Exercises For ABS | 10 Minute AB Workout At Home | Follow Along

– What’s up? So I am so pumped today. We got our first ever
follow along workout. Yes, it’s exercise at home and guess what? No equipment needed. This was truly inspired
by a lot of my clients who needed extra, quick, fast workouts that they could do at home and help burn and melt
some off of that belly fat. Of course you all know this
is gonna be all nutrition, but I write out all my clients
workouts and I’m tired of constantly writing out
workouts for everybody, all the time. Not that I don’t love
what I do, I put 110% into all my clients exercises,
but I wanted to create this video series so now you can
do these follow along workouts at home with me and you don’t
have to pay to train with me. So I am doing this to help
everybody get in shape, whether or not you’re
snowboarding or skiing, or doing any kind of sport or
you just want to look better. So follow along with me. Let’s go head and grab that water bottle, grab your yoga mat, put
it on the ground, carpet, lie on the floor, whatever. We’re gonna get into it in just a second. And before we do, I
just wanna let you know I have a giveaway, but if you wanna cheat you can look at the contest
rules down in the link, in the description down below, but stay tuned to the end of the video, cause I’m gonna talk about it more. So, with that being said, let roll! (upbeat music) All right I hope you’re ready
to do this ab workout with me. So lets put that timer on the board, and lets give it five seconds. And here we go in five, four, three, two, one. And we got a reverse crunch, hip lift. So we’re bringing our
knees into our chest, exhaling and squeezing. Bringing our legs all the way out, and if you’re having a hard time with it, you can keep your feet down. Bring your knees to the chest
and bring them back down if you feel like it’s hurting your back. But, we’re gonna go for it, bringing your knees all the way out. Bringing it out, exhale. Make sure when you come all
the way down, you inhale. You take the deep the breath of air, and I like to push my
hands into the ground. That’s gonna get a deeper
squeeze into the abs when I get that hip lift. And I’m gonna exhale and squeeze. So bring your legs out, bringing them in, nice hip lift, going all the way through. Inhale on the way down,
exhale and squeeze. Remember, these reps, they
don’t have to be fast. Just nice, controlled squeezes. Really engaging your core. So here we go, next move next move, we’re going into the plank. Alternating arm reach. So, plank position, alternating
arms, reaching through. We’re just going to be
alternating side to side. So, we’re bringing one hand up at a time, going off to the side
and then getting here. I wanna make sure that my
back’s not dipping down, my butt’s not hiked up. I wanna try and keep my back
as flat as I possibly can. So, I’m alternating my arms, I’m reaching and I’m
just going side to side. Now if you’re really
having a hard time with it, yes you can get on your knees. You can use your knees
to bring your hands up. But, we’re gonna stay at plank position, alternating side to side,
bringing our arms all the way out. So we’re reaching and
switching side to side. I’m feeling my obliques,
getting on to the sides. Feeling all of my core
and we’re moving our arms. And we’re gonna get ready
to move on to the next one, Superman Y-outs. So, we’re at a big Y and then back down. All the way out, big Y
extend and back down. And we’re just gonna be moving up. This one’s really great. It gets the lower back, upper
back, also works the glutes, top of the shoulders and
we’re just y-ing out. So it’s always important
after you hit core, you wanna work your lower back. So I’m just bringing my
hands all the way out. We’re extending our legs
wide out, as far as you can and bringing it down. Go all the way through. If you gotta take a break you can, but we’re gonna try and
just go all the way through all these exercises. So we’re just gonna bring the
hands out, moving them up. Shoulders will burn a little,
that’s all right, not too bad. All right, next we got our cardio move. We’re gonna get right to it. Break dancers. So, we’re in a tight position. You’re gonna come out and
then you’re basically gonna bring your hand to foot
and then you’re back down. Hand to foot, back down. If you have to do it on
your knees, you could. You’re basically just bringing
your knee to the hand. If you’re really fatigued
and you’re a beginner. But, if you’re more advanced, we’re here. We’re just going from side to side. Okay, now I know I’m doing this slow. If you’re advanced, you can go a little bit faster, right? So, you would be here. Boom, boom! Going side to side! Tapping the feet! Hands to the feet! Kicking on each move and if
you wanna get more twist, you could come all the way out. Get those hands to feet. Now you might be wondering
why I didn’t do this to begin with, going all the way through, but I wanted to show all levels. Make sure everybody can do this! All right, next move! Back on your back! Bicycles. So we’re here. Elevated, twist, and kick. Exhale and squeeze. Oh my abs are on fire! But see, I need this too! Because I don’t stay crazy
ripped and lean all the time. But, remember this is just
10 minutes out of your day! So you can handle this. But, we’re going side to side. Now if you’re having a
hard time with this one, you can simply just do a small crunch, and then a little twist,
keeping the legs up. Or you can stay down and just
small crunches coming up. But if you can, try and keep your legs 90, and switch and kick and
you’re going side to side. Your abs should be burning right now! I know mine are! So we’re exhaling, we’re squeezing. We’re going side to side, and we’re gonna get into our next move! So, we have the bird dog. On the bird dog here,
if you’re a beginner, basically you just stay
in this position here and then what we’re gonna
do is we’re just gonna bring the arms up and
then bring it back down. I had a brain fart for a second! So we’re here, we’re up! Then we’re bringing it in, we’re up, we’re kicking, we’re extending. Try not to arch the back like crazy. Try not to, you’re gonna round
a little bit but not too much but arm extended, opposite arm to knee. Or opposite elbow to knee. So, bringing the elbow towards the knee exhaling and squeezing,
we’re reaching for the top. Now if you’re a little bit
more advanced, you could try and do opposites here and
then you’re gonna stay in a plank position and
then bringing it down and then bringing it up
and then bringing it down. Now yes I am a little shaky,
it can get a little hard. I know I’m not making this look perfect. But it’s just a bit more advanced. All right? And then we’re gonna
take it to the next side, so now just do your opposite. So we’ll start off we’ll bring the hand up and then we’ll bring it back down and we’ll bring it up
and we’ll bring it down. And again, like I said,
if you’re advanced, you can do the other one, where you’re in that full plank position. So, get in a full plank
here and then you’ll bring the opposite hand to knee, bring it in, exhale and squeeze and raise. Yes, this is hard and I should
do this workout more often, but that’s why I started
this series, because again, I’m gonna have a hard time with this too. So, I might not be able to
go all the way through it, but again I’ve been in
crazy good shape before, so I’m doing these workouts along with you so we can all get in really
great shape together. So, we’re bringing that
elbow towards the knee, exhale and squeeze. And if you’re still crushing
it on the advanced right here, good for you! We’re bringing it in. And then next, we have our side planks! So, we’re gonna get right into these. You’re gonna do the right leg. So we’re here onto the side
and we’re just holding. Now we got a lot of
modifications we can do. If you’re just that tired, drop your knee towards the ground, we can elevate the leg, or
you can even stay right here. I’m still feeling my core. A little bit more advanced, or a regular side plank, we’re here. If you wanna have a little bit of flare you can get your elbow, boom, crunch and bring your knee and reach, and exhale, and squeeze the crunch. Reaching out to the side. You can also, leg tap and
reach, leg tap, reach. Or just leg, ab, or ab touch. So you’re raising your legs away from the center line of the body. So, we’re raising our, you can see I’m already dripping sweat. So we’re here all right? I’m holding this side plank. If you’re getting tired,
you can stay here, like I said you can drop to your knees, and in just a second we’re gonna switch and we’re gonna go to the opposite side. And we’re gonna side plank on
the other side, so here we go! All right, headphones, I didn’t wanna have the
beeps in the sides still. Anyways, we’re gonna get
through this workout. It’s my first time
shooting it so I don’t care if I’m messing up or something’s bad, we’re just nailing this out and I’m doing it with you, all right? So, I’m sweating here,
I’m in this side plank. Again like I said, if you’re a beginner, you can stay down into the knee, keeping one knee down, or one foot down, you’re still gonna work your core, okay? This is for everybody so
I want you to attempt it. But make sure that you at least have done your foam
rolling first, all right? So, if you don’t wanna hurt yourself. So, we’re holding a side plank here, again we can get the reach, we can exhale and squeeze. Bring the arms up, bringing
the knees in to the elbow, reaching, we’re squeezing,
we’re getting it through. We’re almost done here, okay? This is just a 10 minute
workout all right? So 10 minutes, we’re getting it in. We’re bringing the elbow towards the knee! We’re exhaling! We’re squeezing! We’re crunching! Plank squat thrusters! All right final move, so plank position! Pop the squat, back down
to plank position, hold. Squat, thruster, all right? Now if you’re having
a hard time with that, you can, basically, here,
come back into squat. And hold there and then you
can walk it back, all right. If you’re a beginner, you can sit there. Just make sure when you sit in that squat, you don’t want to be on to your knees, you wanna push the hips
to the butt back, okay? But, if you’re a little
bit advanced, boom pop! Plank position, hold. Squat thruster. Plank. We’re kicking it out. And if you wanna go rapid fire, you can. And kicking through, should be
getting really tired by now. Yes this is kind of core conditioning. But this is how we’re gonna
melt down at the body, loose a little bit of weight
if our nutrition is in check. Boom! Wow, that was a little
harder than I thought. I know that my bird dogs were
looking a little bit ugly when I had my hands raising, but again, this is a workout
that I can benefit from. See I’m spitting sweat. So I really hope you enjoyed this workout. It’s only 10 minutes, okay? And even me being a
personal trainer and coach, I had a hell of a workout! So, I hope you enjoyed
it and feel free to leave some comments down in the
comments section below, let me know what you thought. Did you like this workout? Was it effective? How hard was it? And also, give me some advice on what else you would like to see cause
I wanna keep these going. Now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for. So, I promised I have a giveaway. So I got a $20, $20
Amazon gift card, okay? This contest is going to be running for one week from the
air date of this video. Afterwards, I’m going to
pick one random commenter from the comment section. You just gotta like this
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so you never miss any of my future content. Okay, that’s it. Now, if this video happens to do well, and it gets over a
hundred likes in a week, I know it’s not that much but
I’m a small channel right now, from the airing of this video, I’m gonna give out five
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watching and stay tuned, I’ll see ya in the next one! (upbeat music)

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  1. This is awesome, love the different exercises! Looking forward to giving this a shot, please keep these videos coming!

  2. I’m over weight at the moment but I started doing cardio two weeks ago and now thanks to this video I can try something new. Thank you

  3. Time Stamps:
    Giveaway Details: 12:34

    10 Exercises:
    Start The Workout – 1:44
    #1 Reverse Crunch w/ Hip Lift – 1:56
    #2 Plank Alternating Arm Reach – 2:56
    #3 Superman Y Outs – 3:56
    #4 Breakdancers – 4:56
    #5 Bicycles – 5:56
    #6 Bird Dog – 6:56
    #7 Bird Dog (opposite side) – 7:56
    #8 Side Plank – 8:56
    #9 Side Plank (opposite side) – 9:56
    #10 Plank Squat Thrusters – 10:56

    Giveaway Details: 12:34

  4. Hello, I didn't try the work out yet, but I did share it wit my friend. We are on a weight loss and workout journey. Our main target is to burn the stomach fat. I got a little overwhelmed on how I was going to do this with my busy schedule. Seeing this 10 min workout video has given me hope. I'll let you know my results soon, Thank You.

  5. Great workout! Superman Y Outs is definitely one of the most underrated exercises for getting your whole backside!

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