it’s D-day, we have a 1 meter rabbit to eat shit we’re going to bang that thing that makes 1 kg you do not realize but it’s huge we just bought the rabbit which is 1kg and 5460 calories small moment groceries brah I went to the gym with max on
going to have fun we are going to do especially a good calories exepnditure before going to eat
this big porridge well loaded go !! here we go we have a big fat chocolate bunny
to eat the rabbit he makes a kilo and there is a lot of calories, we are at
more than 2800 calories per person for this big bunny will be eaten in a huge porridge set in front of game of thrones because sir has not looked at everything yet so I’m nice and I look with
him and we’ll fuck this fucking huge porridge that is super caloric
we managed our day well we have everything prepared this morning for my part it was
quiet it was lean proteins with a little cheese a
little bit of yoghurt too a little little whey and fruit and at noon it was
simply vegetables a lot of carrots over 200 grams to be well
stalled, herring and then we were done on a secret dessert and now the porridge after a big session of
sport we have the slab, finally I have the slab, you slab you? only a little
like that we’re going to explode it may be hard, we’ll see we put milk instead of
almond milk, too much used to making milk porridges will actually make it creamy at
less but more caloric Part 2, we made an apple porridge and we will add protein powder to put a little chocolate taste, we will
put a mixture between casein milk protein and pure whey protein to have a nice mix of amino acids using most
of these proteins by combining them, which I have
the habit of doing I’m used to combine my casein, milk proteins
and pure whey nature just to have a mix of qualities but
also a mixture of taste and the mixture of the three chocolates from Bulk Powders, try it out here is the rabbit we talked about, it’s big we do not laugh it must be 70cm ok it’s time to kill the rabbit, break it in the heart make it flow it’s only the head right now I’m going to take out a little below that is only chocolate we do not lie to you look at my hand compared
in the bowl, it’s really huge this is a piece go eat that’s crazy you have diabetes there or a liver crisis? I have happiness happy easter a point it’s all a
small second it’s a ladle compared
to the bowl even the spoon is giant so we will eat well go good Appetite! for those who do not know where we are at it’s exactly for 3500 calories each it’s a lot of calories it’s ok I regulated because I have three thousand calories a day and
since with the whole day I’m at 4000 calories today, I have regulated 1000 calories
the day before Julian he will be at 5000 today so he will also regulate 1000 calories we eat this porridge watching game of thrones time lapse in 3-2-1 GO I withdraw what I said it’s not easy to eat it’s a soup now arms
and to go to the soup is baptism look at the bowl
compared to Julian he is bigger than julien it is easily 5L drink, drink drink and here he finished all the porridge it was hard in the end but in truth I had fun eating it especially the beginning challenge met there were seven thousand calories here and there are 50 left we’re done, we’re not going to eat a lot tonight I think because here we are
completely stalled we had a lot of protein and a lot of sugar we took out an article on Sunday so for you it is
already published it is an article on which we explain the effects of sugar and the
fat loss weight loss we show you its effects on
talk about the myths around that you can go see directly
the article on miscfittidings.com you have the link in descriptions to
find the article on the sugar meanwhile we’re going to get
stall quietly we’re going to watch our serie a bit and we will
rest to drink I think a lot of water and to make
water retention too in any case thank you for watching this
it was a fucking pleasure in real life having done it I had a little dreaded but
it’s all good have a good Easter weekend bye


  1. Plus de 5000kcal pour un lapin 😮 en tout cas superbe vidéo sur les plans et les musiques et Joyeuse pacques !

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