Dialogue from the Heart Interview with Dr Kareem Ali – we will change the current medicine

Hello everyone Welcome fekrtany family I’m doctor Kareem Ali Nine Hundred thousand followers almost a million By the way, that’s a huge thing I’m preparing the “million” episode Before the episode After the episode Your life will change completely Your information will change You’ll officially gain a diploma As a doctor from fekrtany family Today, you’ll witness an interview With the Swiss Quality Company they tried to have a conversation with me more than once But I refused For some reasons But since we’re almost a million subscriber I accepted to have this conversation So you would know me better Away from medicine What’s on my mind Responding to all the questions people have in mind This is a good opportunity to develop the show Reaching the million is a good occasion To accept this interview I leave you today with this interview Wait for the “million” episode this Monday It’s Friday, Don’t forget to read Surat AL-Kahf Here’s the interview I’ll talk too much A new episode Let’s go Hello everyone A million One million followers And as they say in their home town “A stone in the eye for who doesn’t pray for the prophet peace be upon him” A journey of success An excellent journey From the greatest journeys In less than eight months From zero to one million followers With the marvellous Doctor Kareem Ali It’s a pleasure to introduce to you Doctor Kareem Ali in person Doctor Kareem Ali who doesn’t introduce himself But we introduce him So that people can recognize him And to be loved by one million followers Welcome Dr. Kareem Ali Thank you Now I can start by a thousand questions That’s too much I’m going to start by the simplest question Who is Kareem Ali? Kareem Ali I’m a doctor I was graduated from Al-Azhar I’m 43 years old Married And have a daughter Who’s ten years old Jessica I live in Romania I was born in Cairo I was graduated from Al-Azhar as a doctor I worked as a teaching assistant And also a teacher in the faculty of medicine at Al-Azhar When I took my PhD I left Egypt The world was so alive When I was 35 years old My mum told me: “Why are you so active like that” “Life isn’t so tough for you” “Gather yourself a bit” Acting was my hobby So I studied in an institution of acting There was Dr. Samia Mohcine She used to tell me: “You haven’t seen the other side of the world” “That’s why you don’t feel what others’ suffer” It was an obstacle for my acting I wasn’t completely a loser but I was a beginner And I took a role in a play In my first year Life wasn’t that hard for me If life doesn’t test you You won’t have experiences You won’t understand people You won’t be able to build yourself You won’t be valuable You will live and die like that I came into Europe Of course I became a doctor Hospitals in Europe were waiting for me I didn’t have an internationally recognized degree I couldn’t speak Romanian I didn’t know anyone back there I was in the bottom No money No degree And no one knows me I was without help Just me, my wife, and my daughter That’s the place where you start building Any role or legacy You start from the bottom That’s the main thing I remained without working as a doctor for two years I worked in a meat factory As a butcher for two days Slaughtering chicken I have slaughtered a lot of chickens to be honest I used to work two days per week At that time I used to go to the gym Doctor Birk’s channel caught my eye That man says the opposite of everything I’ve studied in college Is that guy a liar? Or all what they were teaching us in college for 13 to 20 years was wrong I had to make a research about this So I got confused Nutrition Supplements Minerals Vitamins Human nutrition How a human returns one hundred years earlier So all the diseases we have now would never exist “What did we have a hundred years ago?” “What did we have two hundred years ago?” Asking myself At that time, I start talking to people on Facebook I had hope, but I was still didn’t get results But I believed that there was hope Hope Motivation And if you fall get up again My videos were published three years ago God tests you There are some good days I used to say such things to people, supporting them Even though, I didn’t achieve anything yet But I believed in myself As I say to young people “You’re not a loser” “You’re successful, but you’re success time is not here yet” So I started making a lot of videos about motivation My dear mother used to tell me “Why aren’t you talking about medicine?” “What medicine!” I swear Also my wife “Stop talking about motivation” “It’s not your thing” “Stop confusing people” “Talk about medicine” And I replied: “I don’t want to” After I had reached this number of information about medicine I said to myself:”Let’s give it a try” “I’ll talk about medicine” “I have never given an advice about medicine” “I’m a doctor after all” I opened my channel The first video was also about motivation I insist in supporting people My wife told me “Speak about something you like as diet” I talked about diet And I got a booming My mum told me: “See! if you have just listened to me earlier” “You’re good in medicine” “Talk about something you’re good at” And that’s what happened The appearance of Kareem Ali With the science that I didn’t invent And I didn’t come up with I’m not sitting in a laboratory inventing things I copy the information Understand it and apply it Then transport it to people who don’t know it That’s my role I’m not a scientist I’m a doctor So I teach people about things that exist in health books I don’t invent I can’t say: “Let’s try” or “I can try” There is no such thing I’m a doctor I give people healthy information That are supposed to be studied at school That’s the conclusion If you don’t mind Let’s take a step back As you wish Starting from studying Why did you choose medicine? All my life I wanted to be a doctor All my life I wanted to be a neurosurgeon Since I was a kid “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A neurosurgeon” Why? When I was a kid I used to think That medicine college is the best college And the best thing in that college Is brain and nerves The best thing of being a doctor That was my thought as a child The best thing in medicine is brain and nerves Since I was a kid, I like to reach the highest position That’s it But when I entered the college of medicine I discovered that I’m not into surgery Brain and nerves And blood And stress And honestly, I don’t like stress But you may agree with me That looking forward And this attitude Of always chasing the best Are one of the reasons of your success My whole life I dreamed about a lot of things A lot of people want to be doctors Or inventors There is a very huge distance Between wishing and wanting that thing And achieving and holding into that thing Millions are being fooled by that So wishing is not enough In your opinion What’s the difference between wishing And achieving? Have a plan Create a list of your goals Follow it daily If you want it Get it If you have work and business And your wife is sick Or your son is sick Anything you can face I don’t wish that for kids And you’re starving Let’s say you haven’t eat for two days You won’t think about anything unless you stop your hunger Hunger is like this The hunger of success If you’re hungry for two days You won’t just sit and watch TV You won’t go to the gym You won’t have time to chat or do other things There is no such thing I’m hungry, and I’ll keep searching for food until I find it If there is no hunger You will get lost and you will fall and get up so many times and fail big time You will try ten times and it won’t work for you You’ll try another path and won’t work for you You will step forward and then return ten steps back This is how success happens If you don’t have this hunger You won’t reach your goals You won’t achieve anything Honestly, were you expecting this success? Not at all Look Honestly My whole life I had this feeling That I won’t live and die just like that No But I didn’t know what’s going to happen to me When I was a kid Not a kid When I finished college And joined the acting institution I said to myself: “I’m going to be a famous actor” “I’m going to move to Hollywood and win the Oscar” I’m like this I put something in my mind Think of the best thing And work on it This is me So I left acting and the institution I said to myself: “Now what? What am I good at? “What is my purpose in life?” I didn’t know But any job I get Or any place I’m in I look for the best thing and reach it This is ambition In anything Even a Taxi I’ll be the best taxi driver in town A neurosurgeon The best neurosurgeon in the world This is how it works This is me Thank you Okay Would you be honest with me? I love honesty I don’t care about anyone Some people try to reach fame perhaps Who are those people? Give me names please To be honest they are very arrogant That I don’t even know their names But unfortunately, some try to reach fame Using the rotten way By criticism I’m being honest to say If it was a scientific criticism Maybe I would’ve been the first who welcome them But it was an immoral criticism And I leave it here What is your impression? How do you reply to such criticism? People who criticize me for hidden reasons Or for scientific reasons? Because it has a big difference I say let them gain fame on us They want some views Some followers I won’t talk about them But people who criticize me Heart specialists Respectful doctors With a formal attitude of course “That’s not right, doctor” “Where did you find this information, doctor?” “Where is your research, doctor?” “It is not proved what you’re saying, doctor” I would answer for those, yes I’m a doctor I have a medical mentality Like it or not Too much studying And too much patients So it’s normal I entered college when I was 18 years old Now I’m 43 years old All my time was for medicine What I’m delivering And here comes the word “Fekrtany” I keep my mind working Let’s talk about hypertension for example If God gave me this disease Having a high blood pressure So it has been created Not by god, it’s not in our nature But by humans, made it to lower blood pressure I have to keep taking this medicine Or I’ll die So hypertension is a lack of medicaments of blood pressure In blood This is the definition of this disease I have diabetes Is it a lack of diabetes medications in blood? So if I take diabetes medication I’ll get better Any disease No I thought of it And it’s a no Our intelligent body that god created Gives us a signal That it is the reason why we get a high blood pressure Not on purpose But because of something blocking its job Delivering oxygen Delivering blood There is stress It needs more pressure For more oxygen And for more body’s alert So there is something comes before hypertension Let’s forget about the hypertension, this one is obvious And let’s seek deeper in the body This is my philosophy To all the diseases in the world Till cancer Cancer is a smart reaction from the body to poisons God created this system “Just some cells got developed and became cancer” “God made it that way” for example Or “It’s god creation” Or “it’s a mistake in a human body” No I don’t believe in this nonsense “Then how? It’s a disease”? It’s not a disease The disease, you either poisoned it Or took something from it The gas that keeps it running Like minerals Vitamins Healthy food Sleeping, and unhealthy food That wastes our entire life This is my school Doctors who don’t like my talking Thanks to god I reached a part of success The booming that happened to me It’s because I’m open-minded I accept what I’ve studied And I accept other sources I listen to others I listen, I’m a doctor A human doctor I have videos about cupping And putting honey inside your bellybutton I’m a doctor Not a herbalist With all my respect I don’t deal with herbs Not an agriculture’s doctor I’m a human doctor The picture of a human doctor in our mind college medications The prescription slip Syringe Antibiotics This is it So I opened my mind Maybe there are herbs that cure Maybe there is another attitude Maybe there are some people who are right My enemies Not my enemies But have a different point of you If doctors open their minds For other opinions There won’t be just Kareem Ali But millions of doctors who agree with him That’s all Between me and who disagrees with me If you disagree with me, let’s talk Open your mind for me I open my mind for you Because what you’re saying, I have already studied it I used to write it Any patient comes to the clinic Takes some medications I add antacid To protect the stomach It’s a routine When god created acidity It wasn’t an option It what digests protein It what absorbs minerals If vitamin B is spread without acidity Or iron without acidity Or the bacteria without the stomach acidity It will grow And will became a disease as it happens in our world There will be Aerobacter That invaded millions of people Why? Because there is no stomach acidity Anyone at any place in the world Take a look at your mother’s prescription slip Medications as for hypertension and diabetes You’ll find an acidity medication added with them “What is that doctor?” “That’s for protecting the stomach” This is what we have studied So open your mind Because we have studied a lot of false information That we need to change So doctor, if we ask you about the message Of changing and changing thoughts As I understood from you The role of a doctor is not healing the disease’s appearance Without healing the core of the disease This “another thought” From where does it begin and from where does it end? I begin with the people who are 17 years old My message is for them Start improving your food Start working out Start breathing well Start eating less sugar Start eating less flour Stay away from chemical products And my message continues till people Apply it as a routine For those who get my message You food is important Your sleep is important Not having stress is important The sun is important Your vitamins are important Your minerals are important These must be delivered for everybody in the world This is my message I’ll keep talking about this And the people who listen to me talk about it too Until everyone knows Don’t wait for diseases to get you By mistake Eating the wrong food The occupational medicine That I count on more than the normal medicine Any disease in the world Is either a poison Or a lack of some essential elements in your body Or more stress So if you focus on those three things I swear 80% to 90% of diseases in our world will disappear From 80% to 90% Without accidents and broken bones And those who were born with a weak heart as an example But diabetes will disappear completely There will be no diabetes If you prevent sugar in the world How would people have diabetes? If you stop stress Stress will always exist But if you knew how to deal with it From where would hypertension Diabetes And cholesterol come? If you stop eating unhealthy food So hypertension Diabetes Arteriosclerosis Asthma Allergy Autoimmune diseases And ageing Premature ageing From the sugar in your body And Alzheimer All this will disappear If you eat right starting from your childhood Do you know how much money was wasted on things like these? How much billions every year? For buying medications and consume them until you die Not to cure you Not to tell people to stop eating sugar To stop eating pizza To stop eating fried food No Do they tell people to eat and live healthy? No they don’t They make a commercial about stomach acidity “Take (the name of the medicine) and you’ll feel better” “Why don’t you tell them to stop eating that rubbish?” “No, I don’t want that, I want to sell my products” Cholesterol Why don’t you reduce fructose from your body? Work out Take a walk Eat natural food that helps you in reducing fat “No! Just take anti-fat” They take this side And we take the other side So we have to do something about that This is my message When people discover that 90% of the diseases in your life would be gone If you just take care of your body as God wants you to do Some people who are jealous Or some amateurs who try to ride this wave Accuse you that you may have benefits From some commercial companies What’s your response? In my first videos I said Of course any YouTuber would have this All the commercials And announcements And companies Look for me Look for people They want to reach people Anything in the world that helps them reaching people They pay for it Why do they pay I don’t know, maybe 30.000$ for a minute commercial on TV? Why? Because people watch TV They want to reach people So it’s a natural thing for a YouTuber to have such offer I gave a promise to my followers Since I had ten thousand followers I said: “If i had a million followers” You can find the video It was about sliming The last five minutes of that video I said: “I would never accept for my videos to be sponsored by some company” “Even if I had ten million followers” Some would say: “Every time you talk about some medications” “You say that we can find them on Amazon or iHerb” Yes When I try something and find it useful I tell people about it so they can buy it But when someone offers me money To make commercials No Even if it’s a billion pound I swear First of all, my salary is enough thanks to god I don’t need more And anyone in the world knows That doctors have a good salary in Europe Not like in Egypt Here in Europe, doctors get paid well I have my own business Writing books On eBay E-commerce When I had free time I learned about that And then I started giving people courses About how to earn money from internet So thanks to god, I don’t use YouTube for money So why? Why would I sell people just to get some money While I already have my own money Why would I trick a million followers Just for the benefits of one person No It’s not in our religion God won’t bless my daughter And all the good deeds that people wish for me Would disappear if I trick one of my followers God keep them away “Make commercials for this product” Or whatever I would talk about a product That people have no idea about Nor their friends And I discovered that it’s a good product So I show it to people And ask them to buy it Without taking a coin Because that was a useful thought So having commercial advantages from products Yes Those links below my videos Are from Amazon Amazon is worldwide It’s not a sin taking a link from Amazon It’s not a source And I didn’t steal it from anyone I choose the product And make sure it’s useful I make it short for people in order not to waste time On searching and testing ten to twenty products He buys the product with just a click I saved him time All my life I teach people on business The dirtiest thing they thought us when we were kids I win and others lose Why? There is something in the world called “Win-win” In the judgement day The one who did wrong to someone God says: “Do you see that palace?” “Yes I see it, it’s the prophet’s property” “No, it’s for who pays the price” “What’s the price?” “Forgiving your brother” So he holds the hand of the one who did him wrong Or the one who killed him And they both enter heaven Isn’t this “Win-win”? That’s what we do I win and you win I win And the people who are in their homes win But one wins And the other loses This is filthiness In my opinion So it’s not of my business And I would never sell people out just because of money Because people are more important And I don’t need money I won’t participate in a business Or mixing business with medicine That would bring me millions And people know that There is another point Since we’re talking about this For example, I tell people that Spirulina is useful I say: “Don’t you ever buy Spirulina, unless you buy it from that guy over there” “It’s 100% guaranteed” Buy Spirulina anywhere you like Buy Chlorella Omega 3 Did I ever say in a video “Buy that brand” “From that store in the first street” Buy from the place you want I talk about scientific names I’ve never mentioned a product name I always talk about the generic Or the origin Let’s say all the products on the links I post Can’t be delivered to Egypt Amazon don’t deliver to Egypt And most of my audience is from Egypt This means I’m hurting my home town If I tell my followers buy only from Amazon What about the Egyptians? So no Spirulina Just look for it Tell your uncle to send you some Or you can find it in some places in Egypt I mention names And people are free to search I never speak about brands And this is very obvious So doctor, some people wonder If what you say on “Fekrtany” is true Why don’t you make studies Specialities That prove the things you say Like Spirulina as an example Or Chlorella Talk about their benefits for example I’m not a scientist My role is not making researches My role as a doctor Is reading references And there is something secret In what I do Let’s say there are millions of videos and books about Spirulina I don’t read all of that at all What’s the point I have to use my brain as a doctor I look for the ingredients of the Spirulina It has iodine, vitamin K for example Other vitamins Antioxidant I know what these things do So I relate what I have with the result I give it to my patients And since it’s useful I tell people about it But being in a laboratory And making a research and seeing results It’s not my thing I’m not a scientist I’m a doctor So this would be much clearer to people So I take something And see what does it contain What are its ingredients This is my speciality Like poisons Medicine Nutrition So I understand Omega 3 that I have The type of the vitamin I have Is it active or not active? The magnesium in this food Is it glaserite or oxide or what? That’s what I know If we have this and this and this So it’s this and this and this Not because people say Spirulina is good But because I know what Spirulina contains Like any doctor I’m not an engineer talking about medicine This doesn’t need much researching If something no one used before And no one knows its ingredients I would never talk about Or even think about it Like MMS “Why don’t you talk about the Miracle Mineral Supplement, doctor?” “Why does Jim Humble change the world?” “Why does he cure everything?” I talked honestly In the depression video I said I don’t have experience Nor sick people And I know nothing about the MMS So what should I tell people? I don’t know If anyone knows Send me videos I’ll study them hard And then I’ll make an episode about it I’m like this I know the ingredients I see what’s happening Alright Something I don’t know Did I ever appeared in my channel Saying: “I know everything” “And I cure everything” As doctors say “The doctor that talk about everything” I don’t talk about everything This is natural medicine I don’t talk about planets and their movement I give something to people That make them feeling better No one says that I talk about universe That’s something scientific Second thing I don’t talk about something I don’t know Or without testing it Knowing that million of people are watching And they may use it That would be a disaster If I said something wrong Something poisoned for example To one million people God would punish me in the day of judgment So no This is sincerity What I give to people I already know what does it contain And I make sure it’s going to make a difference In a better way Or it won’t be “Another thought” But “A first thought” Doctor Kareem I’ll transport to you the pain of the people With honesty And without being kind You’re a doctor You have one million followers There are at least one million person Who respect you And respect your knowledge But to be honest There is a doctor that says something But sometimes we find other doctors Say the opposite thing To be honest A lot of people feel lost Sometimes they have doubts “Who’s right?” “A doctor who’s studied in college” “And has a degree and experience ” “Tell me what I should eat and what I shouldn’t” “What is my illness and how to cure it” “Or another doctor who says completely the opposite” How would people know who is right? How would they know who’s curing them? And who’s poisoning them? You’re right If I don’t have medical experience For example someone says: “Peanuts” “They are excellent and have protein” “And They’re cheap” And I say not to eat them at all Because they cause allergies They ruin your immune system And your guts It’s not for humans “Who am I going to listen to?” “There is a doctor who made a video about peanuts only” “And you say it’s not healthy, how? Look One of the things that I always say in Fekrtany Listen to your body There aren’t two that looks the same on earth Why? Because your response for what enters your body Depends on things How much stomach acidity you have? Do you chew your food correctly? Does your food have chemical products? Was it yesterday’s food? Did you boil your food? Do your digestive enzymes work properly? Do you have Bacteria and Candida or not? Do you have any allergies? Is your microbiome okay? Do you have something in your enzymes? Such as broad bean’s anaemia Doesn’t have enzymes, for legumes And so on Your conclusion from all of this Is your response for what enters your body Are there two people who look the same according to these stuff on earth? Even twins Don’t have the same microbiome This is the first thing That’s a huge thing That’s the first point Listen to your body Some people are vegetarians They say: “This is a good thing” And there are some who follow only carnivore diet They say: “I would never stop eating meat” They are both humans But they have a big difference First of all Listen to your body what it says Listen to your body Second thing A doctor who disagrees with another doctor This one is wrong or that one is right Make a difference between what’s wrong and right Or between what’s old and new? This is very important Maybe at the end of their research would say the opposite thing At that time we would have a tough problem But someone who was graduated 50 years ago And he keeps saying the same thing for 50 years And another doctor who was newly graduated But he says something new Maybe things have changed in our time Maybe diseases truly appeared And they discovered that it has to do with other diseases So I have to put this in mind New talk and new research Or people who studied medicine 90 years ago And still walking around with their medication bag That’s the first thing So you listen to your body There are no two people that look the same Second thing The difference between old and new The third thing The confidence source You can’t just listen to anyone Some people listen to you in order to sell you something Make doubts and test people If it worked, test them more Don’t you totally trust me or anyone else Don’t you totally trust anyone Never let anyone fills your ears with anything Not to Kareem Ali Not to Ali Kareem Or anyone else Don’t you ever do that I have a brain God gave me a brain And gave me a body A brain to think And a body to try what I can Using them will help you achieving your goals But those who sit in from of a TV Not even trying to reduce sugar from their food Saying : “This is wrong, your brain can’t work without sugar” “What are you talking about?!” It’s not my responsibility to teach you I deliver the information But learning Everyone is responsible for teaching himself or herself I give you information Your duty is to try and search Is there anything more important than health? More important than trying to search and to educate yourself? For me no And I pray for god to keep the only blessing Not the only blessing But the biggest That I ask god to keep it for so long Is health As long as you have health You can enjoy your money You can have a good time with your kids You can enjoy life Have the ability to pray for your god Have the ability to donate Have the ability to work If you fall, you get up If you don’t have health You won’t be able to do all what I’ve said What would you do? If you have a billion pound But you have a fourth stage cancer You would give all your money And ready to eat anything In order to be cured from cancer No one knows the importance of health Thank god We appreciate this blessing while we’re healthy Not until we get sick Know the importance of health now Health and health It’s not my responsibility to educate you I give you information Anything I say in my channel I open lot of topics People who say: “Doctor, you didn’t mention this and this” How can I say everything! What is your role then? It means I open a topic As saying: “There is something called lectins” “In the skin of a tomato and of a pepper” “And in nuts and legumes” Search about lectins If you for example test it It won’t harm you Your role is to make a research about it You will say” Do you believe this, doctor!” “I’ve discovered that legumes cause swelling” This way you have understood Continue this way, carefully “Doctor, my face is ageing faster” Sugar If you stop eating sugar “Yes! it was really because of sugar!” I try this I eat less fruit because it contains a lot of sugar I eat less honey Follow a diet and stop eating five kilos of fresh dates “It’s medical, God created sugar” That’s not real There are limits I start it and you finish it But if you’re thinking I’m going to say it from A to Z, you’re wrong I won’t leave my kids, my family, and my clinic To take the whole day talking to people I won’t be able to finish the topic I won’t And it’s not my job to talk from A to Z I open topics I say: ” Be careful, there is another thought (Fekrtany)” Who would think? Me or you? People All of them use their brains for their own benefits I won’t use my brain for your own benefits Kareem Ali the human Who gives advice to people What should they eat And what they shouldn’t eat Things that they need to stay away from The lifestyle that has changed And the time that has changed I wonder How does Kareem Ali live? You’re talking about food? What does he eat? What does he do? How does he live? This is one of the wrong questions A lot of people ask me the same thing “Give us your schedule” I have just said there are no two people look the same Or have the same style You’re not like me And you would never be like me Why? Because I adore experience I used to weigh 101 kilo You can find the pictures in three or four of my videos Where I talked about how I have lost 25 kilograms In a year I tried everything For example anyone who says a bad thing About ketogenic They send me “Hey doctor!” “They say it makes you sick and die” I was like the protector of the ketogenic diet Now I’m not following a ketogenic diet And this will surprise people “What! we’re following a ketogenic diet because of you!” “And you’re not a ketogenic any more” “You betrayed us!” No I tried the carnivore But my magnesium has been decreased And I don’t have any autoimmune diseases And I wasn’t into meat all the time I followed the ketogenic for a while Now I’m trying something new In order not to panic people This one doesn’t contain fruit Nor sugar Nor rice So people won’t say: “Eat like he does” No I’m trying something very strict People notice that I dropped some weight They even thought i was sick I’m trying something on myself And I’ll make an episode about it When it’s completed Even worked or not I’ll talk about the system I made And I’ll go back being a ketogenic My life is ketogenic But now it’s not Losing this weight it’s not because of the ketogenic Another thing I’ll talk about it When the experiment work Or even fail I wish not So don’t be like me You try what fits you Try your goal Try what you want Test your body What does your microbiome want? What diseases you have? Try For example I’m going to make a chicken breast today Are you going to copy me? I’ll eat only asparagus I will only drink water for two days My body doesn’t feel okay So I’ll drink water for the next 48 hours Nothing else Why would you copy me? Asking someone: “What do you eat? So I can eat the same thing” This means everything I talk about is for nothing If this attitude reached “Fekrtany” Copying people Who’s around to Kareem Ali? Who’s close to Kareem Ali? Your wife? Your daughter? Your parents? At what level they are influenced by “Fekrtany” If I lie, I will go to hell The grass is greener on the other side Maybe my mother a little whereas the others I can’t control everyone My wife, of course we fight the whole day And I’m weak in front of my daughter You can’t forbid kids from eating sugar, chocolate, and sweets They will die! But once a weak Sometimes broccoli and sometimes cornflakes So when the child grows up he will understand And he will eat properly Once I came home I found a bottle of oil Vegetable oil In my house I was going to call the cops “What is this!” “Vegetable oil, in my house!” “What is this!” “Kareem, when Jessica’s friends come home” “They don’t eat anything but French fries” “Why would I make French fries?” “I brought it because of them” “Your daughter doesn’t eat it” I poured it in the toilets It’s a poison Whoever comes into my house Must respect the owners Not feeling hungry, so you eat French fries “What French fries?” “roast it in the oven” I won’t tell my wife “Don’t eat French fries” “Because it contain high carbohydrates” She would throw the table on me “We’re not sick” “Why do you want to make us sick” When I tell my father “Stop eating bread” He replies: “It’s been 70 years I eat bread and broad beans” “Before sleeping” “You want me to stop eating bread” “And eat bananas and nuts” “Not going to happen” So I can’t convince him to stop consuming bread My mother listens to me thanks to god She stopped taking Antidiabetic medicine She believes me She’s the one who’s the most influenced Not like the rest God heals everyone But I don’t wish them to need me someday I don’t wish that That’s all How does doctor Kareem Ali feel When he sees the expansion of diseases Around him? Even to those who are close to him Knowing that these diseases are maybe Caused because of our lifestyle Or our habits of eating Or the habit of getting used to the poisoned things around us This is my daily motivation Of why I make two to three videos weekly Why I consist keep doing this Why I get criticized People watching me for the first time Saying I’m uneducated And some doctors say that I’m a fraud What made me bear all this? Because there are some people that need me The amount of the people who have diabetes Cancer Hypertension Arteriosclerosis We can save these people The sadness inside me for these people Is one of the most motivation Why I work day and night To send my message This is my biggest motivation Seeing people getting sick To be honest doctor Your father is not exceptional Your father is like a lot of people The one who says “We’ve been living like this our whole life” And they don’t look for a replacement When you say “Don’t eat poisoned food” for example “Fried potatoes in oil are a poison” Most people Perhaps they don’t know the alternative One of my messages in this show Is giving alternatives I made an episode about alternatives An episode about vitamins I didn’t say don’t eat lectins I said boiled them first I didn’t say don’t eat fruit Unless you have diabetes Or obesity Or a problem in the liver Eat fruit twice a week Don’t drink milk Unless it’s camel milk Or buffalo milk Or goat milk Or sheep milk People stick in one type of milk You have a million type God gave us a lot of options But we got used to cow milk “How would I change that?” We got used to eat sweet food Like basbousa (high sugar dessert) Kenafeh (high sugar desert) In front of TV “So what’s the alternative? ” People who say it’s sugar That’s a poison What’s the alternative to cow milk There are replacements “What about Egyptian bread, doctor?” Would I say almonds bread Or coconuts bread “No doctor, we want something from our country” “Not almonds bread” There is no alternative We got used to it The living or the economic standards block a lot of people If you don’t have a replacement Decrease it Decrease the unhealthy food you’re eating Okay don’t get rid of bread But don’t eat two loaves of bread per day Half a loaf is enough If you can’t totally get rid of something Don’t take too much of it Leave a half Or a quarter Until you find a cheap solution And other replacements Believe me Everything in our world God made a safe alternative to it But we have to look for it and learn So this thinking Until now a lot of people know it from YouTube Is it possible In the near future Would people be able to see you Hear you Face to face? I said before People comment in my channel My duty now For next time Is going to people Of course preparing conferences In five, six, seven countries I need preparation I need time I have a clinic I don’t have a free time YouTube in my life Is the fifth of my life There is family And work And business And I have a clinic And patients And studies To make time for a tour That’s very important It’s on my list Next year maybe I’ll make a schedule That’s important But also you have to excuse me I don’t have a lot of free time for YouTube If I had time I would do my YouTube videos I would make conferences I would travel from here to there The fifth of my life I give it to YouTube It’s a sure thing for the next time There will be travelling And conferences Meeting face to face I’ll talk to people And sit with them It will be like the meeting I had in Paris It was so passionate So beautiful So warm We took a lot of benefits from each other I felt that getting close to people Is a blessing from god I’ll repeat it once and twice and three times But I just need to organize my time Nothing more Where can people see you? Other than Paris? The Arab world of course Saudi Egypt Algeria Tunisia Morocco Iraq After it becomes safer, I hope so I’ll contact someone over there Look for a peaceful state Lebanon It’s on my list of course All these countries Kuwait Jordan I have to visit Jordan The people there are very respectful I have a lot of friends there And I lot of my followers are from Jordan I’ve lived in Jordan for about six to seven years When I was a kid So I’m connected to it Emotionally What about Kuwait? Kuwait also, but it’s too hot there I’ll visit you in winter Bahrain? I don’t have an audience there But with time, there will be an audience When I visit Saudi and Kuwait And Bahrain Qatar They’re next to each other Alright doctor A question that might be annoying I apologize about it in advance Be comfortable in asking To be honest, it’s a question that some ask On behalf of them I’ll ask it to doctor Kareem Ali Some may complain About consultations price That can be overrated Is it a business or a medical question? It’s totally different I don’t do business When it comes to people’s health First thing The consultation price Is expensive for whom? You will say for example Most people from Egypt Iraq The poor countries Okay but I live in Europe When I pay for gas When I pay my electricity bill I don’t pay by the Egyptian pound I pay by Euro For example one litre of gas that we fill in a car Costs one Euro and six cents 1.6€ It means in my country One litre costs 35 pounds One litre of gas costs 35 pounds Does it make sense paying my consultations By The Egyptian pound For example 500 pounds Maybe it’s fine in Egypt But I live in Europe I can’t help myself That’s the price here That’s something That I have to say Second thing If the price is very low I can’t work that way How much patients would I have? A thousand each day? That’s tricking Unfortunately, we’re not a team A team in the website, yes Also in YouTube But in medicine I don’t have an assistant I see the case And study it And there is another thing I don’t sit at the clinic Waiting for a patient to come Just to write the prescription slip And give it to him In our country doctors take 3000 pounds I don’t know what’s the equivalent to that It’s too much 3000 pounds for writing a prescription slip He gives it to you And he leaves I know nutrition I know the history of all diseases And I know how did they start For example Call my patient and talk to him for about an hour Or for about 30 to 45 minutes An international call Or not an international call Something like WhatsApp And see him through the app Thyroid Ovaries Gallbladder The digestion And the microbiome I’m like this People who trust me I’ll say something later more important than this So this takes time And I take time to study the condition Ask for its analyses Write nutrition report Immunity Digestion And the cure of the disease It means four doctors in one So the value And that’s what I teach people in business Money will chase you When? Not when you trick people And cheat them When you give a value When you make people happy “I thank him” “He explained to me my disease” “He made me know my body” “He explained to me nutrition” “And gave me natural medications” “That I won’t take them my whole life” Doesn’t this doctor deserve money More than anyone? That’s a thing The second thing I don’t explain what you have from one side I explain your disease from all sides I make for you a schedule for three months After three months You will know your body And you will be able to make your own schedule Your nutrition Knowing your flaws And your supplements So I give this service With a value I give this service With all the information I have In all the fields that have to do With this patient So I can be useful for him So don’t come and tell me “No, Visa is expensive” These prices in Europe are normal Even if it’s a little bit high I’ll give you all what I have This is medicine Let’s talk in business “Don’t tell me you don’t like money” “Or you don’t need money” No To reach to these information I have studied for years Dozen of years actually Not three or four years It means I was graduated 25 years ago Another two years and I’ll turn 45 years old Maybe 20 or 30 years of researching When you talk to someone for a half hour He gives you a 30 years experience And you tell me it’s a lot of money I don’t think it’s too much To be honest This is my opinion And there are a lot of things This is my living by the way My living For example If you’re teaching business “Can you teach us for free this time, doctor?” It’s okay It’s a side way Not the main thing I bring money to my family From medicine I don’t understand why Asking money for my service is something wrong Some people say “You disappointed me, knowing you’re getting paid for consultations” Excuse me? You want me to work for free? On YouTube yes It’s for the world The people To be useful for people Good prayers And blessing And so on But sitting with me, just the two of us And explaining your case to you only And giving you the cure of your disease How do you want this for free? If you wanted biscuits from the supermarket You’ll pay for it You’ll pay a dollar Or a quarter of a dollar Biscuits And I’m talking to you about health Telling me why do I get paid for consultations Win-win You win and I win That’s my living God gave it to me And I won’t give it up It’s my right So doctor Kareem After one million followers How does he differ Before the million follower Even if I have ten millions Or one hundred million followers As long as there is a human On earth Let’s not say on earth In our lovely Arab world As long as there is someone That finds my information useful I’m the same me The same message People who say fame And arrogance There is no such thing I’m just me I go to my normal clinic And talk to normal people There is no arrogance or anything But I don’t reply to a lot of people Because of time People who say Fame and arrogance changed me No I had 5000 followers I used to reply on their questions one by one Who comment on my videos Now I have a million One million subscribers But the statistics of the channel 40% of the subscribers The double of them aren’t subscribes They just watch the videos Or they don’t have a YouTube account So I can’t answer two million people My message to people The same old one I won’t move into TV As I promised people before This one is so common Unless I’m the producer I told people before If I produce my show with my own money I’ll rent one hour So I can be comfortable saying what want Ads won’t control me at some point I won’t be a sponsor And the director becomes the director of the channel I don’t want to say that I hate this But I rather dying everyday Than working for someone I’m like this This advice I give it to the youth Don’t work for people Stop building other’s dreams Go and build your dream Having 100 pounds And not working for anyone Is better than having 10.000 pounds And if he got mad at you “God I hope he won’t fire me” “How would I live?” I don’t like having a boss If there is a bigger step I have to be my own boss But till now I’m comfortable with YouTube Accomplishing what I want And I’m reaching people in a good way I’m very comfortable So there are no changes at this moment At least until I reach five or ten millions How do you see your future? Darkness I see trouble People will fight me And hate me I really don’t know Look I set a goal But I don’t know the path That’s what all people should do If I want to visit a city Life will take you left and right In fact, no one in the world made a plan To reach a particular goal after few years And followed he’s plan That’s not possible Problems will chase you You’ll fall and get up again Your path won’t work for you Things you have to do show up Before following your path So I don’t know my path For example travelling from Munich into Berlin I can’t straightly see Berlin No I see the hundred meters in front of me Then the next one hundred meters So my goal now is reaching The biggest possible number of followers And changing the thoughts Of people as much as possible And be able to reach Teaching what I say in schools For kids That’s the purpose How to reach it? I work every day On myself I study every day Whenever I see people, I talk to them I have my YouTube channel And I’m trying I don’t know how to reach this goal But this is my goal To deliver all what I have To all people Everywhere To everyone God will show us the way Doctor Kareem Ali Thank you You’re welcome It’s been a pleasure The pleasure is mine You made me happy by this interview And so the audience Thank you You’re welcome Peace

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