Expert says strike unlikely despite looming contract deadline for some Matson workers

JOE: MATSON AND TWO OF ITS WORKERS UNIONS ARE IN NEGOTIATIONS OVER CONTRACTS THAT WILL EXPERTS SAY THAT IS NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN. MANOLO MORALES LOOKS AHEAD AT WHAT WE CAN EXPECT. MANOLO? MANOLO: JOE, I SPOKE WITH THE HEAD OF THE HAWAII SHIPPERS’ COUNCIL WHO TELLS ME THAT THE TWO BUT A STRIKE WOULD STILL CRIPPLE THE OPERATIONS FOR THE COMPANY. AND HE DOESN’T SEE MATSON ALLOWING THAT TO The two unions in negotiations with Matson are the Sailors Union of the Pacific and the Maritime Firemen’s Union. They are known as unlicensed While the two unions are not enough to stop operations on their own, experts tell us they will likely get the support of other union workers if they strike. manolo: “If that did happen whatever period of time.” manolo: “The contract for both unions will expire on Friday night at nine o’clock Hawaii time, midnight on the West Coast. That means workers can go on strike by then but Hansen tells me that Matson Matson has too much at stake to let a strike happen. Instead, Hansen says, negotiations will likely come down to the wire, hansen: “The potential losses for Matson in a situation like wouldn’t come to a last minute San Francisco. A Matson spokesman issued a statement saying, “Negotiations are in progress and, as always, Matson’s aim are wages, benefits, and job security. NEGOTIATIONS AND LET YOU KNOW OF ANY DEVELOPMENTS. MANOLO

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