CrossFit’s Crusade Against Crooked Science

And what I’m here doing— what the highest altitude view of what we’re doing is we’re fighting Big Soda. And why am I fighting Big Soda? [Audience member] Sugar. [Greg] Three reasons… Yeah, we can start— and I told you the one of them. I agree with Lustig, I think that the fructose in the high fructose corn syrup— It’s a scientific view. I think it’s toxic. I think it’s a toxin. I think it’s deadly. Okay? That’s not— does that surprise anyone here?
No, right? The second thing was their intrusion or invasion— pick your word. Or maybe it’s just simply, corruption of Health Sciences. Anyone know that they’ve made an incursion, intrusion, invasion into the Health Sciences? It’s amazing. It’s sinful. The third piece was their direct support through 501c3 proxies that have come after CrossFit, okay? That have lied, lobbied, legislated and now, litigated because— only cause we sued them. (laughing) Against CrossFit! Now, I’m a libertarian. I’m speaking tomorrow at Students for Liberty and I was asked by the head of the Cato Institute, “How as a libertarian do you justify your attack on the soda industry?” And I go, “It’s really easy. I mean look, it’s toxic, so don’t drink it. And beyond that, I want this and that. I want them out. That’s the ultimate goal here. It’s not to get them to stop attacking us, cause that’s not gonna work. They have they have no influence on us directly. But what they’ve done in the fitness space, and in the health space has had murderous consequences. Two out of three Americans will die prematurely. Two out of three deaths in the United States happen prematurely and needlessly due to chronic disease. And we have not mounted a significant or effective counter to this unprecedented disaster You die— people die from chronic disease at twice the rate of all other causes of death combined. And what is the cause of chronic disease? Inactivity and shitty nutrition. That’s it. The solution is a non-medical solution.
The solution looks like the CrossFit kernel. Like what happens in this box. And so this thing is fundamentally this place Tom and crews gym here, is basically a lifeboat against two out of three deaths that are gonna strike those that die prematurely and we’re exporting this horror— this nightmare. I’ve been in a bunch of different kinds of fights, metaphorically and and real. I’ve never gone into a fight thinking,
“Oh, I’m gonna win this. Watch.” That’s what bullies do.
Bullies only engage in fights they know they’ll win. That’s what picking on people is. I fight because it’s the right thing to do. Because I won’t I won’t feel good about
myself if we don’t. You look around like who’s gonna do this? There was a great Star Trek moment where Spock and Kirk are having a talk. And Spock says— there were intervening on something horrible going on Xenon 7 or something. I don’t know, some planet. And it was some repugnant behavior and Kirk’s saying, “We got to go down there and stop it.” And he’s all sweaty and emotional. And Spock with the pointy ears all calm said,
“Who are we to intervene?” And Kirk says, “Who do we have to be?” And I was a little boy, and I was like, “I get that. Who do you have to be?” Like what— you know? What does it take to reach out and grab that old lady by the collar that’s about to step off in front of the bus? Who do you have to be to do that? I think you just have to be there. No, this was the right thing to do.
This is the right thing to do

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  1. I couldn't agree with him more on soda, but he also supports the Paleo Diet which as a vegan I consider to be a preposterous diet.

  2. As a crossfitter and a physician, I'm not completely sure how I feel about this video. Indeed, high fructose corn syrup is quite toxic, mostly due to the significant amount of rapid glycemic index calories it delivers. Indeed, this nation is headed towards a cliff (if it has not jumped off already) due to its dietary habits. However, I'm curious to know what he means about scientific medical corruption: the medical community has been publishing about the dangers of our current dietary habits for years now. As a prior primary care physician, many colleagues and I used to spend a significant amount of time with dietary counseling that has fallen on deaf ears.

    Also, the benefits of a mediterranean-style diet are well known to the scientific community. The paleo diet unfortunately does not count on the same magnitude of evidence. That's not to say it's necessarily bad: just that a sufficient amount of evidence supporting this diet in regards to mortality benefit and cardiovascular outcomes are lacking.

  3. #ClipIt 2:20–3:20 use this to post on the CrossFit page. The most eye opening statement of my life. Families are affected by this. Mine included. These words are worth more than treasure

  4. This phony Libertarian is the Crossfit leader?!? "The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do so. To me, that’s beautiful" -Ron Swanson

  5. Reason 1. indifferent. There are a lot of bad things out there that lead to crappy diets, poor health, obesity, and a shortened life span. When you combine Reason 1 with reason 2 and 3 then I can see more of his point. However, I would spend less effort on reason 1, considering everyone knows soda is bad and no one cares. And spend more effort hammering away at Reason 2. and 3. Too much effort focused on Reason 1 could make this a lost cause.

    On the other hand, as CrossFit continues to spread into high schools, middle schools, the military, basic gyms (are adding CrossFit style sections like crazy across the US), churches, and COLLEGES – this is a tough one but if CF HQ was smart they would start a fund to open and run official CF boxes partnered with big name and credible universities, ex. CrossFit Harvard, or CrossFit UCLA. That would be major because the efforts in Reason 2 and Reason 3 in the video would be completely defeated simply by CrossFit merging with academic institutions. Where do you think all the people who are performing this "intrusion" from the health "sciences" come from…? Academia.

    We know CrossFit works; more and more people are learning that CrossFit works; the world is beginning to see that CrossFit works and is here to stay. All you gotta do is merge CF with academia (higher educational institutions) and students (the next scientists will be flocking by the tens of thousands to try CrossFit if it is offered officially at their university! It's a win-win-win for CrossFit 🙂

  6. I would like to know if he has the same view on the supplement industry, all the pre workouts and BCAA drinks are jacked up sodas

  7. I wish Greg would say this: "As a libertarian, I want people to be able to make their choices freely. Right now you cannot make truly make free choices because you are basing your decisions off of incorrect information. As human beings we can agree that we don't always make the best choices, but that more often than not when we believe something to be bad for us we choose to avoid it. The beverage industry has funded research that promotes biased results to keep people believing that fat is bad for you and that carbs and sugar are not. CrossFit has been the other voice out there claiming that sugar, carbs, preservatives, artificial sweeteners etc.. can cause leaky gut and systemic body inflammation resulting in chronic disease. Oddly enough, the beverage industry has indirectly attempted to squash CrossFit. If the information that is available to the public on diet is false, then how are people actually free to make their own choices?? The choice has been made for them, if we assume people choose to do what they believe is best for them. Attacking soda is not what we want. We don't want to attack anyone. We aren't bullies. We are standing up for the kid who does not even know he or she is even being bullied. The American people have no clue they are killing themselves with the diets they believe to be healthy. We want to limit how the beverage industry can attack medical research and distort public awareness on nutrition. Why? Because they are making money while you are dying from chronic disease oh and they are also attacking CrossFit for having a different viewpoint that affects their bottom line. No amount of cleans and burpees can save you if you consume an unhealthy diet. That is why CrossFit is involved and that is why we aren't giving up on you."

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