workout please
    Also how long did it take you to do a full push up?

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