Diet VS Exercise

You recommend both diet and exercise in your program….. What is relative importance or relative role of both to deliver weight loss to people? Both are important at their individual places. Diet as well as exercise. They work in tandem. If we focus only on diet and do not exercise or only exercise and overlook diet. There is no relevance or no benefit. Both should be taken care of at the same time. Secondly if you talk about relevance diet plays a much higher role than exercise. That means if you are exercising but at the same time you are consuming high calorie food sugary foods… so according to me this exercise will not benefit you. It is very important to exercise and eat healthy nutritious food that would benefit you in a much better way. There are lots and lots of researches that indicate that healthy diet plays a much higher role in weight loss 80-95% of what your body is because of diet. and remaining is exercise So eat a healthy diet and do physical activity whichever you prefer. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling…. do it with healthy diet…. Don’t forget healthy diet

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