ENG] IND] CN] [몰카] 헬스장 몰카3ㅋㅋㅋ마지막으로 나타난 약빨은 회원ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ – [동네놈들]

Neighbors (team name) (waiting for next target) (target spotted!) (It’s showtime, Jae-Hyung) (First target) Excuse me What kind of work out are you doing? Lats -Lats??

(Weirdos… Lol)

-You can kill lat with that shit? -No way. It’s a bone-vibrating workout.

(A bone-vibrating workout?!?!) – Did you say bone-vibrating workout?
-Yes, bone-vibrating workout. -I heard this is a lat workout.
-No, you’re doing it in a totally wrong way. -I’ve worked out for 20 years. -20 Years?
-Yes (Is that the result of 20-year workout?) I’ve worked out for a long time as well. -How long? You don’t look like an athlete. Hold on, hold on, hold on (Oh, jeez. lol) -I just finished mine, but let me show you something
-Oh, you’re a legit athlete.
-For real.

(Jae-Hyung just get married. Seems like he’s having Thanksgiving dinner every meal.) -Can you load that plate?
-That one? -That looks too heavy
-Shut up and just load it This is for THE BONE VIBRATING EXERCISE. (Dude, that one looks too heavy)

-I’ve never used this big one You can do it, bro -All set. Grab it
-There’s no way I can lift that JUST GRAB IT!!!! Alright, this is how you do it. Try to lift it at your best. -At my best?
-At YOUR best Alright, let’s go 1.. 2… 3! Keep going, you gotta vibrate more. (OMG WTF is that) little more! -You sure this is the right way?
-Hold on, I’ll spot you (Oh please…) lololol -Am I doing right?
-you can drop it

(It was improvised) Why are you doing behind me? Oh, I tried to spot you… You alright? Nah… you just.. you just make me uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable, too (lol) (What’s wrong with them) lololol -I’ll work out by myself
-No, no, no… I’m teaching you right exercise -I can do it by MYSELF!!!
-You don’t wanna learn right exercise? I’ve worked out for 20 years I even participated in Muscle Mania. (Muscle Mania??)lolololololol

-Muscle Mania?
-Yes (Try not to make any noise) LMAO You bet. I’ve participated competitions. I ate tons of chicken breast I killed sweet potatoes as well. (Sweet Potato?) lol

-You like sweet potato?
-Yeah, dried one. (Why yall become a friend just because of chicken breast and sweet potato. Lol) I’ll spot beside you this time. Let’s lift this together.
Together~ 1… 2… 3! (Oh they’re hilarious) lolololol (Just crazy dudes) -How was it? You can feel the vibration, right?
-Oh, my traps get swole. If you sing, it is much more effective. (Sing a song?!) Let’s sing… Heart breaker by G.Dragon. (Are you serious?) lololol

-Hold on, we gotta load plate again It’s simple. Just sing a song. (Help me) lololololol (Never seen this kind of people before)
(Can’t stop staring at them)
(Amazing) -Do you wanna learn more exercises?
-Can you teach chest?
-Chest? Let’s kill it. (Kill the chest??) lolololol (Boo-Gie’s time) (Texting friends that she just saw crazy dudes) Lolololololololololol Wha..What the f*ck are you doing? Isn’t it sacrum exercise? Sacrum? This is for the prostate. Lol (Did he just say prostate?) lolololololol (… is this…?) -Sorry, but this is a prank! Lol -There’s a camera over there. Second Target (Second target) Hey, hey, HEY!! -How are you doing, Sir? Didn’t I say not to use dumbbells? (Is he a manager?) lol

You don’t deserve dumbbells yet, dumb.
Pull yourself together. Did you warm yourself up? (white UA: Gi-Heun, bodybuilder)
(black tank: Gi-Heun’s friend)

-No.. not yet, sir.
-You didn’t warm yourself yet? (sigh) Move this shit away. Yall attitude sucks.

(Good boys) lol I did teach how to warm yourself up Watch carefully Nya~ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

(fidgeting) (swallow giggle)(swallow giggle)(Amazing) -Is this hard?
-No, sir
-No, sir -Is this hard?
-No, sir -Get ready
-Hya~! Front lean rest position, move (what’s going on?) lolol

-My bad, sir. Didn’t I say articulate your word of command? (puzzled but fun)

-Articulate your order of command (slap)
-Word of command, noob (slap) On your feet -Get ready

(gives up workout) (cracked up) lololol -Exercise. 1, 2, 3… Drop (cracked the hell up) lololol I said warming up is the basic (slap), basic, you know? (slap) On your feet

(Pink T-shirt lady seems to use up all the laughter assigned this year) Today, I’m gonna teach you how to destroy shoulder. (What the hell is that) lolololol (blown away)

-Do you get it?
-Yes, sir. You can touch it. (He said ‘touch it’)lolololol

-Can you feel it?
-Yes, sir It’s your turn Get ready (Forgot) -Hya-Tah! Noob, Hya-Tah!
-My bad, sir. -Hya-Tah!
-Hya-Tah! Drop -My bad, sir
-My bad, sir (Punished again? lol ) (Why you spray water? lol) (can’t stand up anymore) Discipline, yall, DISCIPLINE! -You’ll say self while going down, discipline while going up.
-On your feet

The lady really enjoys this. XD
Mr.Song and his friend are having a really hard time -I’ll show you again.
-Yes, sir (can’t wait for next thing) (Cracked up) You get it? -Get ready
-Start (What’s going on here? lol. Why yall really hit it off XD) STAY FOCUSED!!! (Back stepped by instinctive) (Weather is scorching these days. We wanna make you coooool~) -STAY FOCUSED!!
-STAY FOCUSED!!! (I’ll kill you later) -Are you preparing for competition?
-Yes, sir. I am. -Let’s do some abs.
-Yes, sir (Literally, spits out) (Swallow giggles) -You get it?
-Yes, sir. lol You can touch my abs -Go ahead
-Oh (surprised)
-See? Lastly, let’s do some lats workout.

(She just pretend working out to observe them) (Swallow giggles) (Concentrating) (Bite lips)
(Cracked up) (Ahn Jin-ho barely swallows giggles himself too Lol) -You get it?
-Yes sir -Speed is the key
-Yes sir
-Let’s do it (I can’t stand it anymore) (moved) (lololololol) -Yes, sir. I can do it sir
-Can you?
-Yes, sir Start

(Why yall do that shit so hard lolol) Good job… The facial expression, Don’t forget to make a nice facial expression!! Show your front tooth like this -Alright, stop posing. Let’s cool down
-Yes, sir -Thank you for teaching, sir
-Yeah (cough triggered by laughing) (Jae-Hyung and Boo-Gie’s time) Hey, Boo-Gie let’s do stretching exercise (Who are they?) lol -Lol. Sorry, hey stand up Sorry, you must be surprised. Actually, this is a prank. You can see a camera over there. -Where?
-Over there Conclusion This was our Gym prank #3 🙂 Actually, you were the victim of the prank at first lol. (Agree) (Proud) (agree)

He put a lot of effort into making a prank. Please give an applause to Song Gi-Heun bodybuilder Introduce yourself again, please Thanks for watching. I did my best in my own way, and so many people loved it beyond my expectation. I really appreciate it.

(Grateful) (Serious) (Grateful) (Hungry) He also has his own Youtube Channel, so please subscribe and press like as well. Well, we will be back with more humorous and amazing video! See you later!! -Can we upload this video on Youtube?
-Yes, you can What’s wrong with you? Prostate exercise? You alright? -Can we upload this video?
-Video? -Yes, on Youtube
-Thank you

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