Emily Bridgers on The Pullover

The pullover is a method for getting up, onto the bar into a front support. And you kind of wrap your body around You do a chin up and then you wrap your body around and land with the bar on your hips. So it starts with a chin up, chin over the bar. That just kind of makes it easier ’cause you’re higher–you’re already in a higher position to get over, and then usually what I would tell somebody is to try to bring your belly button up to the bar and toes go all the way around. You wanna wrap your body around the bar like a snake. So chin over the bar, toes come up, and over. Sometimes people get stuck at this point right here and they try to lift their feet up instead of just keeping them pointed down toward the ground as they’re lifting their chest. I think it is a good translation to a bar muscle-up in order to pull yourself up in this direction up on top of the bar. Same thing. It’s just, you’re moving around the bar instead of up on top of the bar. I think any kind of basic gymnastics movement that you can learn is gonna benefit your gymnastics inside of CrossFit.

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  1. Bring your belly button over the bar, then wrap your body around the bar like a snake then when you go around finish with it on your hips. – that's what she said! wooooooooooo

  2. I love doing pullovers and I would like to see them in the Open. However, I don't really agree with her technique. There is no need to get your chin over the bar first. Many people don't have the strength to do a strict pull up, but that level of strength isn't required to do a pullover. All you need to do is hang from the bar, get inverted, and pull just enough to get your center of gravity over the bar, then bring the legs over and toes towards the ground.

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