Dumbbell Hang Clean & Press Exercise

>>MARK: Hey it’s Mark,and I want
to show you a pretty cool exercise I found about just a year ago
and it’s hang clean, with a press with dumbbell. And there are actually three variations
you can use to kinda add variety to your workouts and so, when I was in college I’d do hang
cleans all the time, or hang cleans with presses, actually I had a strength coach who kinda
was watching me, gave me tips and sometimes we even videotaped our form. It’s just a really thought exercise to learn.
However about a year ago I learned about hang cleans with a dumbbell, and it’s actually much easier
to learn and it’s a lot safer I think. Because he standard hang clean with a bar,
puts a lot more pressure on your wrist, and it also puts a lot more pressure
on your lower back. I have more information on my website at BuiltLean.com
you can check it out. Again, It’s an advanced exercise Hope you enjoy this variations and
let me know what you think.

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  1. I'm bringing the dumbbells within a few inches of the floor, they are not touching the floor on the last exercise. I don't think it's a matter of "proper" form, it's just a slightly different more challenging exercise if you bring the dumbbells all the way down to the ground instead of within a few inches.

  2. @indian60314 – Appreciate your feedback. I'm looking forward to adding A LOT more videos in the next several months and I'm hopeful the quality will continue to improve.

  3. Good video. I tend to do power cleans with the dumbbells these days. I just don't have good flexibility in my wrists and regular power cleans absolutely kill them. Squat cleans with dumbbells work quite well also.

  4. @juandenz2008 – I definitely agree power cleans with a bar can kill your wrists. I actually had to get wrist surgery from issues related to hang cleans. Happy you found that you can receive much of the same benefits with using a dumbbell instead without the risk of injury.

  5. great video thanks for uploading! I've heard this type of exercise is easier with kettle bells but unfortunatley I only have dumbbells for now, also didnt know these variants of clean and press so plenty to practice…thanks again.

  6. @inthezone666 – Awesome. Happy you found it helpful. I do plan on adding some great kettlebell exercises as well, so hopefully it will be in time for when you can start using them.

  7. I would say 3-5 sets to really stimulate out the shoulders and upper back and activate your CNS. You could do them in the beginning of your workout, or even as a workout if you don't have much time.

  8. with exercises like this, as well as benching, deadlifts, and squats, can you get really good results by using only dumbbells? And if so, how much weight do you know you should be using without hurting yourself but at the same time getting results (muscular). I think a lot of people wonder the same thing. I'm a 19 year old dude, 140 lbs, and 5'11''.

  9. Sounds like you are a beginner just starting out. I would highly recommend getting a muscle building program to help take the guesswork out of changing your body. I did a Q&A with men's fitness on bulking up. If you search google for "bulking up men's fitness built lean" the article should come up #1. Def give it a read.

  10. Would you say that this is the best alternative to clean and presses? Unfortunately, I have a bad wrist from an old football injury, so anything that involves bending my wrist back causes me a lot of trouble and quite a bit of pain.

  11. Hey Ryan, I had wrist surgery a while back so doing a standard hang clean with a barbell is not an option for me. I think the DB clean and press is an excellent alternative, and I think the single arm DB clean and press puts even less pressure on the wrists and is a smoother, easier movement where you can still lift some good weight. Good luck!

  12. Awesome. I actually started a new circuit training workout that I've substituted barbell hang cleans for DB clean and presses. So far it's been great and there's been little to no stress on my wrist. Thanks for the video!

  13. Hi Marc, Great exercise I have incorporated it into my leg workout! I have a question as I usually have bad form: should you bend your knees before you press from your shoulders? And is there anything else to be conscious of as I have strained knee ligaments before however there is no pain when I do this; I just want to make sure if there's anything that could help me to know I have good form.

  14. Throughout the movement, you should have a slight bend in your knees. You don't want to lock your knees at any point throughout the hang clean and press. Before you press, you can give yourself a little assistance by bending your knees and pressing as you stand, in a way "bumping" the weights up, but with control. Be sure to keep your chest up and abs tight to support your spine. Because you've strained your knee ligaments before, I would be wary of the DB squat-to-press variation.

  15. Nice! One side note, the momentum on your clean is not enough. You alsmost include a bicep curl like this.! It is a lift remember that!

  16. Hi dude, I have a question. I couldn't see your feet in the vid so I was wondering if on the clean when you are popping up are you feet suppose to leave the ground? 

  17. In my opinion tho, dumbbell seems like a wiser choice when it comes to doing clean and press, using a barbell poses a great risk in injuring ur back, I mean the result doesn't really make much of a difference right??

  18. The version where the dumbbells are outside of the thighs seems most useful when using dumbbells.
    I do it that way anyway. Feels natural.
    The dumbbells in front of the thighs is a bit similar to the barbell version.
    Though I understand you have wrist problems which makes it impossible or a bad choice for you.

    I do actually both.

    I like the diversity.

  19. It's really meant to be a more explosive movement. You don't look confident performing it. It's like you're having to think about each step as you go along which makes it seem like it's an exercise you don't do often. Maybe you should lower the weight you're using and speed the exercise up a bit.

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