Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Hey, everyone today’s workout is only 13 minutes and it’s gonna work your whole body. You can do this workout every day if you’re looking for a quick and effective routine, Or you can do this as part of my free two weeks shredding program, which you can find over here. Now this program is all free. So don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on the notifications. And if you want to join in on this challenge, don’t forget to leave a comment with your progress or use my hashtag on Instagram or even create a YouTube video like these girls so that we can be there for one another and let’s get started. All right, we have three sets with seven exercises each, five to ten seconds rest and 15 seconds rest in between sets. Let’s kick things off with Crossbody Mountain Climbers. Bring your knee as close to the opposite elbow as possible and keep your core engaged. To keep your core engaged remember to breathe, glutes engage and make sure your core is tight. We’ve got a quick five seconds break and then we’ve got Burpees next. You can do regular burpees or add a push up if you want to. Make sure you do it safe(ly) and not on a slippery mat. So for low impact just take it nice and slow We’ll have a 10 seconds break and next is High Knees make sure your core is engaged and bring your knees up to your hips level do it fast and controlled and remember to breathe. For low impact just bring your knees up without the jump Next we have In-And-Out Squats. Squat down low while engaging your glutes and core and jump back in and repeat Make sure your glutes engage and your back is neutral. For low-impact, you can do the squats without the jump. All right we have Push-Up with Mountain Climber next. Start with the push-up and do two rounds of mountain climbers and repeat. if you can’t do a push-up you can go for just mountain climbers or just knee push-ups. Whichever that you like better Skater Jump is next. It is a really great exercise to keep your heart rate up. Make sure you take a big jump, but be safe guys that’s really important. For low impact, you can do it without the jump The last exercise for set one is Spider-Man plank, this is a great exercise to work the abs, so keep going guys you can do this And that’s the end of set one. We’ve got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and We’re gonna kick off the second set with Corkscrew Start by bringing one leg across and touch your shin or you knee with your opposite hand Start slow if you are new to this because it could be quite tricky at first, but it’ll get easier after the first round For low impact just bring the knee across in a high plank position Next we have Plank Jacks. This is super great for your core Make sure your butt is not poking up or dropping down and for low impact you can do it without the jump Next we have Reverse Lunge to work those legs. Make sure you engage your core and your front knee does not pass your front toes And next we’re gonna bring it up a notch with Jumping Lunges. Make sure you land softly and be safe, don’t injure your ankles So if you can’t do the jump just keep going with forward or reverse lunge Up-and-Down Plank is next. This is another really great exercise for the upper body. And for the abs Keep going guys. We are almost done with set two. Next, we’ve Triceps Toe Touch. Touch your toe with your opposite hand make sure you keep your core tight as well The last exercise for the second set is Burpees keep going guys we’re almost there And that’s the end of the second set We’ve got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and we’ll kick off the final set With some Planks with Bunny Hops jump both feet to the left and then to the right This is getting more difficult now, but you can do it and for low impact just bring one leg to one side at a time Now we have Jumping Jacks do it fast and controlled and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump Next we have the Lateral Lunge followed by Curtsy Lunge. Sit your hips back as you do the lateral lunge, then bring your legs behind you and do a curtsy lunge This is a really great exercise for your inner and outer thighs Let’s do the same on the other side, let’s do this. We’re almost there Next we have Heisman This is kind of like a high knee with a lateral jump so jump to the left then bring your opposite knee up Then repeat on the other side. For low-impact, you can take a step to the left or the right instead We have Bicycle Crunch next to work those abs bring on the in touching the opposite elbow and squeeze your abs Make sure you remember to breathe and we’re almost done with the exercise guys. Just one more left to go And the final exercise is High Knee. Go all out for the last exercise You can do this and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump That’s the workout guys I hope you have enjoyed it Feel free to do this workout every morning or whenever it suits Don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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  1. Enjoy the new program! As always, full schedule can be found at:
    It includes 5 days extra so you can start TODAY, as the 2 weeks schedule starts from Monday (12/08).

    Working on other programs so stay tuned!

  2. Measurements:
    -Arms: 11 inches
    -Waist: 28 inches
    -Hips: 37 inches
    -Thighs: 21 inches
    I also weigh 10 stone 3 lbs.

    ✅Day 1: 13 min HIIT was super intense, usually I choose to do the low impact versions but I did the normal versions of everything (except up and down plank) I also took a 1 min break after each set.
    Abs in 2 weeks was super tough 😅 sometimes I could only do 20 secs of an exercise and I had to do up and down plank on my knees, but I finished it! 💪

    ✅Day 2: I struggled with the 13 min HIIT today, had to do mostly low impact versions since I did it in the morning before eating- no energy.
    Abs in 2 weeks was definitely harder- struggle without taking at least a 5 second break.

    ✅Day 3: I had breakfast first so I had more energy today- 13 min HIIT still a struggle, completed all the exercises except up and down plank/bunny hops.
    Really struggle with abs in 2 weeks 🥺 had to skip quite a few exercises or take breaks.
    Lower body workout wasn't too difficult, made me the most sweaty but I actually managed to follow the entire workout without stopping.

  3. Unless I passed out or puke I will keep on going…
    Started her 2 weeks program..
    My goal is to reach at least 42 to 43KG according to my BMI…

    D-1 55.2KG Done!
    D-2 55KG Done!
    D-3 54.8KG Done!
    D-4 54.6KG Done!
    D-5 54.2KG Done!

  4. Imma try this before school starts, yesterday i found out that my school starts in 2 weeks n I thought that it starts in a month. REALLY NEEDED THIS THANK YOU 🙏🏻 😘

  5. today i did this and alexis rens ab workout, i died and couldnt do the entire ab workout, school is coming up please keep me motivated

  6. I started yesterday (i will update you every day)
    Day 1 : it looks so easy but its not im dying
    Day 2 : not getting better but im fighting
    Day 3 : i ate realy bad today and started late but I'm not going to give up 😞 i have difficulties to do burpees and push ups i have to wake up sooner and work on my eating habits but it is really hard
    PS: i don't know when I will be able to see changes cause I have nothing to weight myself

  7. 17 yr old girl,trying this for a month paired with a 7 minute ab workout 😬 1st day measurements of stomach (because thats all i care about tbh lol) 31 and 33 inches. Will update briefly.
    1st day: okay i did this with like 4 other workout videos so proper updates from day 2.
    2nd day: okay i did the ab workout first and now this and my whole body is sweating but i love the exercises in this workout thats only why im doing it😂. I dont find it that hard tbh but you get sweaty and exhausted reallly fast…
    But it still feels good 😋 i cant do pushups though. Like at all i feel like im breaking or the jumping lunges so I've replaced that with leg raises.
    Will try to do it again tomorrow and update

    5th day: oh my god im finding this so hard to do today. 5 minutes havent even completed and im so sweatt and my breathing is so irregular. Didnt do much yesterday because I had serious cramps and felt weird doing exercise so i just did some sit ups and crunches. But today I'm back and its going not to bad actually. I'm also going to update every day from today instead of just twice a week. I still can't do pushups.

    Also ik you should engage your core at all times whilst working out but im finding it difficult to engage my core and do exercises like mountain climbers at the same time

  8. How can a person could look that much pretty finishing her workout 😭 i‘m always look like a dead corpse when doing your workout

  9. so i have a dance performance in 2 weeks and i want to be a little more fit so, wish me luck.
    day 1: since i run every day it wasn't that hard to complete the workout, i hope this works!
    day 2: i didn't run today cuz i went to dance classes. uff i think i can do this

  10. I only did 1.5 time of this whole workout. Others were able to do 3 times this whole workout but i got left out cuz' I could't keep it up. It was difficult trying to do it all 3 times and my stomach churns, it's hard to catch my breath. any tips on what I should do to improve myself?

  11. hey guys i am gonna be doing this workout and i will be updating yall
    day1* it actually wasnt hard i did all of the sets but i took longer rest time . hope i can survive tomorrow lmao
    day2* i wasnt motivated but i still did it phew
    day3* it was easy
    am gonna stop updating since no one is interested but i will still be working out everyday
    day4* i am gonna be updating cause i am doing this for me. it got easier now i am doing burpees without breaks

  12. *me lying on my couch
    Ad: STOP! DO NOT EXERCISE! The vast magority believes…………
    Me: Mmmmm….is it trying to tell me something?

  13. Im glad some of these that involve making some sort of floor noises have alternatives for less impact because i live in the second floor and the first floor can hear everything

  14. I've just did it for 4min nd I'm done looking at this girl body made me workout more nd I'm down to set 2..I guess i couldn't do it today..maybe I'll start doing the complete workout frm tmrw..itz always a gud start to start frm tmrw..isnt it?😅

  15. Thank you soo much chloe …… i went from 55 kg to 47 kg when i started following your exercises and did some walking and ate regular healthy food ……i am sooo happy thnks once again 😁😁😁😁☺☺

  16. anybody wanting to do this together? comment your instagram if you’re interested ! let’s keep each other motivated, fighting !

  17. I'm here not for exercise but for her becuz she is so pretty,beautiful,her body is so beautiful too and her accent is so sexy🥰😍 lol.🤣😂☺️

  18. i decided to start this since i only have 1 week left of holiday before i go back to school and i really need to workout.
    so i’ll keep you guys updated.

    day 1: i literally only have one word to describe myself right now. *DEAD*. It looked way easier then actually doing
    it but i stayed motivated knowing that i’d feel better after 2 weeks.

    day 2: I found the workouts less tiring and some of them became easier to do. Also i’m trying to eat healthier but didn’t eat healthy today because i went out with my friends and ate more than expected, however i learnt that in the end i’m doing this to help myself and restraining myself from eating that is better than a long time of regret.

    day 3: i had a headache so i wasn’t motivated for the workout but did it and i’m glad i did.

    day 4: I found the workout now easier to do.

  19. so basically i did her 2 weeks shred challenge for 5 days and i gave up.. BUT yk what i will start again! gonna update u after 2 weeks

  20. oof, this is really tiring! I started this challenge today after i dropped the hourglass program 😂😂 there was only a week left tho, so it's okay lol

  21. Here is my daily log:

    DAY 1:
    I stopped a lot but i managed to complete all the workouts. I used to be all into sports but stopped for a while and lost all my stamina. I'm going to repeat both the workouts again tomorrow and then move on to the next.

  22. Just finished my Day 1..its Exhausting but i finished it ..!! Plus I cudn't do the part having lunges …so i incorporated jumping jacks for those parts .
    I am currently at 68 kg..need to touch 58 goal hoping to lose 2-3 kgs in this 2 weeks challenge…Fingers crossed..:)
    Will post daily updates..:)…Keep working out girls..You are worth it :*

    Day 2: Body is still adapting…But I finished the workout…along with 100 jumping jacks and 100 mountain climbers.
    Pump it !!!

  23. So I have discovered Chloe a few months ago, but was never able to stick with a program because I would give up easily. School starts in 2 weeks so it is the best opportunity to stick up with this 2 weeks program.

    I will upload at the end of every week.

    Today was my first day, since I haven't worked out in a long time it was very hard to do it but somehow I managed to finish it.
    Here are my measurements:
    – around 63-65 kg (around 139 – 144 lbs)
    – 82 cm around my waist line ( around 33 inches)
    My height is 155 cm (around 5'1'' feet) and I am 18 years old, so hopefully this will turn out well.

    I will also try to eat healthier and to do intermittent fasting, working out in the morning while in fasting.

    I don't usually post my progress when i try something but maybe this will motivate me to finish it. This was all for today, see you guys in a week ^.^

  24. I'm going to start this workout today 26.08.2019. Atm I'm 64.3kg – 142lbs and 1.75m – 5'9" (I guess?). See ya next week with the update. Stay healthy! ^•^

  25. I'm trying to lose weight in the next two weeks, I'll try to update every second day

    Day1: I couldn't finish the workout without a break because my mom got home ._. And unfortunately I ate ice cream today so I have to try my best the next day

  26. I don't Care what people say about the music you use but I loveee IT!!!
    That intro though 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Sending you a virtual HUG <3

  27. I'm gonna try the 2 weeks shred challenge! Wish me luck guys, I'll keep you uptaded.
    Day 1: it was hard, not gonna lie. The problem is that my arms are too weak so it's not easy to the the planks, however! It's important to stay motivated 🙂
    Day 2: It's was easier!! The workouts really leave sweating haha.
    Day 3: Did it!! Not giving up guys 😁

  28. Hey Chloe. When I log this exersice into lifesum what would you clasify it as? This is day one of this program Thankyou. I have just finished lean thigh challenge I lost 6.8kg and total of 47cm .so thankyou #chloeting.

  29. Thanks for sharing the new program. Could you pls also share the warm ups or cardios you do to bring up the heart rate? xxx

  30. 잘 보고 있어요 쾌활하고 행복한 모습들도요ᆢ힘든운동도 따라할려고 노력중입니다ᆢㅎㅎ

  31. For the two weeks shred challenge:
    Began with 67.5kg
    Day 1: It was so hard im dead 😭 I even did the optional workout.
    Day 2: It was definitely less hard than the first day but still hard enough to kill me.
    Day 3: Very hard but I feel like its a bit less hard than yesterday, still hard and I have aches.
    Day 4: Dead. I have a sinus infection but I workout anyway it felt like hell with my aches but yeah i did it and tomorrow is my rest day so im good!
    Day 5: Rest day.
    Day 6: Omg i am so sad 🙁 i dont see any changes in my belly, and I eat healthy 🙁 I really hope this will change the second week cuz im kinda discouraged when I read in the comments or when i watch videos about chloe ting's workouts that the first week ppl do already see the results but I will finish this challenge.
    I also decided to do an emi wong ab workout and it was pretty easy and a week ago it was so hard, same for chloe ting's workouts so it proves that I am stronger now.
    Day 7: it was okay, still tiring but I definitely feel more strong
    Also I cant weight myself cuz im traveling :/
    Day 8: Wow i finally got aches in my abs 😂 this week I literally had aches EVERYWHERE besides my abs, even in my butt wth 😂 so yeah im so happy
    I also did an emi wong ab workout + stretching.
    Day 9: REST DAY YAYYY.
    Day 10: soooo it was tiring af but yeah did it
    I also put on a corset
    Anyways my weight is 67.3
    Im kinda proud.
    Day 11: I have no energy i am dying without even doing anything I dont know what happened lol, the workout was kinda hard.
    Day 12: had no energy but did it.
    Day 13: did it but definitely have no energy I dont know whats wrong
    I eat so good, so many proteins and healthy food so idk, I think ill take a break tomorrow even if its supposed to be my last day cuz my body is clearly telling me "NO dont workout" lol. I also tried to put a bit of cider vinegar in my water. And always wait at least 30 min to eat, after drinking water and 30min to drink after eating I never do this at the same time anymore.
    Day 14: finally did it and I have more energy than yesterday I'll weight myself tomorrow
    Day 15: just did an emi wong bed workout im happy cuz i did this whole challenge and even if my belly didnt really change I feel stronger and more healthy so thank you Chloe and I'll keep workout and being healthy 🙇🏻‍♀️
    So I ate this morning an apple, didnt eat lunch and didnt drink much water now its 2:40pm
    My weight is 67.7
    I gained 0.2g🤔
    Kinda disappointed ngl I dont know what I did wrong but its ok I guess ill just keep eating healthy and workout and I'll see results with time.

  32. i need some motivation guys i almost threw up cause this is to hard for me but i really want to feel great again like to give me some motivation pleeaaasse

  33. Hey guys,
    So I'm gonna do chloe shred challenge and gonna update you every day.
    So I'm 164cm and 53kg. School starts in 2 weeks and I want to get in shape and maybe lose some fat that I got during the holidays where I eat so much good food 🤤
    I'm a vegetarian, but I do not diet, I'll eat chocolate and all that stuff.
    I'll keep you updated 🥰
    Day 1: It was hard 😂 // 164cm, 53 kg
    Day 2: It felt so easy today,I did this one and the one for the abs 🥰 I also biked to my horse 5.6 km -> 20/25 minutes // 164cm 51,5kg (well I weight myself in the morning before I've ate something and yesterday it was in the evening after eating a lot)
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  34. I'm watching this at night because i want to know how it goes, It's pretty great. I'm starting this tommorow (28/8)! Wish me luck.. I never exercise hehe

  35. So guys I am starting this workout from today …
    Lower waist : 29.9
    Upper waist : 27.2
    Day 1: as I have school,i do one workout in morning and one at eve.. So I literally felt like burning.. I m going to continue this workout.. Please motivate… ❤

  36. Ok so I'm thinking of starting this from tomorrow! Anybody with me?😂 Let's challenge ourselves 💕 i don't wanna give up this time! !😭

  37. I need some help! You are all so motivated and dedicated, but I’m just not that motivated.

    Therefore: 1 like = 1 workout!

    Pls help me out and motivate me ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Hi! i'm going to these exercises and i'm going to update you guys here. i'm starting today, so wish me luck! ❤
    Weight: 57 kg
    Waist: 27 inches
    Hips: 34 inches

  39. I have a question that how many calories can be burned by this workout? I do it almost everyday but my diet is not good enough to lose weight

  40. this is best program for myself . thanks a loy of skill
    it's easy and basic can workout and follow
    thanks ^^

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