He As welcomed the guardians Tuesday night for his fifth game of the 2023 MLB season, even though hardly anyone in Oakland was watching. RingCentral Coliseum drew surprisingly low attendance for the A’s game against Cleveland, with a record 3,407 fans “packing” the stadium.

According JJ Cooper of Baseball America, attendance in Oakland was lower than for 11 of the 13 Triple-A games that took place on the same night. Of those 11, four drew more than double the audience present than the A’s.

For reference, the Oakland Coliseum has a capacity of 56,782, by athlete, making it the largest stadium in the MLB. The 3,407 fans in attendance on Tuesday represented just 6% of the stadium’s maximum capacity.

after sitting down 26,000 fans for their season opener against the Angels, attendance levels dropped sharply for their ensuing series against the Guardians.

This isn’t exactly a new trend in Oakland. Last season, the team set a new 40-year low when just 2,488 fans turned up for a game in May. That was about a month into the season. Now, in 2023, they are posting similarly low numbers in the first week of the campaign.

The A’s are set to begin a seven-game road trip on Friday, after which they will return to Oakland on Friday, April 14, for a weekend series with the Mets.

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