David Dobrik Was Extremely Awkward While Meeting His Hero Robert Downey Jr.

– I’m the biggest superhero fan. Robert Downey Jr is my all-time–
– Oh, my gosh! That’s what started, we were
talkin’ about Dr. Doolittle. She’s comin’ up in that, and I was like, “Oh, I love Robert Downey!” And yeah, we were both talking. (mumbles) I can’t talk, blah, bah, bah!
– No, you’re good. I can’t either.
(laughter) I’ll do that seven times.
– Hee haw! – I’m the biggest fan of him. And I got to host the Teen Choice Awards a couple of months back.
– Whoa, yeah. – Yeah, I don’t know how
that happened either. It’s all
(audience laughs) very confusing.
– Okay, lemme tell you. These things keep happening, because you’re likable. (audience cheers and applauds) – Okay, no, no. – You’re doing good. – I got to, where all the
trailers were, whatever, to get ready for the show, and my trailer was across
to Robert Downey Jr’s. And I see him walking
up, and can I stand up? – Yes. – Okay. – No. – No. (laughs) We don’t stand on my show. (laughs) And I and he’s like, he’s
like coming down this way, and I’m coming out of the trailer, and I go up to him and I go, hi. (audience laughs) – You hit puberty? – And he goes, and he’s so sweet, he goes, he goes, who are
you, tell me everything, and I go, I have nothing to say to you. I am just I’m just the biggest fan of you. And I just went, I’ll see you later. And I went back into the trailer and was just stuck back in there, (audience laughs) Just terrified and, and
then later like about – Yeah, it was crazy.
– He’s a sweetheart. – Oh my God. – And he’s so, he’s so sweet. – It’s real. – And then– – Oh really good. – Yeah, it’s– – Don’t you hate when they’re not nice? – Yeah, no, it’s exactly what– – They’re like, uuuh! And he’s Iron Man in real life too, Like he’s, it’s not even a
movie he’s actually Tony Stark and then– – If he actually has some flying robots, we need to be friends. (crowd laughs) – I need to talk to him. – You can just do it in front of me. – But then 30 minutes later, then I’m coming out to host
the the Teen Choice Awards and I see him sitting
like right on the side, in the audience or whatever. And I’m just, I cannot
imagine what he is thinking, seeing me host the show
when I couldn’t even say a sentence to the guy.
– Talking. (laughs) – (mumbles), this guy really snuck
into the whole thing. (both laugh) So that was really cool, that was, that was like my favorite moment. – That’s amazing. I love meeting people you love and they just like live up to everything. – Yeah. – It’s so cool. – I didn’t get to talk to him much, because I freaked out but
I’m sure he would have. If I had a conversation. – I’m the same way, everything leaves, all of a sudden I’m just an idiot. The same thing happens to me. – Yes. – Me too. – I really– – Who have you met? That you completely–
Who did you freak out? ` – I like bear hugged Steven Spielberg. – Oh my gosh. – And I was sweating bricks and it was like I love him so much. And then I realized I was
squeezing him too tight. (laughs) Same thing with Oprah, I mean– – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. You just can’t control yourself sometimes. – Yeah, I know. – I wouldn’t be able to control myself. – And it’s a huge compliment though, because if people are
that affected by you, then you must be doing
something really awesome. – Until it’s happening to you and you don’t know what’s happening. (both laugh) – I love it.
– Let me go. – I think it’s so sweet, because I freak out over people like that. So I’m always like, no, I totally get it. I freak out, too.

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  1. I’m turning 26 this year have had a lot to deal with mentally and making so much progress so I can get to my next step in my business and finally hit 7 digits makes me want to thank David for his work ethic, knowing his group through the vlogs and loving the vlogs cause they helped so much, and I just want to take a moment of gratitude cause I’m so thankful for everything and everyone in my life.

    Oh and since I’m already editing, David 20k pool game next time I’m in Cali

  2. Random: KELLY GET DAUGHTRY ON TO HANG OUT AND DO A NEW DUET OF "FAST CAR". That would be so awesome. I just seen an old, poor quality video of the concert 10 years ago. Recreate the magic!


  4. I always feel so proud of him whenever he tells stories to people that don’t know him yet! Even tho we all know the stories already, I am just smiling all the way through when I see other people like it as well!!

  5. Who ever does the bookings for the show should book "Le Champion" Chris Jericho to come on the show not only to put over Dynamite but also to put over his "A little bit of the Bubbly" sparkling wine.

  6. David is so cute and adorable. When you met Iron Man puberty set in. That's what Kelly said. So glad you got to meet your idol David.

  7. He’s not a good interview. Really needs to work on that. He seems more comfortable when he’s in control of the situation and has anxiety when he doesn’t like here.

  8. Are you notice, if talking about things that will count, he will say "i have 7, i did it 7 time" and many more, even his friends too,, i remember Jason said "can i ask $70000”… Just watching him earlier, bit what's up with nunber 7 and him? Any one could tell me?

  9. That outro needs to stop. It's so annoying. It's annoying to the point of dissuading me and who knows how many other from subscribing.

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