Elbows in the Press

On the way up–we’ve talked a lot– the head comes back, the bar stays close to our face, and we finish overhead. (Chinese translation) Okay? On the way down, which direction should my elbows go? (Chinese translation) Where should they go? Yeah. Exactly Maggie. So if the bar’s overhead, my elbows need to go forward so that the bar rests in a good set-up position. Okay? (Chinese translation) If my elbows go out now they wind up behind my bar. (Chinese translation) Okay? Awesome. Okay. And down. Elbows to my hands. This way. Yes! Good return. Look at that. There’s your setup. Love it. Good job, Lin.

4 Replies to “Elbows in the Press”

  1. Why not just work on technique with an empty bar? Everyone can lift an empty 20 kg bar and if not, there are 15 kg women's bars and I believe 5 kg technique bars.

  2. no offence but Americans teaching chines to the Weightlifting tricks is kind of strange ))) shouldn't be the other way?

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