Expert Series – Building healthy habits

It’s important to build healthy habits. They help us achieve our goals
and lead a holistic athletic lifestyle. Studies show that it takes around 21 days
for a behavior to become a habit. I believe that commitment, discipline
and repetition all play a role here. So how do you develop a healthy habit
and stay on track? Start by defining your intention and motivation. What is it you want to achieve or change? And how much do you really want this? Remember to set realistic goals
that you can commit to. And congratulate yourself regularly
– this will keep your motivation up. Once you’ve formed a habit,
remember to check in with yourself often. You don’t want to slip back into old behaviors. Building new healthy habits can be a challenge. But they’re a key part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Head over to the Blog now
for more on why habits are so important.

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  1. Does freeletics still actively promote the consumption of mass amounts of animal products. If so, why should anyone listen to what they have to say about “healthy habits”?

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