Easy Ab Workout for Wedding

Hey guys, it’s Katie from
Love Sweat Fitness and today I’m giving you a
five minute, no equipment crop top workout. This is perfect for all those
cute dresses and skirts, where you want to
rock a crop top, whether you’re heading to a wedding
or walking down the aisle. We’re not doing any standard
crunches in this workout We’re still going to target all
of those abs, and feel every
single inch of them. So, we’re going to start in a
forearm plank, arms at an 11. On the ground,
hips are low. Find that strong posture
first, heels are back. Your gaze is down. Neck and spine are long,
belly pulls in tight. We’re going to alternate
knee taps. You’re going to go
right knee tap, left knee tap. Right and left. This is going to hit those
lower abs like nobody’s business. Really defining those abs. Helping to get rid of any belly
pooch so you can feel so good in those crop tops. And tap, tap. And breathe. Plus, you get a little
full-body work in a plank, any time you’re in a plank. Let’s do 8, 7, 6, Drop to the knees, sit it
back for a moment. Coming onto your booty. You’re gonna place your
hands on the floor. Almost like a tricep dip. You’re gonna lift your hips, And all you’re gonna do here
is squeeze your abs to lift that knee in to give it
a little crunch, and tap it back down. Lift up, and tap. Marching here. Keep your gaze up. Use those abs to
pull the knee in. And try to set your foot down as
lightly and gently as you can. Keep those abs working. You can go fast or slow. Pull it in.
We have 8, 7, 6, Exhale, release, come onto your
side for Mermaid Crunches. These are my favorite. Feet are going to come slightly
in front of you, so you’re in a really wide V. Roll back onto the
soft spot of your hip, You’re going to
lift your legs up, bend the knees to pull
and crunch in, extend and lower down. If it’s too much to lift the
legs together straight, you can go straight into that
pull-in, otherwise up, in, out, down. This works those obliques,
so bringing the waistline in, which we all love! And also giving those nice lines
and definition down the sides of your abs. Let’s do four more
on this side. And switch sides. Alright, same idea. Find where
you need to be on this one. Lift up, pull in, out, and down. Feel those abs working,
squeeze em! The more you can focus on the
muscle you’re trying to work, the more it’s going to work for
you, and that’s what we want. So you can get that definition,
burn those calories, and feel amazing. Exhale, come onto
your belly. Come into a full plank. You’re going to take right knee
into your left elbow. Step it back, and switch. If this is hard on your wrists,
come to a forearm plank, and just drive those knees in,
opposite knee to elbow. Slow to start. If this is comfortable, we’re
gonna take full mountain climbe. Switch in, out. A little cardio at the end. Finishing off those abs. Come on, you have
8, 7, 6, Exhale, relax. Alright, those abs are
feeling it right now, but I want you to do 3 more
rounds for a total of 4. This is a perfect workout for
when you want that extra push. Right before you throw on that
crop top, to help you feel extra strong,
get that definition poppin,’ and feel so good!

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