Depth of Superficiality (LA/Fitness Industry is F*CKED)

Neon Demon is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive). The movie is David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive on steroids. Mulholland Drive also depicts Los Angeles, where underneath the facade of smiley faces and beautiful people and city landscape, there is something fucked up going on beneath. Likewise in the fitness industry, you can clearly sense the psychological imbalance, dissatisfaction, and the strangeness beneath the symmetrical and aesthetic muscles…

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  1. different world, you walk around like the guys at the expo back in the 80's you get your ass kicked let alone taking selfies of yourself in the men's lockeroom

  2. I just want to say that when you said the plane goes into you, the other day I thought about a truth to our universe, which is giving and taking. We take in every experience of life and through that, we create.

  3. In the video I think you say the physical world only exists in your mind. But the perception you create in your mind is actually physical because every tought is represented by microscopical physical movements and impulses inside your physical brain.

  4. I know people who are into meditation and a lot of times they become much more ego based and analyze ego more, to the point where it is counterproductive. once i quit worrying about limiting my ego, i think its been a much healthier mental state

  5. Your thoughts in this video explains perfectly why /fit/ and /fa/ hate each other with a passion, they're looking at a mirror of themselves, it's perpetuation of self-hate.

  6. I think Frank's videos are an attempt of a fitness version of Mulholland Drive. An actual whole movie would be nice.

  7. lol "who is this bro" does he even meditate. Yes, Ic the naive innocence all the time. I have the ability to always sit outside the YING YANG circle all the time…. but I still need to integrate it all on an energetic level to make it more concrete. BECOME A light BODY

  8. Every Single Time Frank. Every Time. Whenever u/i /the experience gets a realization, you post it like a few days later. Crazzzy. Hahaha. Love the vids man but this is unreal how in sync we must be with some sorta cosmic alignment.

  9. Hey frank. If you are interested in spirituality definitely check out naked reality's channel. He is an awesome teacher, and wants to interview you.

  10. What's your fucking point? You've come to this realization of nonduality years ago and many others have before you. Now what? More muscle and less mind. More muscle and less mind. Juggle ten paradoxes while drinking ayahuasca and claim life is a dream. So what?

  11. why i am i not suprised "X is, like, a simulation that, like simulates itself. like uh. a spiral" – Frank talking about fucking anything.

  12. Yeah bro, people are retarded, fake and try so hard to fit in nowadays. Just look at the comment section, mental midgets posting a bunch of irrelevant comments not even related to the video whatsoever.

  13. Someone reads a lot of Ken Wilbur ;). I think you would like Paul Chek. He is a perfect mix of the fitness industry and spirituality.

  14. Isn't it beneficial to alternate between these two states of being? Conscious living, and unconscious living. By living consciously you can accelerate the development of the mind. After some time, you can turn off being so self-aware and just live at a higher state than you were before that cycle. When you feel it's time to change/grow, you channel your focus again onto where you want to go. And repeat.

  15. this duality you speak of, how do you know if reality is actually the reality we percieve? if the mind and body are both generating constructions of a "reality" how can we ever be so sure that this reality is actually real? i don't understand…

  16. Great insight. I agree; anyone who explores something to the most extreme shouldn't automatically be considered bad. They're just pursuing some aspect of life to its fullest. Everyone has their own journey.

  17. Basically LA isn't LA anymore. It is simply 4th or 5th generation copy by copying other cities which copy it which copy other cities… the cycle goes on indefinitely making each city lose a little bit of it's "soul" or it's true essence, making it more and more superficial.

  18. Bro you need to find out your Human Design chart.. on a deeper tip you will benefit from it, of all people you would gather something from it.

  19. I keep thinking that frank's not that smart even though he's clearly spiritually competent, but every video he still says something that makes me go "whoa neat idea". If he isn't naturally smart, he's certainly unlocked more of his capacity than most.

  20. It's like the portions of perception they release, give people an impression and that impression is then taken and used to fill in the gaps in reality to further realize a complete image

  21. Stop with these useless, endless eufemisms and the rhetorical garbage Frank. Fitness is ONLY body, except the fact that working out makes you happy on so many levels.

  22. He's not "Fucked". He understands what is considered normal, he just chooses to go against the norm to see how people react. It's fascinating.

  23. Interesting perspective.

    About the zooming in on the details, as a form of depth rather than superficiality, I suppose that's true, but it seems like a microcosm of the macrocosm of the superficiality.

    Beyond that though you suggest that this depth allows some of these people to become really successful and tap into the minds of the average person. True, I cannot argue with that. I suppose then that if that is the person's goal, superficiality is the process, not the end goal.

  24. Some so called conscious people, I wonder if they're even conscious. I see the way some of them are living vs. someone who may not be spiritual but is happier and has a lifestyle I would rather live. What is it to be enlightened? I just want to be happy. If I have to live like a monk to reach heaven then I'll do it in my next life. In this life I want to lift, make love, travel, swim and dress fly. I'm also a Christian in life so hopefully Christ will forgive me for my sins and accept me into heaven.

  25. The whole bodybuilding expos and culture has become a shallow cringe fest. Literally everyone is the same trying to claw out some originality.

  26. in other words, the fit industry is filled with desperate people trying to become famous while mingling along the way doing cringy shit. then yup, u pretty much nailed it. the grand finale, it's sad. with the likes of jeff seid, conner murphy, brad doucheberry, and all the newcoming random dongs, it's now called the cringe industry.

  27. Wow as an Asian, I come from a very humble family and ego is something I always looked at as cocky or selfish which I still think it is, but after hearing you , it did make me realize how being too aware and conscious of it has made it difficult for me to deal with a lot of people . Yes , now I do believe that there should be a healthy amount and I also learned how to think through the perspective of the other person. Very interesting. Thank you for stirring my brain. Good stuff bro. I love it

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