Exercise of the Week – Dumbbell Row to Tricep Kickback

Hi, I’m Melissa, personal trainer at West
Brookfield Elite, and this is Kelly and today we’re going to show you the Dumbbell Row to
Tricep Kickback. So you’re going to start standing about hip-distance
apart, dumbbell in each hand, soften the knees, draw the abs in, and then hinge from the hips
so you have a long straight back. Arms are going to hang loosely under your
shoulders and then we’ll start with the row to draw the elbows up over the rib cage, squeeze
the shoulder blades, extend the arms back into a tricep extension squeezing those triceps,
bend the elbows back to 90 degrees, and extend the arms back under your shoulders for 1 rep. So you’ll do about 12-15 reps and that is
the Dumbbell Row to Tricep Kickback!

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