Dr. Fitness USA endorses Coast Fitness

Hi there at Coast Fitness On El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne And we’re here working with Beth Leone She’s a 5th Degree Martial Artist from the
Shaolin Lanyard And we’re here working with Dr. Fitness USA
at Coast Fitness So stay tuned, we’re gonna have some great
videos for you The best gym is found in California, Coast
Fitness For sure So keep the camera rolling because This is Dr. Fitness here You know I do gym inspections Like I hope to see which equipment especially
for women To have a great experience on working out And I have to say that Coast Fitness is the
best gym that I come across Not only is that modernly equipment, best
equipment The management, run by easy is impeccable And the atmosphere here is like brother and
sister, family, everybody gets along And rocks with many many different activities Young people, older people and specially the
kids that are in school And moving up the road of fitness We love Coast Fitness Now subscribe, comment, share

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