Dumbbell Squats For Thicker Thighs & Hips

If you can’t do barbell squats, or squats
with a bar across your back, you can do dumbbell squats to get similar results.
Just remember to come down as deep as you can or until you touch the
dumbbells to the floor. Make sure you keep your head up, and you want to focus
on bending your knees more. You want to get your butt down as low as you
can, and you only want to bend your back slightly.

28 Replies to “Dumbbell Squats For Thicker Thighs & Hips”

  1. Can please make some video for females? For example to get LEAN and THIN thighs. Also how to get LEAN and THIN arms? I don't want to bulk up, at ALL. So please make some videos like that? For example how to get a model-like figure?

  2. @Japansepuppy2481 Models get their figure by NOT exercising, but destroying their body with bad nutrition and less than ideal caloric intake.
    Don't try to measure yourself against models. If you do these exercises that he's doing, it will tone your muscles. Bulking up only occurs if you are using heavy weight. Look at what he uses. They lightweight dumbells. You won't bulk up with those, they will help you tone your body and make it lean but strong.

  3. @Japansepuppy2481 High reps on lower weight. It'll get u toned and sexy. And regarding the bulk up, even guys with higher testosterone level finds it hard to bulk, so a female shouldn't worry bout it.

  4. First let me say you are really good at what you do. Question, lunges are what I have used in the past to get defined quads. I find them waaaay more effective than squats when it comes to front of the thigh definition. The problem is a I weigh 257lbs and this seems to be a lot on my knees. Can you recommend a different exercise. Thank You.

  5. when i do squats i can feel it in my knees. i try to stand up pushing my heels to the ground. what am i doing wrong

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