Day FIFTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 πŸ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from and on tap today, it’s
day 15 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series. And you guys today we are
all about low impact cardio. That means that there is
absolutely no jumping, there’s no transitions to the ground, there’s no equipment needed, and for my friends who are
into this kind of thing, there’s also no repeating the exercises. When you’re ready for this
one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (upbeat music) All right you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving and that means that we are getting started
with some arm circles with high knees like we do. Are you ready for this one today? Not yet, I know, that’s
why we’re doing a warmup. I’m actually gonna slow this
warmup down just a little bit. I’m gonna tell you something,
I am a little bit nervous about today’s workout. I’m feeling a little bit, a
little bit flustered already before we even get started because I am looking at
literally three white boards full of very small writing today. You guys, this is gonna
be a super fun one. This, I love no repeat workouts. It’s one of those things
where I really enjoy, first of all, just the mental challenge for me personally putting it together of thinking of lots of
different exercises. And I have to tell you when I
was putting this one together, I was like, I think this is actually every single all-standing, no jumping cardio exercise I know. I would be really hard pressed
to come up with any more than these exercises. Let’s go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers and here’s the reason why
I’m kind of nervous about it, today, today is fast moving also. I mean, it’s a moderate effort which is good for weight loss. We’ve talked about this for
over two weeks now my friends. We are not trying to go
super duper crazy with this and that’s why I’ve set
the timer the way I did. Here’s what it looks like. I’ve got my handy dandy Gymboss set for 15 second intervals. We’re gonna work and then we’re gonna rest and then we’re gonna work
and then we’re gonna rest and then we’re gonna work
and then we’re gonna rest. It is relentless but it’s also just right. 15 seconds is like a really
nice amount of challenge. If you don’t get the exercise quickly, just march in place or do something else. We’re never coming back to
it or at least not today. So it’s a very fun and
fast moving, fast-paced, moderate but ambitious
workout for us today. Let’s do some welcome to my homes. Welcome to my cat. That’s Agatha there on
the back of the couch just chillaxing like she does. She just cannot possibly be bothered with these workouts anymore. Have you noticed her on the couch? She used to be super active all the time and now she just really likes to hang out and just be with me while we exercise. You guys, you guys, when
we get going, we are going. So, I want to make sure that
you are plenty warmed up. I’m feeling warmed up and good. 15 seconds is also short enough that if you’re not 100% warmed up, take these first couple of
exercises at a nice warmup pace and just kind of gradually ease into it. We’re gonna get started with goofy jacks, which is one of my favorite things and that’s why we’re starting with it. It’s a little squat
where we have our hands doing jumping jacks and our
feet kicking out one at a time. Let’s go ahead (timer
beeping) and get going. So, little squat and up and out. Now I am going to take this same pace I’ve been taking
everything all month long, at a nice moderate pace. We do not need to go a whole lot faster. The 15-second intervals
of (timer beeping) rest, which is right here, might seem like a lot at first but the cumulative effect
today, like you know. We’re gonna go ahead and
do walking stars next where we step forward with
one foot and one hand, then the other foot and the other hand and then back and back. And we’re gonna alternate
(timer beeping) leader feet. So forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. We’re picking an apple and we’re putting it
in our pocket you guys. Moving at a pace that feels good, doing what feels best for you today. (timer beeping) And 15 seconds of rest. Coming up next we’re
doing booty kicker jacks. Again, a little bit more of
kind of an extended warmup. Hands are doing jumping jacks,
feet are doing booty kickers, just like we do with our warmup. The hands coming up over
head (timer beeping) is what’s gonna bring our heart rate up. So, hands moving quickly,
feet kicking back behind you, feeling that nice stretch
and that nice cardio but also you know, moving just right. So, we’re not getting
too (timer beeping) high of a heart rate, 15 seconds of rest, without, without also feeling
like we’re not moving. You know, we’re finding
that middle ground. Coming up next is windmill tap backs. We’re gonna have our hands
and our feet nice and wide. We’re gonna reach our
opposite (timer beeping) hand down towards our opposite foot while kicking that same
foot back behind you. Awesome job! Having those hands up over head is what’s keeping our heart rate up for this whole workout today. (timer beeping) Very nice job! And then, look at that,
we’re done with that one too. If I come upon some exercise
that you don’t like, don’t do it my friends. It’s only one interval. Coming up next we’re doing kick jacks, which means once again, our
hands are doing jumping jacks, (timer beeping) which they’re gonna do a lot of today. Our feet are doing regular old kicks however high you can kick while holding your core in nice and tight, standing up straight and tall, getting good deep breaths
while we’re exercising. (timer beeping) Awesome job! Coming up next we’re gonna
do twisting high knees, which means that we’re bringing
up one high knee at a time while twisting our torso back
and forth from side to side. The trick is to keep your hips pointing (timer beeping) forward. So twisting and bringing up one high knee. If you’d like a little bit
more challenge, you could kick. I’m gonna just bring up my knee though. It’s plenty of work for me. When it beeps again we’re
gonna get 15 seconds of rest. Feeling (timer beeping)
this work, oh my gosh. Whew, did you feel that in your abs? Awesome job! Coming up next is ding dongs. This is one of my favorites,
in fact they are all. I’m gonna not say that
for every single exercise. We’re gonna have our hands swinging low while one foot kicks out (timer beeping) to the side at a time. Here we go. You can really get this one rockin’, really feel that balance
work pulling in your core but getting your heart
rate up at the same time. Nice job! When it beeps again we’ll
get that (timer beeping) 15 seconds of rest. You see how relentless this is. The 15 seconds of work
doesn’t feel like too much. The 15 seconds of rest also
doesn’t feel like too much. Coming up next we’re gonna do skiers. Hands moving up and down
in front (timer beeping) of your body while one foot at a time is shuffling back and forth. Awesome job! The higher you get your hands,
the higher your heart rate and that is how we’re
moderating our heart rate today, that and the rest intervals (timer beeping) are how we’re keeping our heart rate at whatever rate feels best for you. Coming up next we’re gonna
do high hand obliques. Once again we’re having those high hands. When our hands are up,
the heart rate is up and that’s how we’re getting
this great cardio sweat (timer beeping) without any jumping or any
transitions to the ground. Bringing your opposite
elbow to your opposite knee while meeting that knee in the middle, it’s a good crunch there for your abs. Making sure your core is pulled in tight. (timer beeping) And 15 seconds of rest. Coming up next we’re
gonna do toy soldiers. Hands are gonna be above
your head of course. We’re reaching our opposite hand towards our opposite kicking foot. So, we’re gonna have
hands up (timer beeping) and here we go. Opposite hand, opposite foot. This is one that you
could very easily turn into a little bit of
a jump if you want to. Finding what’s moderate for
you is the best way to go with all of these (timer
beeping) workouts. My friend, 15 seconds of rest. As we’ve been talking about, moderation is the way to get results,
especially at our age. Coming up next we’re
doing flying fast ups. Stand on one foot, hands are
gonna be up (timer beeping) in the air. We’re bringing our hands down to the knee while the knee comes up to the hands. We’re staying on one side. That’s why this is a
single-sided exercise. We’re gonna get 15 seconds of rest before we do the other side. Tapping that (timer beeping) foot back. Excellent job! My friends, if you haven’t already – we’re gonna do that exact
same thing on the other side – make sure that you open up
the description box below to get my Weight Loss over 50, I’m getting ready over
here with my hands up, my Weight Loss (timer beeping)
over 50 information resource. It tells you literally
everything that I know about losing weight at this age. I get asked questions all
the time about moderation. Why in the world would it
be good (timer beeping) for losing weight? 15 seconds of rest and coming up next, we’re doing half jacks. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s half of a jumping jack at a time, right side, left side, back and forth. The fact is at this age
we need to be very careful about exactly (timer beeping) how much stress we’re giving our body. Here we are with those half jumping jacks without any jumping at all. And exercise is stress. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but at our age and truly
(timer beeping) at any age, 15 seconds of rest, we need to be careful about how much and when
we’re stressing our body. Coming up next we’re
gonna do reach across. Exactly what it sounds like. We’re reaching across
in front of ourselves while kicking that same foot out to the other (timer beeping) side. Great lateral motion, feeling that work in your abs and obliques
with that little twist through the middle. Hands up means heart rate is up. Awesome job! When we find the exact right (timer beeping) amount of stress, 15 seconds of rest, that
we can recover from, our bodies will react to eating the right number of calories. Coming up next is drinky bird jacks. One foot at a time kicking up behind you while our hands are doing
jumping (timer beeping) jacks. Absolutely no jumping here
but oh yes, this is balance. Really thinking about
holding in your core, moving as quickly as you
can with excellent form. Try really hard not to
twist out of this one and put too (timer beeping)
much stress on your knee. 15 seconds of rest, because as we know, stress isn’t great for you. Coming up next we’re
doing push, push, crunch. Give yourself a little bit of space here. We’re gonna push to the side and then crunch it down
into an oblique crunch. (timer beeping) And here we go. Push, push, and crunch. Push, push, and crunch. You guys, at any age if
you want to lose weight, you need to make sure that you’re eating the
right number of calories. That is the (timer beeping)
one thing, 15 seconds of rest, that truly moves the needle on the scale. Coming up next, we’re
doing leg twister jacks. Your legs are twisting in and out, your hands are doing jumping
jacks the whole time. This is one of those ones
where if you don’t get it, don’t worry, (timer beeping) we’re gonna be done with it soon. So your leg twists out
and in and in and out, back and forth across your body or whatever way works for you. If your legs are moving
and your hands are moving, you’re doing awesome. Don’t worry about whether or not (timer beeping) you’re doing it right because we’re done with
it, 15 seconds of rest. Coming up next is forward
hinge arm flappers. You guys, exercise is
truly the cherry on top. It is not the thing that makes you (timer
beeping) lose weight. Here we go with forward
hinge arm flappers. Hands are doing jumping jacks. Your lower body is doing what
is basically a dead lift. You’re hinging forward while keeping your back
super duper straight, core is pulled in tight for this nice quick (timer beeping) motion and then 15 seconds of rest. Coming up next I’m gonna go
ahead and stay over here. We’ve got big arm side shuffles. Hands are making a big
circle in front of you while we shuffle lightly to one side and then to the other. The thing about exercise (timer beeping) is that it is fantastic, here we go, for your
mental and physical health. You know, you can make
some gains in your fitness while you’re losing weight, especially if you are
brand new to exercise. If you have been exercising
(timer beeping) for a while, you may or may not see any
kind of change in your fitness. Here’s 15 seconds of rest. And coming up next is starbursts where we get little and get big. Hands and one foot come out
real big in that big part and we get down little
(timer beeping) into a squat or wherever you can get to. My friends exercise shapes your body. Eating right is what changes the scale. The fact is, (timer
beeping) 15 seconds of rest, you can lose weight
without exercising at all. Coming up next is rainbow kicks. Hands are going back
and forth across the top of your head like a rainbow. One foot is kicking out
to the side at a time. Sometimes (timer beeping)
we do this with our knees but today we’re kicking out. If you’d prefer to do the
knee version, that’s okay too. I wanted to see if we could
get this rockin’ here. I love this lateral motion for
your inner and outer thighs. (timer beeping) Excellent job! 15 seconds of rest. Coming up next is punch down tap outs. Exactly what it sounds like. We’re punching down and
tapping out to the side. So punching down and tapping out and switching your hands and your feet. (timer beeping) When we exercise the right amount, which is moderately,
that lets your body know that there’s not too much stress. Eating the exact right amount of calories, drinking the right amount
(timer beeping) of water, exercising the right
amount, 15 seconds of rest, all of those are signals to your body to relax and release weight. Coming up next we’re doing squat jacks. When your hands are
down, your hips are down. (timer beeping) When your hands are up, your hips are up. So coming down in a squat, your hands are doing jumping jacks, your lower body is simply squatting. Excellent job! I do tend to do a little
bit of side to side stepping here in the middle. Makes it (timer beeping) easier for me. You’re welcome, well it
doesn’t really matter what you’re welcome to do because it’s 15 seconds of rest and we’re not coming back to that one. Coming up next we’re doing letter K’s, where your hands are up. We’re gonna have one hand
reach out to the side with that same kicking
foot (timer beeping) and then on the other side. It’s almost like a half of a jumping jack from the other direction. Starting with your hands up
instead of your hands down. My friends, finding your moderate is the key to the exercise (timer beeping) part of this equation. 15 seconds of rest. And your moderate is gonna
feel different probably than my moderate. Everybody’s own moderate is moderate. Coming up next we’re doing can cans. It’s a knee and a kick and then a (timer
beeping) knee and a kick. And you’re welcome to
put your hands into it or keep them right about
here at your chest level, whatever feels good for you at this point in our workout
absolutely works for me. My friends pushing yourself harder (timer beeping) during workouts, 15 seconds of rest, can
make losing weight harder. So we might as well just
have fun with them, right? Coming up next we’re doing alley oops. Of course I say that
right before the exercise that’s maybe a little bit difficult. We’re gonna have our feet
(timer beeping) kind of out to the side here nice and wide. We’re gonna swing our hands up and over. One foot pivots and
turns into what ends up being more of a lunge. You are welcome if you do
not like lunging or squatting to keep this nice and high. It’s your hands (timer beeping)
going up over head high that gets your heart rate up. And now we’re done with that one anyways. 15 seconds of rest before
we do punch, punch, kick, which is exactly what it sounds like. We’re gonna punch forward,
we’re gonna punch forward and then we’re gonna kick with one hand, going back and (timer beeping) forth with your leader hand and kicking foot. So, punch, punch, kick,
punch, punch, and kick. Awesome job! Moving at whatever pace you can sustain while thinking about excellent form, keeping your (timer
beeping) core in tight. Awesome job! 15 seconds of rest. Okay you guys, we are getting low on the list, thank goodness. Coming up next we’re doing V reaches. This is another squatting one. Feet are gonna be a little bit
wider than hip width apart. We’re drawing (timer
beeping) a big V in the air. So up to the side, down in the
middle, up to the other side. Go ahead and pivot that
toe just a little bit, getting a little bit of toning
work back there in your booty as we move from side to side
(timer beeping) and excellent. 15 seconds of rest. Okay, this is what I was talking about with the cumulative effect. Even with all this rest my
heart rate is up, up, up. Coming up next we’re doing
swinging side tappers. Basically this exact
same thing with my feet. (timer beeping) We’re just tapping but now
our hands are gonna swing along with it a little bit
bigger than we were doing during the rest period. Nice and big on those
hands means nice and big with that heart rate, making sure that what you’re doing works
(timer beeping) for you. 15 seconds of rest. And coming up next another
single-sided exercise. I’m gonna stand on my left leg first. We’re doing a reach low, kick high. So we’re reaching low and
then we’re kicking high. You’re reaching down with your
(timer beeping) opposite hand towards the opposite foot. The foot that is on the ground
is anchored on the ground. So, this is single-sided. We are of course going
to do the other side after 15 seconds of rest. You guys, this is essentially a very fast, (timer beeping) whew, reverse lunge, so making sure,
15 seconds of rest right now but making sure that your
core is pulled in tight and that you’re using the
best form that you can. You know when in doubt
go for form over speed. I would always (timer beeping)
rather have you go slower because going slower is not gonna change
your weight loss results but I’d much rather have
you not get injured. Here we are on the other side,
whew, swinging that leg fast, reaching down, kicking high. (timer beeping) Excellent job! 15 seconds of rest. Totally felt that in my
thighs, how about you? Coming up next we’re doing dancing X’s. We’re gonna start in a
great big X position. Hands are up and wide,
feet are out and wide. We’re bringing our opposite
elbow (timer beeping) towards our opposite knee, one at a time, bringing
that dance, that crunch, right into the middle. Keeping your other hand up keeps your heart rate up my friends. Move your hand down if you need to move your heart rate down. (timer beeping) 15 seconds of rest. Okay you guys, coming up next,
we’re doing butter churns. This is something new for me. Your hands are just moving up and down with your elbows really
leading the way, right in front of your body. As your hands are going up and down, (timer beeping) we’re kicking out to the side. Now, I realize that I probably got started a little bit wrong. I probably wanted my hands down when my foot is kicking out. Whichever way you got started, that’s how we’re doing this interval. There’s no need to worry
(timer beeping) about it when it’s only 15 seconds long and then we’re not coming back to it. Coming up next we’re
doing something I call close squat swings. We’re gonna have our feet close,
gonna have our hands close. We’re gonna swing from one
side (timer beeping) up and to the other. So down into a squat, up in
the middle, down into a squat while twisting on the other side. Awesome job! Thinking about good form, keeping your knees from
going over your toes. It’s still a good squat (timer beeping) even when we’re doing cardio. 15 seconds of rest and you guys, (sighs) we’ve almost done it. Coming up next is the last
of our cardio exercises. It is middle skips,
which is just skipping, except for the fact that we are not jumping
(timer beeping) at all. So you’ve got your opposite hand and your opposite knee
coming up across your body, swinging those arms, feeling really good that we have almost entirely
completed this workout. You guys when it beeps again, we will (timer beeping) be ahhh, done. But not quite finished. I’ve got a finisher for us. Here’s what it looks
like when it beeps again. We’re gonna do a standing plank, which means that you are
literally going to pull in and crunch every one of your muscles, starting with your pelvic floor and your deep (timer
beeping) core stabilizers. So we’re gonna pull in and squeeze. As we get those core
stabilizers pulled in, then you can start squeezing your arms, squeezing your thighs, squeezing your abs, squeezing your chest,
squeezing your glutes, squeezing, squeezing,
squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. (timer beeping)
Whew! And release. Okay. I know that was weird so we’re
gonna do it one more time. Did you feel how that worked every muscle in your body though? Thinking about starting
with your deep core first will help you tense everything else. (timer beeping) Pull in, pull up, squeeze
your abs, squeeze your chest, squeeze your arms, squeeze your thighs, think about your glutes. You can get down to your
calves and even your forearms, up into your neck if you want to. Squeezing, squeezing, squeezing (timer beeping) and (sigh) release. You guys, I’m turning off the timer. That was (timer beeping) fast paced. So let’s cool it down. Let’s go ahead and do
those arm circles (sighs) with the very, very gentle
side to side tappers. How did you like that one? That was one of my favorite ones yet. I gotta be honest, I
really enjoy a fast-paced, fast-moving, fast-thinking kind
of workout once in a while. (laughing) You know the fact is your
routine has room in it for just about every kind of workout that we’ve done this month and some that we haven’t done yet. You know variety is the spice of life and what we’re looking for is just the right amount of spice. Finding workouts that
you think are super fun, super repeatable, super doable, and the exact right amount of challenge, that’s what we’re looking
for when we’re losing weight. After you’ve lost weight
there will be plenty of time to get more intense. There will be plenty
of time to really focus on whichever kind of workout
that you enjoyed the most and then supplement with other things. You still want some variety. But right now, right
now is such a great time to just explore and try new things and don’t worry about repeating anything. Let’s go ahead and do those
arm openers and crossers. Give yourselves a big hug. This was, this was fun today. I hope you enjoyed it. I always hope you enjoy it. I mean, truthfully, I
always hope you enjoy it but I hope you enjoyed
this one specifically because it was, it was a good challenge. Giving yourself that big
hug saying thank you, thank you, thank you for
trying something new, for doing something different, for doing something maybe a little outside your comfort zone. You guys, here on screen
it’s the end of the workout and that means that I’m going to tell you that there is an extended cool down. My heart rate got up nice and high. Make sure that if you’ve
got the time and the energy and the effort and the desire that you do a little bit longer cool down. I keep these brief here on screen but there’s plenty of
stretching to be had. On the other side of the screen,
there’s gonna be a playlist that has all 31 of these
monthly Weight Loss for Women over 50 workouts. Right now there’s only 15 of them but by the end of the month
there will be all 31 of them. On the bottom of the
screen is the letter P and that is an invitation
to go over to Patreon, where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for
all of us and thank you, thank you, thank you for
your support in that manner. On the other side of the
screen, that is a picture of me. It’s actually a Subscribe button. If you’re not already subscribed, make sure that you click that button (bell ringing)
and the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new workout, which this month is every single day. You guys, thank you for
working out with me. Click the Subscribe button
and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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