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Is there a supernatural
dimension? A world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My guest believes that 99
percent of all sicknesses and diseases can be reversed if you
change your eating habits. Would you like to find out? [Applause] Now I’m with my good friend, Dr.
Michael Brown. Mike, how long have we known
each other? Michael Brown: We became friends
in 1984. Sid: That’s a long time. Michael Brown: Thirty-three
years. Sid: And I remember your wife
saying, “I’m so worried about my
husband. He could eat pizza three meals a
day.” Could you? Michael Brown: Listen, I taught
at a Bible school on Long Island from ’83 to ’87, and two miles
from the school was one of the best New York pizzas I ever ate
at in my life. We estimated at that pizzeria I
had 3000 slices of pizza in four years at one pizzeria. Sid: Now if someone had walked
up to you back then, and your wife probably did, and
said, “Mike, are you addicted to
food, what would you have said? Michael Brown: No, of course
not. I was addicted to drugs. I was shooting heroin, using
LSD, a crazy lifestyle. I was addicted to the needle. But no, I wasn’t addicted to
food. Although if you pressed me about
and said don’t have pizza for a week I probably would have
gotten the shakes. And if you said you can’t have
chocolate, listen, I used to have Oreos for
breakfast when I was boy growing up. I had chocolate almost every day
of my life for years, and if I went without it, it
would be withdrawal. But I didn’t connect it to be
addicted, a chocoholic, because I’m a man
of God. Sid: Were you addicted? Michael Brown: Of course I was
addicted. I was a slave to it. Sid: Three years ago, describe
what your health and weight was. Michael Brown: All right. I was pushing hard in ministry. I was going for it, I was
working out, but I weighed 275 pounds. My blood pressure was 149/103. My cholesterol was as high as
230, the good was low, the bad was
high. I had three to four headaches a
week, constant lower back pain,
drained, tired all the time, severe sleep
apnea. I needed a breathing machine,
anywhere I traveled around the world, had to have that. And I was getting worn out. And I remember sitting with
Nancy for the first time in my life, because at this time I was
59 years old, for the first time I said, “I’m
getting tired about the future.” I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait for next year. I was getting worn out and it
was all due to years of unhealthy eating. Sid: What would you say pushed
this dramatic, I mean, I still can’t get over,
33 years I’ve known him. I saw him sitting in the back,
here, I wouldn’t have even recognized
him, really. Now if he opened his mouth and
talked I would have. How much weight did you lose? Michael Brown: I lost 95 pounds
in less than eight months, not by dieting, but by changing
my lifestyle dramatically. Blood pressure went from 149/103
down to 100/65. Cholesterol went down from 230
to 123. The good is now to where it’s
supposed to be, the bad is where it’s supposed
to be. Haven’t had a headache in two
and half-plus years, no more back pain, no more
breathing machine. My immune system is strong,
energy level totally off the charts, and this was by God’s
grace. God broke through. God helped me to make a radical
change. And Sid, if he can help me,
trust me, he can help anybody. Sid: This is hard for me to
believe. When I think of my friend Dr.
Brown I see him as a champion of standing up for the Word of God. And yet he reached a breaking
point in which he cried like a baby. We’ll be right back. We now return to It’s
Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Okay Mike, I’m going to
take you to that day, September 9, 2014. Michael Brown: All right. Let me give you the background. I had been crying out to God. Nancy had been crying out to
God. We didn’t know it, but we were
both praying about my diet, my health. And I said, you know, I’m a man
of God. I’m a serious servant of the
Lord and yet I’m overweight, I’m obese. This is not right. I got to that breaking point. August 24, we started a new
lifestyle. Nancy said, “Just eat what I
give you.” That meant getting rid of all
the foods I had eaten all my life, getting rid of the
addictions. And then it meant eating foods I
would have paid you money to avoid in the past. But the amazing thing is when
you change what you feed your taste buds they change as well. So I make the break. Three days of miserable
withdrawal. It was harder for me to give up
chocolate than to give up heroin. I remember on the third night I
was crying out to God. I said, “Jesus, you were so real
for me. You set me free from heroin. I didn’t need it.” I said, “Surely the powerful of
the Spirit is more powerful than the power of peanut M&Ms.” And that’s when I broke through,
the third night. Okay, so I’m doing good now. I’m eating the new food. I’m starting to feel different. I’m starting to lose weight. I’m doing well. I’m into this two and half weeks
now, Sid. I’m not feeling deprived anymore
because dealing with our diets we mess up because we just cut
back on the bad stuff instead of cutting out. So the addictions are still
there and we’re craving all the time, and we’re always wanting,
our body is programmed to want more. I’m free from that. I came home from the radio one
day, took a nap and then had to go
teach a night class at our Bible school. And somehow I really wanted
something sweet, and I thought that’s good. Fruit, that’s what the sweet
tooth is for, fruits, and I was now loving
fruits. And in the old days Nancy would
send me to the store and say, can you get some stuff, and
she’d have to describe the fruit to me because I didn’t know what
it was. Sid: I got a new way to
pepperoni pizza. Michael Brown: I would have had
a pepperoni with extra cheese, you bet. And I knew what Ben and Jerry’s
Super Fudge New York Ice Cream was. That I knew. But when I started eating
healthily, I’d send her pictures, and she
said, “What are these?” She says, “These are
blackberries. They’re good to eat them.” I said, “Okay, great, I’ll eat
them.” So I’d eat fruit. That’s it. Well there’s no fruit in the
house for some reason. But I was craving. So I go to the store, just a
convenient store at a gas station, maybe they have them. No, they don’t have any fruit. What am I going to do? The fruit juices there have
sugar and I don’t want to have any sugar. I finally find something that
looks healthy and I think, okay, I’m going to have this. But I thought, I can’t live like
this. You’re never going to have a
slice of pizza the rest of your life, you’re never going to have
chocolate the rest of your life. You’re going to have fruits the
rest of your life. I hit my breaking point, Sid. I am here, literally, I’m about
to teach a night class and I feel the weight of this coming
down. I can’t do it. And literally I’m sitting in my
car and I start crying like a baby, literally two minutes
before the class, I can’t, God, I can’t live like
this the rest of my life, no pizza, no chocolate. [mumbling] I can’t do it. Crying like a baby. And two things were happening,
one, I was at the end of myself. I was literally going through
this and I thought this is good because this means grace is
kicking in because you can’t do it. On the other side, the flip
side, I was watching myself laughing
as it was happening. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I got into teach and that was
last night I had a struggle. It has been easy. There has been [unintelligible]. And there’s a supernatural
anointing. Listen, why do we think of it in
other areas? Why do we think of it as just
getting free from pornography or free from drug addiction, or
free from alcoholism, even free from depression? Why can’t we get free from bad
habits and strongholds, and addictions? And Sid, I honestly believe for
every one person who receives a miracle of healing by God’s
grace, a hundred can receive a miracle
of healing if they change their lifestyles. God put healthy stuff and he
gave it to us, and if we eat it, it’s
life-transforming. Sid: Why would you say food is
so addictive? Michael Brown: All right,
listen, we need food to live. That’s the first thing. So I was on a plane the other
day and they come and offer me this, no, I don’t want it. I’m sitting there. Right in my face, do you want,
how about this? They come with the best looking
chocolate cake I’ve ever seen on a plane. And they put it right in my
nose. Would you like this? Are you sure? Well you don’t have that. When I got free from drugs
people weren’t coming up to me with cocaine and putting it in
my nose, would you like this? So there’s a difference. So we need food to live and our
standard American diet is deadly. It has all kinds of junk in it. You know when you have those
potato chips the salt makes you want to have another one. Oreos actually have addicted
qualities in them. A study was done by research, I
read the study, where they addicted rats to Oreo
cookies and to cocaine to see which was the more powerful
addiction, which they would crave, and they
wanted both equally. So there’s stuff in the food
that’s addictive. And then we have a lifestyle
that’s just built around us. We have a gluttonous lifestyle. You go to the restaurants and
what do they serve? Would you like death by
chocolate for dessert? The portions are massive and
we’re much more sedentary. So it’s kind of a perfect storm
of bad things coming together. And a lot of us have not learned
good eating habits over our lives, and then the fast food
lifestyle. And then as Christians, what do
we do? Well we don’t submit to the sins
of the world. We don’t get drunk, we don’t get
enough sleep, but we eat. Everything we do is around food. Sid: It’s gluttony. Michael Brown: It’s gluttony. Sid: Okay. How about your wife, how did she
go along with this? She had her own problems. Michael Brown: She changed
first. Overweight, parallelized, Nancy. And listen, women lose weight
differently. They relate differently. They go through pregnancy,
different things. And some women, they say, I look
at food and I gain five pounds just when I look at. Sid: I’ve heard that. Michael Brown: So she was
parallelized by being overweight. She hated it. She didn’t want to leave the
house. She was just embarrassed. And here she was probably a
little over 200 pounds and just not even 5-foot-3-inches tall. So it bothered her all the time. She had aches and pains, was
tired, and she thought something is
seriously the matter. And she had binged dieted
before. She’d do a radical diet and lose
60, 70 pounds, and then her hair
would start to fall out, and she’d feel terrible, and
then she’d panic and she’d start to eat again. And for her, she just said she
was a glutton. She loved to eat and she would
just eat more and eat more, and eat more. And she had different tastes
than I did, but she’d just pour it in. So she realized I have to
change. Something has to change. And she cried out to God. And she read about nutrition for
years and years, and years, and understood things
and knew that if she just vegetables always, something was
missing. And she began to read one
doctor, read his stuff and thought, this
makes sense. And she made the change herself,
and when she made the change it was dramatic. Her whole life changed
dramatically. Sid: How much weight did she
lose? Michael Brown: She went from a
little over 200 pounds to 115 pounds. This was thinner than when I met
her when we were both 19 years old. Sid: You know, I found out about
what you were doing and I decided that I would do the same
thing. I didn’t do it to lose weight. That was not my personal
objective, although it wouldn’t hurt. But I did it for health reasons. My blood pressure was sky high
and I was taking a blood pressure pill, and I was praying
for all it was worth it, trust me. But it kept going up after the
maximum dosage of pills. So I had to take another pill. I didn’t take it, but I knew I
had to because it just kept inching up and up, and up. And so I did what Mike did, and
would you believe, in one week my blood pressure
went to normal. I didn’t need the second pill. And would you believe in one
month I was taking that one pill, I cut it in half. And would you believe, I’m
believing that in another month I won’t have to even have to
have half of that pill. So you made me a believer in one
week. You’re getting letters of people
that are weeping when they get this revelation you got. Their whole lives are being
transformed. Do you get many of these? Michael Brown: It’s amazing. On a regular basis Nancy and I
are hearing from people. Some of them have been desperate
and they’re changing. One woman said, “Look, I was not
going to be here for my four kids. I’m a type 2 diabetic. I have all these health issues. My mother died young and I was
going to die young, and you have given me back my
life.” And they’re off diabetes
medication. It’s just amazing, amazing
story, Sid. Sid: Okay, I’ll tell you what,
when we come back I want to get some clues how to get rid of
those strongholds, because guess what, just about
everyone I’m speaking to is dealing with it. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s
Supernatural! We now return to It’s
Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Okay. Dr. Mike, you did not know you
were addicted to food. In fact, you would have
challenged anyone to the limit if they said you’re a food
addict. How can someone know if they’re
a food addict? Michael Brown: There are a
number of things you can look at. One is if you know that you’ll
be healthier, more vibrant, live longer if you
change your diet and yet you won’t, that shows you’re a food
addict. If you have secret stashes where
you hide food or you eat things when no one is watching you, the
unhealthy things, that’s an indication. If you don’t have a certain food
for several days or a week that you actually go through some
kind of withdrawal, headaches or something like
that, or just the thought if I say,
hey, how about cutting this out of
your diet, the thought of that makes you
shake, I mean, those are signs that
you’re addicted. And it’s a good place to start
to say, God, I confess to you that I’m a
food addict. And see, when I used to hear
people say I’m a recovering drug addict, I thought, I don’t buy
that. I’m free. I didn’t relate to it. I probably judged them. But I live as if I’m a
recovering food addict because I know if I open the door, if I
play with the thing it could just pull me back in. I was in Israel doing a tour
recently and a woman told me that she had been completely
free from chocolate for six years. That was an issue in her life
and sugar in general. And someone persuaded her, it
won’t hurt you to have one piece of dark chocolate. She did it and she’s been
addicted ever since. So we start, God, I confess to
you that I’m a food addict. We make it plain. And then we come up with a plan. It’s not just a matter of
resolve and willpower. We ask God for his grace and
then we come up with a plan. We’ve got to look at all the bad
stuff we’re eating and cut it out of our diet. Some say, okay, just reduce it
and reduce it until you get rid of it. For me, it was a matter of just
get rid of it in one day. But either way, you’ve got get
rid of the bad. Don’t cut it bad, cut it out and
then you eat super healthy foods. I have massive salads every day
and they are great. Sid: I have seen your salad, and
trust me, it looks so big, I don’t know
how you get it down. Michael Brown: Yes, it’s
massive, it’s wonderful. Sid: Yes, but a salad. You don’t like that. You like pizza. Michael Brown: Yeah, well it’s I
love, I thoroughly enjoy a massive
salad every day. Sid: You’re not just saying
that. I know you. Michael Brown: I thoroughly
enjoy it. Sid: I know you do, because I
have the same. Michael Brown: It takes a half
hour, 45 minutes to eat. You get to enjoy it. Sid: I haven’t mastered that. I still eat mine fast. Michael Brown: All right, you’re
getting it. You’re getting it. The thing is though you don’t
feel stuffed afterwards. It’s amazing. I have good portions of fruit,
especially berries, which I never ate before. Those are super healthy. I have a little grilled meat
once a week, but I don’t even need it. Some weeks I completely forget
about it. And then there are all kinds of
healthy recipes. I’m the kind of person that can
enjoy the same foods day after day. A lot of people aren’t like
that. There is amazingly healthy soups
you can make. There are amazingly healthy
veggie burgers you can make. There is something called pasta
made from beans, bean pasta and organic red
sauce. I had that and it’s delicious to
me. I used to pray, God, help me to
love broccoli as much as the way I love chocolate. And as I ate the chocolate
nothing happened. But when I got rid of the
chocolate and started eating the broccoli things changed. It’s really amazing. And there are online recipes,
there are websites, Youtube where folks show you how
to cook in a healthy way. If folks will do it, they come
up with a plan and they pray for grace they can be transformed. Sid: Well it’s wonderful that it
transformed you physically. It’s wonderful that you’re going
to be around longer, but how did this affect you
spiritually? Michael Brown: First, it’s
amazing to be free. Every day it’s a revelation. And then, look, people come to
me and attack me for being overweight. I was a big guy. I worked out. Maybe I got away with it, but I
felt lousy about it. It bothered me all the time. It bothered me when I was
praying. I just felt this is not right. It literally weighed me down. Now I have wings. You know what I’m saying? You just want to fly. You want to run. And that’s how you feel
spiritually. And then with your mind sharper,
with your energy more, it’s just you’re much more
vibrant in God. And I feel like whatever I’m
coming up against there’s nothing that stands in the way
because of this new lifestyle, and I know I’m living the way
God created us to live. So spiritually it’s energizing,
and then again, I’m not bound. I’m not a slave. My stomach is not my God. It’s a wonderful way to live. It’s a wonderful way to feel. Sid: You and your wife firmly
believe that 99 percent of diseases can be reversed on this
type of a lifestyle. What are specifics you’re aware
that have been reversed, and what would you call this, a
plant-based? Michael Brown: Yes, plant-based,
right, so that you’re relying on nature
plant, fruit-based and things like
that, healthy nuts and seeds in
moderation. So for sure, this is documented. Don’t listen to me on this. Listen to the nutritionists and
the scientists on this. But heart disease can be
reversed. Hardening of the arteries, that
can be reversed. Sid: So you don’t have to have
Alzheimer’s when you’re older. Michael Brown: Okay. So something else. It’s been demonstrated that a
healthy diet like this, a healthy plant-based diet and
then exercise with it, that’s a great anecdote for
mental diseases as you get older, as well. I’m just reading a whole book
about that, just about the mind and the
brain. I thought because I’m reading
the book, what it can do to your brain,
make it sharper and clearer as you’re getting older. I thought, I’m doing everything
in the book for the first time in my life. Type 2 diabetes can be
completely reversed. And look, let’s be frank, so
much of our back pains, so much of our knee pain is from
being overweight and God’s grace it may heal, but a lifestyle
change can just alleviate so much. Sid: Our time is slipping away
and people say when they hear you speak on this subject that
there is a supernatural presence when you teach on this subject. Would you pray, not a natural
prayer, a supernatural prayer against
these strongholds that people have with food addiction. Michael Brown: Amen. Father, in the name of Jesus, I
pray right now for a Holy Spirit of resolve to rise up in people,
your people, to say I’m an overcomer. I’m not a slave to food. My stomach is not my God. I’m a child of God. I’m free. I’m liberated. Lord, I pray you’ll give them
vision and hope that they can change. I pray you put long-term
determination within them that they can live differently. I pray, O God, that all the
grace you’ve given to me that has so transformed me in the
resolve and determination that you would give to them, and we
declare freedom, freedom from unhealthy living,
freedom from unhealthy eating, freedom from food addiction,
lasting life-long freedom in the name of Jesus. [Applause] Sid: As Dr. Michael Brown would
tell you, if he can do it, but I’m going
to add to it, and if I can do it, you can do
it, too. Sid: Next week on It’s
Supernatural. Hank Kunneman and Richard
Roberts are here to reveal how healing and the prophetic, they
work together for supernatural results. ♪♪♪

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