Erica’s Story HD 1080p

My biggest struggle was actually going to the gym and getting started. But the people in here has made it so much easier. You push yourself that little bit harder. When you’re with people. But ya that was probably my biggest struggle going to the gym. I’d tried going to the gym, doing it by myself trying a nutritionist which didn’t work in the end because she didn’t tell me the right things to do at all and she didn’t work with me for my own fitness needs I tried my own nutrition plan which didn’t work either tried counting, tried everything else, nothing worked Soo so ya I came here! The biggest difference, em my arms! I’ve definitely built up a lot more muscle in my arms My nutrition has changed completely I know exactly what I’m eating I still struggle a little bit eating vegetables, like I said but that comes after a while But ya I’ve definitely noticed a huge strength in my body and it’s definitely paid off for playing hockey which I do on a regular bases has really improved my strength, core work everything! Just go and start and don’t be afraid to jump out of your own skin because as soon as you start it gets so much easier from there you’ve got to take that step first before doing like anything so all I’d say is just get out there and just start. Catherine’s been great so like just go and talk to her do a consultation like that’s the first start and like even if your scared to start ask her to do it with other people, it’s so much easier their all doing at the exact same time as you are!

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