Doi Degeaba S03E22: Cand mergi la sala

Two useless S03E22: Going to the gym Where the devil is he? I finally convinced him to go to the gym,to work out, and he will not show up. Hi mate. Why the [email protected]*k did you want to meet up in here? This is a gay bar. What? Yeah mate. This is where The gay boy from our dorm comes. He dresses up as woman and comes here to pick up men. What’s his name?! Robi Roberto. Heyyyyy. Can I buy you a cocktail? Go away sucker! Do you think you can have me? Don’t you see what nice ass I’ve got? Keep dreaming boy! Let’s go bro! Tickets We’ll take the bus from here to the gym. Wait a minute, I’ll just buy a ticket. Wow, she’s so hot. Shit. She’s gone. Ma’am that’s the only money I’ve got. Sorry kid. I ain’t got change for 50 RON. Why the hell don’t you go get some change? What’s wrong old lady? Do you want me to spin you and the boot together? I felt like on The Voice in the bus. After I farted four people turned over to me. Here we are. Entrance How are you? Can I have your phone number? May I help? Maybe. Do you know her phone number? Yes. It’s the same as mine. Well then, when I’ll call you better don’t answer. There she is! What the hell do you want? Robi Roberto. That’s Robi Roberto.

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