100 Replies to “Do This! To Get a Shredded 6 Pack”

  1. witht he laying leg raises, can you keep your hands at the sides or do they have to be under you? does it matter? Thanks! 🙂

  2. I love a man with a great body… What a shame you look like a 5-year-old scribbled all over you with a magic marker and ruined it – THUMBS DOWN

  3. Hi Chris, more of this abs with dumbell exercises would be more then welcome ! Already main part of my home work out program. Keep posting cheers Luke

  4. In one part you mention regulating breathing, is there a video that explains this better? I notice i sorta hold my breath for a second or two when doing some of these exercises

  5. So after almost two years of training, I can now do muscle ups. And I am 61! I feel like I am just beginning. I did my first one last week, several singles since then and I did two in a row today. It all started two years ago when I saw one of Chris' videos

  6. It's winter, and the laws of nature says I should be be hibernating, but I'm still bustin my azz out there keeping it lean.

  7. Just started watching you and I’m hella inspired by you and I’ve been doing your workouts for the past couple of weeks and Im starting to see a progress💯 I even made a list Monday through Friday of your workouts and it’s making me hella motivated💯💯❤️.

  8. Jo man I have been doing this routine dor the past month and tje results are insane. I wana thank you all for these videos, they have been helping me out so bad. Thanks!!!

  9. Iv been following your other video for 4 days staight. and been working out pretty intensively now for 2 weeks straight.. should i be working out every day? as today was tough lol and the jaffa cakes is eyeing me up lol

  10. Can anyone explain the twisting sit-up? Is my core just not strong enough to pick my upper body off the ground like that 0.0

  11. Is there any precautions on what yu eat.. or yu cld take any meal n get the workout without any delays?
    All the way from tanzania

  12. Anyone having trouble with the side boat hold??? I can’t even seem to get into the hold. Valence or something?

  13. I’m trying to get back into working out and soccer after I took a long break so imma try this with my new routine and see how it goes

  14. Very intense exercises but I’ve already seen a dramatic body changes under these routines of exercise, thanks Chris!!💪💪

  15. How much rest time until next round?
    Used to do your old ab workout and I was desperate to get stronger abs since I'm a soccer player, I saw results in a week unfortunately I had stopped and came back. Thanks for this video <3

  16. I love your videos, ThenX. The way you structure your workouts is so effective; the use of timing and the concept of rounds helps me stay on track and keeps me focused on doing the exercises and doesn't give any room for lazy thoughts to come up. I've started to enjoy working out more and I look forward to it every day. Truly, your content is revolutionary. Thank you!

  17. First time doing this, I stopped after one me half cycle. When do you actually do targeted workout for abs? At the beginning or at the end of your gym time?

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