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Hi guys! I’m Victor from Fitness4u And here I am with a new vid Sincerely, I’m really happy to say it again Because you know I’ve not upload any vid for almost 2 weeks Because of my exams So, thank you for understand me And let’s begin! So, today here are going to talk about 2 things I’ll begin with a Review about 100 Pushups Challenge I’ll be mostly a critique to me in this Challenge I haven’t upload my 100 pushups vid yet why? I realized, watching my vids, I did not do it correctly Even if I finished those days challenge I wasn’t finishing it great I don’t want you to think with this that I did it all wrong And that you couldn’t gain anything doing it as I did Because that’s not true at all You WILL gain some strength and resistance Also I get a great muscle development But maybe it was not as great as it could have been If I had done every pushup correctly Why this mistakes? It’s because of muscle fatigue I’ve explained it in past videos But is all about the number of reps and series that you have to do Because, the more you do the more fatigue you get And that made really hard to complete every single pushup correctly Touching the floor with my chest That’s why, in the last series of this routines I did half reps And I did it fast And that’s a mistake Because you aren’t letting your chest develop correctly You will be developing mostly your triceps and shoulders But not really your chest Because you are not doing that “push” movement That contract your chest muscles But I hope you do it great hearing which where my fails It doesn’t matter in which week of the Challege you are I’ve always said it, try to do your best form If you cannot get close to the floor with your chest Well, then do half reps like me But always trying to reach the floor and do it as good as you can And now our second theme And that’s a review about Freeletics Freeletics have a lot of great things But also it has his cons Like everything in life So, let’s talk about it I have done a list with things to evaluate Freeletics As you can see, we have some points to review this system And we will evaluate it from 1 to 5 stars Depending on how good it accomplish that point First point is about equipment Freeletics doesn’t need any equipment The most you could need is a bar And you can do pull ups almost everywhere For everyone who follows my instagram You have probably seen that I do pull ups With my bar, here in my room, or I have gone to the park and I did it with that goal Or even with some ropes or a towel If you have a bunk just hang in there and DO IT! So, 5 out of 5 stars for freeletics Second point is for begginers do it have any easier version? Freeletics have 3 options You have stregth, the hardest Standart, which is normal And endurance, the “easy” version Is easy… But not Thaaat easy This system is always pushing you to do your best And maybe for a begginer this is quite hard This has his pros and his cons Because it’s true that if you do it a little bit harder than you usually do You will get a better development But also is risky, because you could have an injury for overtraining And as a HIIT, you will try to finish it as fast as you can you were not thinking about a proper form And the only thing is in your mind is finishing those last reps to relax And that could make you an injury So, in this point I’ll give Freeletics a 3 out of 5 stars Third point is about the variety in exercises Freeletics have a cool variety in his system I have to say that they are awesome And I really enjoyed them But, when you are on your third month (or a year) It could be monotonous Same routines… Maybe changing difficulty could bring up some cool new experiences But I think Freeletics turns around the same 4 exercises mostly Burpees, pull ups, push ups and squats This 4 exercises are amazing I could not complain about it But it could be monotonous after some time Have to say too That Freeletics, with their updates of his app, with those new workouts, has impressed me So they have defended this point greatly So I’ll give them a 4 out of 5 stars Fourth point… I don’t really think it needs to be explained Is all about: Has it a free-trial version? They have it and a reaaaally great one But when I began (back in time)… (Joke) Not that much, just 2-3 years ago Their Free Trial Version Only had 5 different routines Aphrodite, Zeus…. And I don’t remember the other 3 But now they have a really good variety You can do Morpheus, Prometheus… Nox There are some new routines really amazing And it’s cool because it is less monotonous and make Freeletics more balanced Why? Because you could have Poseidon with 2 exercises and some series Or Prometheus (or morpheus I’m not really sure) Which have a low number of exercises, reps and series And then, there are some of them which has a lot a variety, reps and series Like Zeus So Have Freeletics any free-trial version? Yes, and a reaaally good one 5 out of 5 star for Freeletics Let’s move on to the Fifth point To me, this point is very important in any workout system And every workout systems have to have… How to do it Yep, we all have been begginers The ones who has gone to gym They would probably know about Physiology of sport how to do, with a proper form, a push up, pull up or burpee Nevertheless maybe you could learn something you didn’t know And in this way Freeletics have, in every exercise, a vid which explain perfectly how to do it And they are fantastic So, 5 out of 5 star for them Sixth point is about the relation between easyness and accomplish your goal In this case, Freeletics is not the best one why? Because it is too difficult and you have to train 4 to 5 times a week and that requires a lot of will power and REALLY want to get your goals Because if you don’t want it enough You will surrender In fact, there are other systems easier or some systems which divides the workout by muscular groups so you won’t feel stiffness in all your body at once Hellweeks are exhausting and you have to have two big b*lls to complete this challenge without surrender not even once So, in this point Freeletics got 2 out of 5 stars And last, but not least, our seventh point Information Freeletics have a reaaaally good support you could send them an email and in no-time they will have answer your doubts and if your are an impatient person you could go to their website A very cool website where they explain their system And also they offers you a nutricional guide (that you have to paid) but it’s a cool guide and you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where most of your doubts will be solved and, if not, they leave there their support email which is nice, they are very polite and fast So, they have my 5 out of 5 stars Even with this evaluation with it’s 7 points I would like to do two comments First I’m a fan of the speed in the exercises Because I think that HIIT has a lot of potential But maybe it’s not for everyone And you should explain that And most important, explain that it’s better a great form than a high speed It’s not the same Finish your pushups or 100 pushups like this: than this: Lowering your chest Training correctly It’ll make you last a lot more Probably you will need more rest You will do less reps in each time you try it and then, you will last finally a lot more to complete a workout But I promise you that your results and your gains would be better In fact, the ones who have seen my videos about how I have improved my form Pullups I did half reps before I just hang there and and that’s not the best way to train (at least not the most efficient) With that I trained my upper back but… what happened with the middle and the lower back? it’s the same with the rest of the exercises: squats, push ups… whatever! You have to do it with a proper form to develope your muscles correctly So it’s good to the exercises as fast as you can But it’s awesome if you do it in a proper form My second comment maybe it’s not as important as the other About how Freeletics train your abs they are too focussed on situps and crunches But if you try Stregth level (the hardest level) You will find some new cool exercises to strengthen your core But I’m not a fan of crunches neither sit ups I think that they are not a good exercise and not even efficient Because, (according to a research made by Men’s Health) We need approximately 22000 crunches to burn 1/2 kg (1 pound) 1 POUND FOR 22000 CRUNCHES!! No one in his (her) senses would do it! Who’s crazy enough to do 22000 crunches to burn 1 pound?! There are a lot of more effective ways to strengthen your core And get that 6 pack abs Go run! and probably you would get those abs Finally, abs are there, when you burn all your belly fat That fatty, those “love handles” Those are the ones which doesn’t let you see your abs! But they are there! Even if you don’t do any single crunch and you just run You would see them! So I don’t really believe in crunches Well guys I hope you have enjoyed this vid Hit that Like button if you have Share it with your friends to let them know about the existance of Freeletics Comment your experiences and if you think that I haven’t evaluate correctly any point, let me know it Subscribe to know more news And as always… See you on the next vid!

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  1. Totalmente de acuerdo con tu valoración de freeletics, yo creo que la clave es que compites con tus propios tiempos y eso te hace hacerlo cada vez más rápido y nunca te deja en tu zona de confort, llevo casi 2 años en esta app, de forma muy intermitente, llevo 122 workouts y 27 niveles y ahora estoy activo en la app y con el Coach, espero que dure y la siga mejorando.

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