Expert Series – Core strength for running

Hi, my name is Florian. I am a professional athletic coach. Whether you’re a casual runner or an elite athlete, it’s important to work on your core. Today I’m going to talk about how strengthening your core can help you to improve your running performance. You might not realize, but without core muscles, you wouldn’t be able to run. Your core muscles are literally the center of your body and your strength, power and endurance are all dependent on how your core functions. There are two main reasons why having a strong core is important for your running. Number One: Your core muscles are the link between your upper and lower body. They provide the upper body with a strong base so that the lower body can exert force to the ground effectively. Number Two: Your core is also important for balance. Imagine running with no core whatsoever – you would soon overbalance and fall. Your core provides stability and helps to neutralize the rotational movements of your upper body, keeping you upright and moving forwards. So which core exercises are best for your running? Try including Planks, Pushups, Burpees and Climbers in your training. These are all effective core exercises that can also challenge your cardiovascular system. For more tips on how to include core exercises in your running training, head over to the Blog.

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