Expert Series – Exercises you are doing wrong

Hi, my name’s Jermaine. I’m a football trainer and athletic coach . Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to the simplest exercises. Today, I’m gonna show you exercises that you may be doing wrong. Running perfectly is actually pretty difficult. Chances are, you’re probably doing it wrong, or at least, you’re running inefficiently. Some things to avoid while running are overstriding, poor posture and vertical oscillations or bouncing. These three things really hurt your running efficiency. Squats Common mistakes include leaning too far forward or having your knees collapse inward. To fix this, try shifting your weight more on your heels and keeping your knees pointing outwards in line with your toes. To learn more about the proper technique for these exercises, head over to the Blog.

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  1. Je m'étais déjà rendu compte que je faisais mal les squats, maintenant c'est pratiquement en déséquilibre arrière pour bien être sur les talons !! JE SUIS SUR FREELETICS. ENTRE 2 HELL WEEKS !

  2. Empresa poco seria mucho cuidado, pero te cobran suscripción de renovación sin previo aviso, no quieren devolverme el dinero

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