DI Why? – Risner Fitness Center Yoga Class

(calming peaceful music) – My name is Kelly Campbell. I teach level 1, 2 yoga
at Risner Fitness Center. (calming peaceful music) Yoga is for everybody. All body types, all walks of life, are more than welcome to join in on yoga. (calming peaceful music) Holding space is the most important part so just coming to class and being present with the energy and the
other individuals around you is more than enough. (calming peaceful music) Yoga is different from stretching and other types of exercise because it is multi-faceted. So it has a component of breath work it has a component of mindfulness, in addition to the
physical issue of practice. (calming peaceful music) In today’s world Yoga has so
many health benefits to it. We live in such a fast paced world that we move from one thing to the next that yoga really ground an individual and helps you stay present
during such a busy life. (calming peaceful music) All you need to bring to yoga class is an open mind. And what to wear to yoga is comfortable clothes. So whatever that means to you. It’s not about a certain label of clothing or being fashionable when
you come in to class. Come in as you. So if that means sweat
pants and a t-shirt, that’s completely fine. Fortunately all of the gyms in the area provide mats at the desk, so if you don’t have a yoga mat they’ll give you one to use for class. (calming peaceful music) My style of yoga is power vinyasa. So we combine breath with movement to build heat within the body and reach a higher mental clarity. (calming peaceful music) (whoosh sounds)

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