Dji Osmo Plus (+) Goes To La Fitness – We Give It A Real World Workout

what is going on youtubers Gabe with review dork and today well, what the hell am I wearing well wearing a chest shoulder mount accessory for my new DJI Osmo plus now there are a lot of reviews out there tons of unboxings for this thing cinematographers just showing off the capabilities of this thing and it’s an absolute must have in your arsenal if you are a cinematographer a wedding photographer videographer that kind of thing it’s an absolute must but I’m neither of those things even though I’m learning to love videography and everything that comes with it I do have the DJI Mavic Pro so this completes my arsenal and speaking of the DJI mavic pro if you haven’t seen that unboxing I’ll leave a link in the description above more importantly what this is is a stabilized gimbal basically what they did was take the head off of like a DJI inspire put a stick under it and Frankensteined it to a handheld gimbal stabilizer in 4k which is absolutely awesome now my real life application today is actually going to the gym that’s why I have my beats headset on I plan to get in the zone have this thing record my workout this essentially helps me in that the camera is going to do what it does stay strapped to my chest think of it sort of kind of like an action cam but with stabilisers right unlike the GoPro this will give you stable footing and I’ll showcase all of that when I get to the gym right now just going to get my happy ass over there so I can bring it up and put it down I’ve in the sky gazing far into the night I’ll reach my hand a little flash what is no you weirdo I dont know if guys can see that there or see the screen that actually going to control this gimbal and what it looks at simply by touching the screen Oh nice eyes in the sky gate in far into the night I reach my hand to the fire but it’s no you if you can’t stop it from shining through at the last if you believe is true what’ll I do every you you this Oh oh that’s pretty much it guys again a now I’m not going to go too much into the specs with this thing acute forte it shoots ok HD issues 1080 the image quality is pretty amazing and you can predict around excuse me you can play around with the settings I show our picture that type of thing you can definitely really dive into the saying and really make it to what you wanted to be so if you like this video make sure you like share subscribe this escape with for your dork I’m audi good

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