Exercises for your Back : Squat Dumbbell Row Exercise to Increase Back Strength

Hi! I’m Mike Coangelo. We’re here at Fit
for Life Training Studio in Glassboro, New Jersey. Today, I’m going to show you in
this clip, to do a dumbbell bent over row. What you want to do it approach the dumbbells,
grab them underhand, and bring them up. Have a squat position; your back at 45 degree angle.
Dumbbells in front, bring them up, squeeze the top, come down slow, and squeeze the top.
Notice my nice, smooth, slow motion. We don’t want to do this, because this allows momentum
and gravity to do half our work. We want our muscles to do all the work. Up slow, squeeze,
come down slow, squeeze, and come down slow. Now, this a unilateral movement, as each dumbbell
is being controlled by separate side of the body, which gives us more motor units firing
up, our stabilizer muscles come into play. It’s a nice mix with your back routine.
Keep going, you start to feel a burn in our back and our biceps. It’s a nice free weight
movement that you can do at any gym anywhere. I’ve got 2 more, very good. Put the dumbbells
down, and that’s how you do a bent over dumbbell row.

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