Day NINE – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer Bs! It’s Pahla B from And on tap today, I’ve got Day Nine of the Weight Loss For
Women Over 50 series. And today, we are all
about that cardio toning. That means that you’re gonna need a nice light pair of dumbbells. And if you don’t have a light enough pair, feel free to take today as
cardio-only and go hands-free, or you can open up the description box where there’s a link for
the exact three-pair set that I bought from Amazon that I use in all of these
videos that have dumbbells. You guys, today, is gonna
be a great sweaty one and when you’re ready for
it, I’m totally ready. Let’s go! (lively techno music) All right, you guys, let’s go ahead and get
moving and grooving. Go ahead and have your dumbbells
completely out of the way while we do our warmups, and that means that we are starting with some arm circles and high knees. Oh my goodness, feeling
(sighing) this lovely stretch as we get started on what is going to be a
super fun and fast-paced day. You guys, I’m loving the challenge of coming up with something
new and different to do every single day of this month. Today’s workout was a challenge for me (chuckling) both mentally and physically. It is one of my favorite
kinds of workouts. We are working on step stools today. And what that means is
it’s a ladder workout, meaning that every interval gets a little bit tougher
than the last one. But I’ve done full-on
ladder workouts before, many, many, many years ago, and those are really hard, and that means that they’re not honestly great for weight loss. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers as well. Because the fact is, as I’ve now told you at least two or three times over the course of the last nine days, working out harder makes
weight loss harder. You guys, when we are
working out moderately, we really have to think about moderation. And that’s what was tough
about this one today. Cardio toning is in and of
itself a difficult workout. We’re doing cardio but we’ve
got weights in our hands which means that everything has just that little bit extra to it. So the step stools is a really nice way to help you and help me
moderate our effort today. So here’s what it looks like. I’ve got the handy-dandy Gymboss set for intervals of 15 seconds. That means that our transitions are gonna be pretty quick between things. I’ve got several triplets of exercises. We’re gonna start with one
exercise and then rest. Then, we’re gonna do two
exercises in a row before we rest, then we’ll do three exercises in a row for the longest interval before we rest. We’re gonna do each one
of our little step tools two times in a row. So, today, today does get
a little bit repetitive but honestly, with the short intervals, let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes, the short intervals helps
with that repetitive thing, but also gives us plenty of time if we didn’t get it the first time to come back to it and feel a little bit
better about the exercise. I’m just talking to myself on that one. Some of these, I’m looking
at my list of exercises and I’m thinking, now, wait
a second, how do we do that? If you get lost or confused, my friend, there is nothing magic about
any of these exercises. You help yourself to an
exercise that feels good to you. As long as you’re moving, you’re doing an awesome, awesome job. Let’s go ahead and get moving. I’m gonna pick up my very,
very light dumbbells. And I say that like they’re very light. They’re gonna get heavy before
the end of the workout today, but they’re the lightest ones I own. Let’s go ahead and get started with something I’m calling
triceps curl downs. We’re gonna start with the dumbbells right here in front of us and we’re going to curl
it down by our side. Let’s go ahead and make the
timer go so that this counts. So we’re going to curl
it down and curl it down, starting with the hands
right there at chest level, and then curling down and
squeezing from those triceps. And yes, 15 seconds
really is plenty of time to feel this work. Now, we get 15 seconds of rest. But here’s the magic. We’re gonna do those triceps curl downs paired with punching step backs. Here’s what’s difficult for me about the punching step backs. You’re gonna punch with one hand and step back with the other
so it’s across your body. I’m gonna think about
that the entire time. Here we go. With those triceps curl
downs, side-to-side motion, and then we’re gonna transition into that forward and back motion, punching forward, stepping
back across your body so your one hand comes forward, the other hand, go up and step forward, back and forth while stepping back. Now, this pace feels pretty mild, feels pretty moderate
right now, doesn’t it? Don’t you worry, like all of our workouts, 15 seconds of rest, like all of our workouts, this one is gonna catch up with you too. Coming up next, all
three of the exercises. We’re doing triceps curl
downs, the punching step backs, and then we’re also doing
high-swinging side tappers. So we’re gonna swing our
hands really, really high. Here we go with the triceps curl downs, side-to-side, feeling that work, feeling really good with it. When it beeps, doing those punching step
backs across the body, punching forward while stepping back. Punch and step back. Core is pulled in tight for this one. When it beeps again, we’re doing those
high-swinging side tappers. Hands are gonna go high on each side while side-tapping on each side. Awesome job! A little bit more triceps
work, do you notice that? Definitely got that heart rate up already. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 15 seconds of rest, and then we’re gonna go ahead
and do (ah) 15 seconds of rest. Then, we’re gonna do this
whole stepstool one more time, so that means that we’re starting with those triceps curl downs again, all by themselves before we get rest. This is actually the thing that I love about a
repeating stepstool workout. So here we go with the triceps curl downs. You do have to love this
first exercise a lot when we do step stools. That is always the thing
that I think about. If this happens to be the exercise that you just can’t stand doing, 15 seconds of rest, then I do apologize ’cause that does make the
whole workout kinda rough but you could just sub out something else. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do the triceps curl-downs, plus those punching step backs. Really thinking about
going across your body ’cause I’m pretty sure I did not go across my body last time. There’s a lot to think
about in a short interval when we’re doing workouts like this. And the fact is, there’s nothing
wrong with going same side. It’s just a mental exercise for me. So punching and stepping. Yup, I had to look. Punching and stepping,
going across your body. When it beeps again, we’ll
get 15 seconds of rest. Honestly, today’s workout is every bit, here we go, 15 seconds of rest, it’s every bit as much of a workout for your brain as it is for your body, and I do try to include that on purpose. When it beeps again, we’re going into those triceps curl downs for our whatever that would be. Sixth and final time, triceps curl-downs, because we’re doing all
three of the exercises. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do those punching step backs, thinking about going across
your body if you can. And if you can’t, that’s okay too. (timer beeps) So here we go, punching step backs. Nice job. Woo doggies! This is what I was talking
about, those weights get heavy. When it beeps again, we’re doing those
high-swinging side tappers. Hand swinging down low, up high, and feet tapping side to side. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 15 seconds of rest, finding your best moderate
pace, doing such a good job. Excellent. Oh, there we go. 15 seconds of rest. Okay. Coming up next, I got a whole
‘nother stepstool for us. We’re gonna get started with tree jacks. Gonna start with our
hands down to the sides. We’re gonna do our hands
like jumping jacks, just flinging out to the sides. Our feet are gonna come up
in one tree pose at a time, meaning that you’re just
trying to rest your foot somewhere on that other leg. Maybe it’s your ankle,
maybe it’s your shin, maybe it’s your knee,
maybe it’s your thigh, truly does not matter. 15 seconds of rest. It’s that little bit of extra core work that I love to throw in to
a cardio workout like this where we really have to think about balancing and pulling in our core. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do those
three jacks right now. Tree jacks again, palms facing out. And when it beeps, we’re
gonna do reach-across, which means that we get
to have our hands (sighs) a little bit lower than this. Thank goodness! We are reaching across
in front of our body at about chest level while tapping out that same leg. Good lateral motion, really thinking about
pulling in your core, using your big latissimus
dorsi in your back to control this reaching motion. Awesome job. 15 seconds of rest. Okay, this is gonna be the
whole stepstool this time. We’re doing those tree
jacks, plus the reach-across, plus something I call Starburst which means that we’re
gonna get little and get big by putting one leg out. So tree jacks right now, palms facing out, core is pulled in tight, really thinking about excellent
form while we move quickly. When it beeps again, gonna
do those reach-across, always thinking about
having your core pulled in so that the rest of your body can be doing its work just right. It’s time for injury when
your core isn’t pulled in. Other muscles get recruited. Here we go with Starburst. Get little, get big, kicking one foot out. Get big, kicking the other foot out. Nice job. No worries about how low
you go on this squat, doing what you can do to manage your way (cheers) through this stepstool. Awesome job! 15 seconds of rest. Okay. And now, we get to do that stepstool again starting from the beginning which means tree jacks
only before we take a rest. My friends, always thinking
about pulling in your core, thinking about excellent form. No matter how fast or slow we’re moving, your core is the core of
all your other movements. When you are not engaging your abdominal, your deep abdominal muscles, here we go 15 seconds of rest. When it beeps again, gonna do those tree jacks,
plus the reach-across. When you’re not engaging
your deep abdominal muscles, your other muscles not
only have to work harder but they also, here we go with tree jacks, they also end up recruiting
muscles and ligaments and tendons and joints whose job it isn’t to be doing that work. The fact is, there’s
always work to be done. Here we go with reach-across. Awesome job! And the work will get
done one way or another. But sometimes, your body
will ask innocent bystanders, let’s put it, to do the
work, and 15 seconds of rest, to do the work of muscles whose job it is. So when you actively pull in your core, you are helping the rest of your body do its job efficiently. When it beeps again, tree
jacks for the final time because this is our whole stepstool. When it beeps, we’re gonna do
reach-across. (exhales deeply) Awesome job finding a pace
that feels good to you. And here we go with reach-across. Your moderate pace might
be faster than mine, might be slower than mine,
might be this exact pace. When it beeps again,
we’re doing Starbursts, getting little and getting big, holding in that core, and thinking about excellent form along with this high heart rate. When it beeps again, we’ll
get 15 seconds of rest. Excellent, excellent job. (exhales deeply) Woo doggies, all right. All right, this is what
I was talking about with the plenty of sweat
that feels so lovely today. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do big arm side shuffles. I’m gonna get myself
a little bit of space. We’re gonna make a big circle
right in front of our body while we’re shuffling to the side. Now, this is one of those exercises, when my hands are empty, that I can really get moving very fast. Because I’ve got weights in my hands, this feels a little bit more cumbersome, and yet, oh, it’s still
a lot of work. (laughs) Finding the happy medium for you is what this workout is all about. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do those big arm
side shuffles again, of course, and we’re gonna pair it with frog reaches. So here we go, big arms in front of you, shuffling to the side. Excellent job. A frog reach is basically a deep squat. We’re gonna have our
feet a little bit wider than hip width apart, keeping our core pulled in tight. You’re gonna reach down and reach up, squeeze it down low, press it up high. Thinking about keeping your core in, thinking about pushing your hips back. This is a good squat. We’re not bending forward into it. Now, 15 seconds of rest. Awesome job! Okay, here comes the toughest
part of the stepstool. I’m gonna scoot over, getting ready for those
big arm side shuffles, gonna pair that with the frog reaches, and we’re adding forward
hinge arm flappers. These are some of my toughest cardio toning exercises, you guys. The workout never gets easier. (laughs) I got asked about that one time. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do frog reaches. I had a client many years ago, here we go, reaching down low, reaching up high, who asked me for a
workout that got easier. She asked me for this for
weeks, maybe even months. When it beeps, we’re gonna do
forward hinge arm flappers. Your back is gonna stay
super, duper straight, hands are doing jumping jacks, your lower body is doing a deadlift, back is straight, (exhales
deeply) hips go back, hips come forward. When it beeps again, we’ll
get 15 seconds of rest. Oh, before we start this stepstool, again, from the bottom. Thank goodness. Okay, you guys, big arm side
shuffles all by themselves. So finally, I relented and
I made her this workout that started off just brutal! I came up with, I couldn’t possibly tell
you what the exercise was. Here we go with big arm side shuffles. But whatever it was, it was basically the hardest
thing I’ve ever done before. And then we got easier from there, and it was so interesting
that by the time we got down to the easy one, here’s
15 seconds of rest, it felt super anti-climactic. Like she’d already done the hard thing, and then everything after that by getting easier felt easier. When it beeps again, we’re doing those big arm side shuffles. Here we go. But this time, we’re pairing
it with those frog reaches. My friends, I know how
to tell a good story. You don’t start with the climax. You have to finish with the toughest thing that we have earned. Here’s frog reaches. Reach down low, reach up high. ‘Cause then, I mean, I know. I know that you are going to feel amazing when we have worked up to the
toughest thing that we can do. Here’s 15 seconds of rest. That’s not the toughest
thing we can do. (laughs) Coming up next, we’re gonna
do that whole stepstool for the second and final time, starting with the big arm side shuffles, then frog reaches, then those
forward-hinge arm flappers. I am feeling this just about everywhere. Here we are with those
big arm side shuffles doing such a good moderate
job today, my friends. When it beeps, going
into those frog reaches. Here we are. Feet wide, back is straight, hips go back before they come down. When it beeps again, those
forward-hinge arm flappers, couldn’t come up with that word. Your back stays straight, your hands (exhales deeply)
are doing jumping jacks, your lower body is doing a deadlift, which means that your
core is working for it! You guys, what a great job you have done. We’ve got 15 seconds of
rest because we are done but we’re not quite finished. Here it comes: the toughest
thing we’re gonna do today. 15 seconds on each side
of overhead front kicks. That means that your hands are gonna be up overhead the entire time. Pick a leg, any leg. I very naturally chose my dominant leg but it does not matter. The other foot is kicking forward. There is no resting position. Your biceps are right next to your ears. Here we go, switching sides. This will be it. This is our final interval
for the final time (exhales deeply) because
everything feels amazing. When it beeps the next time, it’s the last time it’s
gonna beep in this workout. What a great job you did. I’m gonna put my dumbbells
completely out of the way, which is actually why I
love this little stand that the three dumbbell set comes on. It’s so nice that they’re
just here in the living room but they actually look like furniture. I was starting to do arm
circles with high knees, but you know what? I’m actually gonna do arm
circles with side tappers because that high knee was just
about all I had in me today. How about you, my friends? I love a good high heart rate workout. I love the way I feel after I’ve pushed myself
the exact right amount. Today’s workout, not
too long, not too short, not too fast, not too slow,
not too hard, not too easy. This kind of Goldilocks is
exactly what we’re looking for for weight loss workouts. My friends, if you have
not already downloaded my 19-page information
resource about losing weight at or over 50 years of age, there is a link in the description for you to go grab that
and learn everything I know about losing weight at our age. It doesn’t have to be harder but it does have to be different. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers. Oh, give yourself a big hug! Such a good job! Pat yourself on the back. And then open up your
chest, open up your heart, and maybe, if this moderation
thing is new to you, open up your mind to trying something new, trying something different,
getting different results, better results, frankly, by
doing something different. My friends, what a
great job you did today. I’m feeling good and sweaty. (sighs) I’m ready to get on with it. How about you? Up here on top if you would
like a longer stretch. I always have a little bit
more cool down for you. I do try to keep these workouts efficient so that you can move on with your day but if you’d like a longer stretch, I have a link for you here on screen. On the other half of the screen, there’s gonna be the playlist that has all of these 31 workouts. Right now, there’s only nine of them but by the end of the month, you’ll have access to all of them so that you can repeat
them again and again as much as you’d like to. Down on the bottom of the
screen, there’s a letter P. That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for all of us. And thank you so much for
your support if you do. On the other side of the screen, that is a picture of me, but it’s actually the subscribe button. Make sure that you click that
and the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video. You guys, you did such a great job today. Thank you so much for working out with me. Make sure you subscribe,
and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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