Expert Series – The science behind the six pack

Do you know what makes a six pack? Here are four things you should bear in mind if you’re after chiselled abs. Abs aren’t totally made in the kitchen, but nutrition definitely plays a role. You need low body fat to reveal a six pack which means that your nutrition should follow a calorie deficit. Remember to only burn slightly more calories than you’re eating to make sure that your muscles still have energy to grow. Spice up your training with compound exercises. Exercises like Squats, Deadlifts and Pushups complement core exercises by working the muscles around the abs too. Don’t skip cardio. To really level up your results, you’ve got to include cardio. Interval runs in particular don’t just build aerobic strength, but also promote the afterburn effect which helps to burn fat. If you really want a six pack, you need to take a 360 approach. And it’s not just training, nutrition is also really important. So make it your goal and try it out for yourself. If you need more advice, head over to the Blog now.

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