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Hello, I’m Shahram Forutan. I’m a World Champion in Powerlifting. Today we are at the Gym “Sportstudio Popeye” where you can train with a EMS Device which is basically working out via electrostimulation. Thats what we are going to do. Hello, we are in the “Sportstudio Popeye”. I’m the owner and my name is Sven. Today Sherry came by because I wanted to present him EMS Training. This is a EMS Device by Miha Bodytec. I work with it since almost 6 years. It’s good for building strength, for muscle endurance, for muscle building, for getting rid of fat and also for strength speed. I’m curious to see what happens to me today. Now we begin to stimulate all the electrodes from 1 to 10. First you gotta bend your knees a little so your legs are under tension and push your arms together. We begin with the legs by turning the knobs. Here you see when the impulse comes. Now it should be there and I see you can feel it. I definetely feel something! Now we go on with your abs… Wait, wait, wait… …this is crazy! That wasn’t even much. Lets try your chest. Oh man, my nipples.. I must admit this crazy. Now I begin to turn up the legs more. Specifically your legs and glutes because you train with them now. Well basically this is still the warm up. WARM UP?! The advantage is that you use your whole body. I can confirm that… The difference to a regular squat is that you use your arms, chest and back way more here. Here you are forced to use everything. Now we reached a certain level so the real workout begins now. I see you get hot. Actually I’m cooking. Thats a common effect after a short period of time. Your Body is fully contracting. Now to the next exercise: Lunges. I gotta hold myself, it pushes me forward somehow. You can simulate a high amount of different exercises you would do regulary. It’s like you are using heavy weights. This is really hard… I prepared 107 times for powerlifting competitions and it wasn’t as hard as this. Just in a few minutes… One more advantage is that you can’t hurt yourself here. I believe that. Because really you are just using your bodyweight. But the muscles do their work like you are using 50 to 100 Kilos right now. 50 Kilos arent as uncomfortable. It’s more like 150 Kilos for me. At least we can simulate 150 Kilos. Now raise one leg… Wait, it has to go through first. The next exercise has to be fluent… Ok again, leg up?… Now go back to the front and up again. It has to be faster. Now stand on your tiptoes when the impulse comes. As high as you can. Yes, now keep standing like that. For the next impulse stand on your tiptoes from the beginning. This is horrible, my legs are gone! Now stand like that and pull back when the impulse comes and push back forward. This is basically pulling and pushing. Now you do wide lat pulldowns. Wait, wait, it always pushes me forward… It’s probalby not imagineable for the audience. This is so unbelieveable, really. Probably only I can imagine what happens with you now. Ok, now you do close grip lat pull downs. Now benchpress, one of your favorite exercises. You are so nice to me.. Push forward and bring your hands together. So push when it comes? Right, and also come back with the same umpulse. Now do this one: arms together and split back. It feels like doing butterfly with 80 kilos. You guys gotta do that too, I’m telling you. You also have no pressrure on your joints. I must say if you did 1-2 reps, you get used to it already. This is why I constantly increase the impulse. It has to be hard everytime. This time you don’t have to do anything. You will feel many short impulses. Your muscles start to shake. You should feel it everywhere. You can turn it off if you want… Well, it was a very exhausting workout, I must say. Now I have to eat.

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  1. Ich habe morgen ein Vorstellungsgespräch mit Probetraining in einem EMS Studio. Ich machs kurz: Danke fürs verstärken meiner Nervosität 😀

  2. Hallo Liebe Leute,
    es gibt eine wichtige Neuerung!
    Alle neuen Videos von Sherry erscheinen AB SOFORT auf seinem eigenen YouTube Channel. Den Link dazu findet Ihr oben in der Videobeschreibung.
    Hier auf Fitolution erscheinen seine Videos vorerst nicht mehr. Jedoch bleibt der Kameramann und die Qualität genauso gut und evtl sogar besser!!

  3. Der Trainer ist so schlecht!!!! und das für 6 Jahre Erfahrung, er sagt keine Impulse an erklärt schlecht schade für das EMS – Training das istr also kein Maßstab

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