Dumbbell Exercises : Dumbbell Exercises: Deltoid Lateral Raise

Lateral raise delt is good for the lateral,
the medial aspect of the shoulder. You want to find yourself hip width apart in your stance,
knees slightly bent. Now one of the biggest mistakes people make is really locking out
the elbow joint on that exercise. You want to keep a slight bend in the joints at all
time. We want this muscle right here to be in charge and control the movement not the
actual shoulder. No need to go any higher than shoulder level because we’re not trying
to work traps or the top part of the shoulder here. We’re trying to work the medial part
of the delts. So we take a big inhale before we start the movement exhale at peak contraction
hold. It’s not going to take much weight to really focus in on that area. If you see people
moving around like this with weight it’s because they’re trying to lift all the weight in the
gym. You want to focus on just that area contracting and releasing working ten to fifteen reps
one to three sets.

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