Exclusive Interview with TDC – Journal Preview

Is there any part of you that’s jealous that we’re not riding? No. Where’s Sevan? [TDC:] He’s at the other gas station. He has no idea we left him. [Matossian:] What kind of fucking bullshit is that? What’s some of the good ideas I’ve given you? [TDC:] None. None. None of them are good. [Matossian:] Yeah, but how about the one where you dig the hole in the ground? You don’t like that one? The chain, you gotta put the chain in … [TDC:] Yeah, that’s cool, but here’s the thing about that idea. Let’s break that down. [Matossian:] Basically, there’s a hole, like five-feet deep, where several human beings could be in there. And you have 3,000 pounds of chain that’s 100 feet long that you have to take out of the hole. [TDC:] Put that in the application. Getting the holes, getting the chain, resetting the chain, getting people in the holes or near the holes. Where are we gonna build the holes? [Matossian:] So tell me, this year I’m hearing a lot of rumors that you tried to organize an event in Cookeville, Matt versus Rich, is that true?

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