Hello How are you? Welcome back to my YouTube Channel First of all I am going To ask you To subscribe please To my channel And give the Bell for when I upload my videos You are the First to see Them and also To see the last Stripper show I have done today We are going To talk about The typical Old people who Ask a stripper For Bachelorette parties Birthday or any Other party The typical costume That does not Fail is that Of police, that is the most Request then That of firefighter Is also that a sailor And that of a worker But, nowadays the one That is more Fashion is that Of an infiltrated Stripper, the stripper Is dressed in normal Clothes and camouflage enter The guests And at the time Of acting Everyone is Surprised, but Now lately They call me To do some Show they only Ask me the price They tell me The day and The place Of the performance In 90 percent Of the cases Do not ask me For costumes In these cases I make it easier For to wear a Handkerchief With underwear Sometimes without Anything depending On where I am and with this I already have half Of the costumes And I add Accessories such As police gun, Hat and glasses And a bow tie If I want to go With something lighter because I wear glasses And a bow tie This can be done By combining The colors Of the accessories And thus infinite Options. And at the time Of dancing I normally Use cream, fruits And sometimes I also use fire I make a circle Of fire and put The bride or the birthday One in the center Of the circle Of fire. And at the time Of dancing Because of the girlfriend or Birthday, you have To act with them Almost all the time But, do not forget The friends because The friends on almost all occasions are The ones who Enjoy the show And before leaving You have to know Which one is getting Married or which one is Birthday party They have already asked me On different occasions If they have touched me In any show In the following I will tell These things And some Anecdotes That have happened to me And i want to ask You when hiring a stripper How would you choose How you would like it To be or what would you ask it to do for you Or for a friend. You let me know in the Comments and I am also gaining an advantage Ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you Do not forget to subscribe to my channel To keep up to date with all my latest shows Thank you very much friends and see you in the next video…

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