Early Arm Pull in the SDHP: A Gateway Drug

So in the full movement, the most common thing we see, especially with a stick, is that people want to pull the bar with their arms before they’ve stood up. (translating) Okay? So this movement is like a gateway drug –does that translate?– to the olympic lifts. Gateway drug? Yeah, like you do marijuana before you do cocaine. Yep. Translate it. I said it. (translating) It’s the precursor. It’s the pathway to the olympic lifts. That’s okay to say.
(translating) Thank you. Awesome. So we have to learn the proper movement pattern. (translating) So if someone is pulling early in the sumo deadlift high pull, they’re probably also the person that is going to pull early in their clean, and in their snatch. (translating) Okay? So here’s what we’re gonna do as a group to try to help with early arm pulls. So just like a hang clean or a hang snatch, you’re gonna go above your knee, (translating) and when I say, “Go,” you’re just going to stand up and shrug fast. (translating) Okay? So it’s gonna be stand up and shrug. And the arms will stay straight. All together we’re gonna do that three times. (translating) On the fourth one, we’re gonna do the full movement from above the knee. (translating) So it’ll look like this. We’re gonna go one, two, three, and pull high. Okay? We’ll do it all on my cue.

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  1. Why are we still teaching this movement at level ones?
    CrossFit has gotten so much better and stopped doing a lot of the dumb shit that people still think we do, but this dumb movement is still a "foundational" movement of CF

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