Doing Our Job

Our business model was, “Let’s tell some essential truths that aren’t being told.” Live-saving, life-giving, life-affirming truths. Let’s tell them to the world. For free! Sure. People are dying needlessly. In fact, 7 out of 10 deaths in the United States are needless deaths due to chronic disease with the sole cause lying in the very things that we address right here in this box. And so this is part of that essential truth. We’re staying true to our charter here. We’re the only people in this space that are basically just doing their job.

3 Replies to “Doing Our Job”

  1. CrossFit is one of the very few exceptional and positive things in the world today. It truly is a beautiful thing that have changed lives.

  2. So simple. The key to avoid, delay or manage chronic disease is In the Box, On the plate and With the pillow.

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