Former President Donald Trump says he’s a bit of his own ‘worst enemy’, as is former President Richard Nixon, as he talks to foxnews host Mark Levin in an interview that aired Sunday night.

“He was a very tough guy, I guess some people would say this about me too, he was his own worst enemy,” Trump said when speaking about Nixon. “He could say that a little bit about me. Much less than people think he would say.”

The comparisons of Trump and Nixon have been discussed amid various scandals and legal problems that have affected the 45th president in ways similar to those Nixon faced. In particular, Nixon’s resignation from his post amid calls for his impeachment.

Legendary “Watergate” reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein said Trump’s political corruption trumps Nixon’s. The prologue of his book. All the president’s men compares Nixon’s deeds to Trump’s actions during his presidency, particularly his attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Reporters also noted that Trump’s level of corruption “exceeded even Nixon’s imagination.”

news week reached out to Trump’s representatives by email for comment Sunday night.

During the interview with Levin, Trump spoke about their relationship with Nixon, where he often praised him as a “tough guy”, something Twitter users were quick to criticize.

“His biggest regret was that he didn’t fight,” Trump said. “Because it wasn’t really like him, and I find that very interesting.” Trump then compared the Republican support for Nixon to his own, saying, “I get along with the people… Nixon didn’t get along with the people in Congress, he didn’t get along with the senators.”

During the hour duration Life, liberty and Levin Trump’s segment covered a wide range of topics, including his longtime friendship with the Clinton family and the Russia-Ukraine war. Trump said he gave Ukraine “hundreds of javelins” and once again attacked the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as “disgraceful.”

Trump, who is charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, accused Biden and the White House of being “assholes” for their hasty troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that was marred by violence when an Islamic State suicide bomber led carried out an attack that killed 13 US servicemen and some 170 civilians.

The leading Republican presidential candidate also said the US government’s abandonment of military vehicles and weapons likely ignited Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambition. “I think Putin really saw that and probably had a little more ambition,” Trump said.

Trump Fox News Interview
A Getty file photo of former President Donald Trump, who did an interview with Fox News host Mark Levin, saying that he is his “worst enemy” as is former President Richard Nixon.
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